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Huo Jiujian sighed and sat beside the bench. It seems that your mind has been made up, and I won’t say much. Don’t be polite to me if necessary.

When have I been polite to you? You pulled the corners of your mouth.
I chatted with the little girl for a while in the evening, and three men soaked in the pool, and Jun Kuang told him about his punishment in the spiritual world. It’s nothing to do with Jun Qian’s laughter.
It’s true that you sold your teammates.
Isn’t coming to the team-mates to test the water cannon fodder before the battle? You are arrogant and confident
Huo Jiujian lowered his eyes and looked at his hand. I’m not a teammate. I’m not a teammate.
Early the next morning, Huo Jiujian helped you to get bigger and better, and asked Jun Qian to wake Qin Xiao up.
Qin Xiao hasn’t been away from Beijing in recent years, but she really doesn’t have much field trip experience except overlooking the mortal world several times from the sky. This time, she said she was closed, but she couldn’t get rid of the outing mood.
Bags, steamed buns, and flower rolls, you three should give me a horse sound if there is something wrong with your master. Huo Jiujian seriously commanded the three spirit beasts.
After all, Qin Xiaoma’s acceptance of marrow washing means that they will be released after being suppressed by the holy deed. Everyone is planning to listen to Huo Jiujian’s words in a few small realms.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-one Emperor rewelding help each other
It is said that you are crazy and didn’t go far. Because Emperor rewelding came here very generously, he said that he could borrow her with him.
Before, let the fierce thunder and fog wolves and some elites of the war clan absorb the pure aura of heaven and earth from the abode of fairies and immortals of Emperor rewelding. Earlier, the Ling Emperor had already made rapid progress for the two ethnic groups, and they had already returned to the clan.
It’s the voice of the Emperor of Wounds that tells the Emperor of rewelding to ask him to help her, and then she will let bygones be bygones.
Emperor rewelding’s implication is to thank her crazily, but someone is not necessarily so obedient. It’s very kind of you to be my sister. If you hadn’t been married, I would have asked the master to marry you even if I kneeled my leg.
Get out of here and Emperor rewelding is crazy Who cares if you don’t look at the ruin of the Emperor and the teacher? Anyway, Qin Xiao is a disciple of the Lotus Emperor, and although he often compares with the Lotus Emperor to show his love, after all, the Lotus Emperor is also a family of her ancestors and predecessors in the North Palace.
I’m praising you, the teacher elder sister. You somehow cooperate with me. You’re crazy and left the pie mouth, squatting down.
I’m too lazy to talk to you. Do you want to go in? Emperor rewelding stared at Jun’s madness. She was too lazy to see Jun’s madness when she had something to do with Jun’s madness.
Thank you, Senior Sister. Qin Xiao was dressed in a plain dress. The head of the dress was a gift from the monarch. She gave a blessing to Emperor rewelding.
Emperor rewelding smiled with satisfaction. Obviously, it was because of her income that she would leave Huo Jiujian with her in the abode of fairies and immortals. When she left, she did not forget to say, Don’t worry that the velocity in the abode of fairies and immortals is much faster than that outside, and they will come out soon.
Thank you Huo Jiujian gave a gift.
Jun Qian chewed chicken wings in his mouth and looked at Emperor rewelding with a smile. Don’t take my brother seriously when he talks.
talkative emperor rewelding a look across blocked jun Qian red-handed.
Junkuang and Qin Xiao were brought with them by Emperor rewelding. They were stunned by the pure aura of the whole abode of fairies and immortals. There were several elites in the former war clan and the fierce thunder and fog wolf. This practice is supposed to consume quite a lot of aura of heaven and earth. How long did it take before the concentration returned?
This abode of fairies and immortals is really a good thing. Jun looked around the abode of fairies and immortals carefully, and determined that the velocity of the abode of fairies and immortals was five times that of the outside world, which means that they only spent ten days outside the abode of fairies and immortals for two days.
夜生活I had a hunch that it would take a long time to wash the pulp before Jun Kuang came out to close it, so it seems that he won’t hear too many complaints from Huo Jiujian when he gets back.
After all, every time he comes back from nowhere, Huo Jiujian will blame him for ignoring the state affairs and throwing the pile of letters to him for a civilian to handle.
Think like this. You’re crazy and unconsciously evoke the corners of your mouth.
What’s your bad idea? Qin Xiao raised his hand and twisted his arm.
Nothing. I suddenly feel that if you become worse than me, I will hug my thighs and ask you to protect me. You gave Qin Xiao a laugh.
Qin Xiao’s eyes turned and smiled. Yes, but there are so many emperors and Xuanzong’s disciples. I estimate that I can fight with few guards. That’s not what I can guarantee. How can I miss the opportunity to mend the knife when I see your crazy face and smile? Besides, if we are not as good as people, we can’t beat others. How can I protect it?
Everything should be on the bright side, but we can still run. Jun laughed wildly and threw himself into Qin Xiao’s arms. I’ve left enough success. Even if the state degradation is serious, I will make a comeback as soon as possible. Then it’s really my call at the end of the day.
Oh, Qin Xiao raised his eyebrows and took a look at Jun Kuang. Are you sure everything is your call?
Jun crazy suddenly realized that he smiled and let go of his little girl. No, he said slowly, God, I’m in charge, you’re in charge.
Tick Qin Xiao flexed his little finger.
In the early stage of pulp washing, more than Emperor rewelding had arranged for Jun Kuang. Jun Kuang saw a large piece of crystal carved from heaven and earth with a piece of paper on the desktop. According to the previous instructions, he touched the direction of the medicine garden and a couple of men and women were sprinkling water on the medicine field.
This pair of men and women are not people. You can see at a glance that they are the elixir of transformation, and they have been stagnant for some reason.
You are the man turned to look at you crazy.
Xuanzong Junkuang Junkuang raised the paper in his hand. Elder martial sister told me that we had prepared a suitable place for me to ask you.
It turned out to be a crazy emperor woman is obviously much stronger than a man. She swept to the crazy king and looked at it carefully before she spoke again. You can’t understand the truth of asking for directions, can you?
sister man ran over and pulled her sleeve, and the woman threw the man aside with a flick.
Jun swallowed saliva and looked up at the woman in front of him and took out two big bottles of elixir. Little Stone doesn’t know if I can knock on a road.
Well, it’s good. The woman pulled out the cork and sniffed, What is the emperor’s generosity? Please come with me.
Emperor rewelding made Qin Xiao wash his marrow smoothly, and specially prepared a stone chamber with a hot spring that was almost enough for two or three people to make it at the same time.
You are crazy to notice that the whole bottom of the pool is paved by the aura of crystalline heaven and earth. Although the wall is a general cave wall, there are many decorations hanging on the wall, all of which are carved by the aura of crystalline heaven and earth. There is still a picture on the top of the stone room. After all, pulp washing is not a very comfortable process. If you can enter the visual state before pulp washing, Qin Xiao should not feel a lot of pain.
It’s all our brothers and sisters who help to decorate the crazy emperor. You don’t lose money on this Dan medicine. The woman is crazy about the stone door for you. We will come and ask about the situation after 49 days. If you go out before, please directly knock on the cave wall, and we will come to the abode of fairies and immortals immediately.
Jun crazy to the two arch hand thank you
Qin Xiao is not shy about strangers, but it is rare to see such a strong woman with a lower attitude than Jun, but so arrogant and eye-lifting, which will make her realize that this person is not easy to mess around and may be scolded.
So wherever Junkuang went, she followed the stone door. After the door was closed, she leaned out from behind Junkuang and made a face at the stone door.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Closed pulp washing
Naughty Jun frantically picked and rubbed Qin Xiao’s head. These two have helped us a lot, but we have to thank them when we come back.
Qin Xiao is wrinkly to knit the wrinkled nose looks up at you crazy know repetitive.
You’d better take a look at this picture first. What do you think of it? Jun Kuang didn’t intend to delay the nonsense, but it’s more important to talk about it later. He put Xiaoyu Ding next to the pool and tried to integrate his consciousness into the visualisation.
Qin Xiao looked up at the visual map and felt as if he had been sucked in.
The Milky Way, the universe, the sea, the moon and the blood wash the world. She felt that the repeated rotation of many scenes in front of her eyes had left her with no spare capacity to think and understand passive acceptance.
How can you see so much? Jun frowned crazily and raised his hand to cover Qin Xiao’s eyes. Don’t look.
Ah, Qin Xiao was desperately trying to engrave the scene into her memory. She was suddenly interrupted by Jun’s madness and got a fright. I haven’t remembered it yet.
You seem to have met a special situation, and I need to ask my senior sister. Jun Kuang’s eyes beckoned to the next pool. You go to soak first, and try to imagine that there is a heaven and earth aura entering from your pores and gradually enriching your body.
Qin Xiao nodded somewhat disappointed and looked up to see Fang’s picture root, which is birds flock to the phoenix.
How do I see so many scenes from this picture? She is a little confused herself.
I tried to enter that mysterious state again, but I never succeeded again. I remember that both her master and her second master told her that epiphany was a rare state. Once the opportunity was missed, I didn’t know when it would happen again.
So my epiphany was interrupted. Thinking like this, Qin Xiao couldn’t help but burst into anger. She gave Jun Kuang a hard look and kicked Jun Kuang lightly.
Ouch! Peripheral nerves are the most sensitive. Qin Xiao’s nose is sore with pain, and his eyes are foggy. He gnashed his teeth and looked at a face of madness. You compensate me for the epiphany.
Wen Yan Jun’s madness is even more stupid. You haven’t practiced, how can you have an epiphany? He paused and said, Epiphany should also be able to see a scene go by slowly. You have such an epiphany that even your second master has never had it.
The second master is not as powerful as that. Qin Xiao was excited when he heard this. Does that mean that I am more powerful than the second master?
Didn’t I just say it wasn’t an epiphany? Jun Kuang sighed earnestly. Why don’t you go soak in the pool and wait for me to ask about the situation before washing your marrow?
Qin Xiao pouted and gouged out your crazy eyes. She was still upset about being interrupted by your crazy. You took out your crazy voice and Yu couldn’t help but wake him up and said, Turn around and don’t watch me undress.
Okay, I don’t watch it. Jun Kuang sighed in his heart and went to the corner of the room to start giving a sound to Emperor rewelding.
Emperor rewelding didn’t expect it to be like this. It can be said that she will ask his stuff. If no one knows, she can start with the ancient books. She suggested that you should wash Qin Xiao’s pulp first. After all, even if it is an epiphany, it is difficult to recover the loss. It is better to take care of the immediate goal.

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Yu Tingchuan saw that she was worried about explaining that "there are two dishes with too much pepper when eating Sichuan food with Jiang Chi in the evening"

"Knowing that you have a bad stomach and have stomach trouble after eating spicy food depends on what you do." Song Qingcheng suddenly approached him and couldn’t help but guess "Are you still drinking?"
Yu Tingchuan saw her sniffing her body and laughing "How to drink while driving"
"Afraid of your drunk driving"
Although this said, I didn’t smell alcohol. The whole Song Dynasty was slightly relieved.
Then she remembered something and asked, "Did you take any medicine?"
Yu Tingchuan got a positive answer. Song Qingcheng nodded, "Go to bed late and go to the hospital if it’s not comfortable."
Jiang Chi came back from a cold shower and happened to see Yu Tingchuan get up to go home with Song Qingcheng. "Are you leaving?"
"It’s getting late" Yu Tingchuan picked up his coat.
Next to the whole song dynasty, it is natural to take the suit from his hand.
This YuTingChuan tilting face to look at her.
Even a little wrong-eyed, Song Qingcheng captured the tenderness in his eyes. Because of Jiang Chi, she held a man’s suit jacket and didn’t speak, but her heart melted with such small details.
Back to Lu Song Qingcheng told Yu Tingchuan, "I’ve already talked to my classmates, including my family situation, and I’ve hidden some things, but now I won’t lie more to them to justify myself. Sometimes I feel that I think too much, which makes me feel tied behind my back, but I feel suddenly enlightened after I confess."
Yu Tingchuan held her hand and walked with her along the mall. "One thing you hide in your heart for too long is likely to be used by others to attack you. When you decide to show it to others, it is equivalent to solving some hidden dangers and making yourself more invincible."
"At noon, my classmate asked me how you managed to catch up with me."
I heard that Yu Tingchuan was good at advice. "What’s your answer?"
Song Qingcheng told the truth, "I told them that I chased you first. After many tests, you were finally moved by me and agreed to join me."
After a while, Yu Tingchuan began to talk. "No matter what the facts are, it is time to push men out. Girls need to be reserved."
"To tell the truth is not reserved?"
Song Qingcheng added, "Choose your own way and walk on your knees. You can’t throw the pot to others."
Section 41
Looking at her serious talk, Yutingchuan’s face smiled.
The college entrance examination volunteers are June 26th and 27th.
The total score of the college entrance examination scores of candidates in Nancheng provinces is 1 point according to the different examination categories. The total score of Class II "3+Comprehensive" is 75 points; The total score of the three types of "3+ technology" is 55 points.
Song Qingcheng’s total score is 63 points, which is more than one record control line and nearly 70 points.
On the 26th, Yu Tingchuan’s family accompanied her to choose a school.
According to the score line of colleges and universities in previous years, it is analyzed that the performance of Song Qingcheng missed the line of Nancheng University. She entered the Nancheng University for a certain risk. Yu Tingchuan specially called Jiang Chi, the principal’s uncle, to ask each other about the college entrance examination this year.
There is a piece of white paper on the dining table with several school names on it.
It’s Yu Tingchuan. She chose the university.
In addition to Nancheng University, there are South China University and Wanaki Agricultural University of Jiangnan Normal University.
These are the top universities in Nancheng.
Song Qingcheng looked at the paper and wrote the name of the school with Yu Tingchuan’s pen and ink. If she can’t get into Nancheng University, it is very likely that she will be admitted to several schools.
Yu Tingchuan obviously wants her to go to Nancheng University.
After Yu Tingchuan finished speaking, Song Qingcheng spoke first. "Now most provinces implement the parallel volunteer investment method. Even if I am not admitted to Nancheng University, South China University is also very good, and I like it."
In the words, Uncle Jiang Chi also made a similar statement.
Yu Tingchuan sat back at the dining table. "Volunteer one or fill in the second column of Nancheng University and South China University."
Yu Tingchuan, a major, asked her to choose between economics and management.
When Song Qingcheng chose her first major, she didn’t really come into contact with finance and international economy and trade, including management majors.
Yutingchuan knew that she was confused, and she simply explained a thing or two.
"Finance and international trade are both business majors. No matter which major you choose, you will be involved in other professional knowledge, such as basic accounting knowledge, financial knowledge and economic knowledge. Finance will have a deeper study of financial majors, such as securities and futures. In addition to the general course of economics, there are also international trade professional knowledge, such as international trade practice and business English."
"From the perspective of employment, the two majors have a wide range of jobs, and later, international trade majors developed more in the financial direction, while finance majors really turned to international trade."
See Song Qingcheng listened intently to Yu Tingchuan and smiled. "For example, most of the basic staff posts in the current company are not in line with their positions and majors, and it is not as important as expected to work professionally unless you have a certain ability, even if your major does not match, the interviewer will consider it as appropriate."
Song Qingcheng was relieved and reminded of another concern. She looked at Yu Tingchuan and asked, "I heard that when college students are admitted, they will look through the archives … Is it influential?"
Her assault, imprisonment and suspicion of possession of drugs are stains in the file
In particular, universities like Nancheng University must be more strict in choosing students.
☆ Chapter 47 Boss Yu, we will go to see the national flag raised one day.
Considering that these Song Qingcheng people did not feel sorry for themselves, "The only difference between Nancheng University and other schools may be that the teacher’s college curriculum is different from that of middle school. The same teacher only has two or three classes a week. If you want to learn something in college, you have to rely on yourself. %d7%f%d3%4%b%f3"
Even if she doesn’t get into Nancheng University, it won’t hurt her confidence.
It is better to live harder and more fully than to complain and regret.
Yu Tingchuan seems to know what she wants to put her mobile phone on the dining table and then slowly open her mouth. "Everyone has their own way to go in life. Some people walk smoothly and frankly, while others are bumpy. Even if they make mistakes, they should have a chance to turn over a new leaf. No matter how bumpy the road behind them is, we can predict the future. What we can do is to straighten our minds and concentrate on every step."
"I know," said Song Qingcheng with a faint lip angle. "Even if these universities don’t admit me, I can teach myself. Someday I will be successful, and the loss will be theirs."
Smell speech Yu Tingchuan unknowingly laughed "keep so confident and not afraid of failure."
The man has a deep voice and a gentle magnetism. Song Qingcheng felt that she was being ridiculed, but she was not angry. On the contrary, when she lowered her eyes and cast her eyes back to the volunteer guidance for the college entrance examination, she smiled slightly.
On the afternoon of June 27th, Song Qingcheng.com handed in her college entrance examination volunteer.
The voluntary choice is still Nancheng University.
It’s the end of June, and Song Qingcheng’s belly is getting bigger and her fetal movements are more frequent.
Yu Tingchuan left Hengyuan for more than ten days, except for occasional friends. Most of them stayed at home, talked in rooms, and sometimes accompanied their pregnant wives.
The news of Song Qingcheng’s marriage and pregnancy didn’t come to visit her. All the students seemed to agree with each other on what they saw and heard in Yunxi Road Garden that day. Someone in the qq group of Class 5 asked about the visit and was gagged by his classmates.
Su Mian explained that "how can I find you to play after I preach something everywhere? Although I read ordinary people, it’s still no problem!"
After reading this message, Song Qingcheng replied "Thank you"
spa会所Thank you from my heart.
Thank them for keeping their mouths shut and for understanding.
After all these years, especially after Yu Rao’s accident, she didn’t continue to study in Nancheng Middle School, and she broke up with her classmates. Later, Yuanwei High School hid something in her heart and lived a fence, and it was even more impossible to spend too much energy to get along with her classmates.
People around me come and go, and finally Shen Che stays.
Song Qingcheng sent a message to Shen Che the night before going to Beijing.
This trip to Beijing is accompanied by Xiao Fan.
At four o’clock in the afternoon on June 29th, the flight from Nancheng to Beijing landed steadily at the Capital International Airport.

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But in the face of the boss, you can’t be too straightforward. Boss, you can say sorry if you are not a good artist. Boss, I have already set the protagonist image in my new film. This time, it is a tricky choice. Cher is too beautiful to meet the character image.

Mo Wenwan doesn’t know that it’s the directors’ excuses, but what can she do? Doesn’t she want to support powerful and colorful artists? But those artists don’t like it, and fans don’t buy it, which can’t translate into exact economic benefits. She is also very resistant
Mo Wenwan simply gritted his teeth and ordered, "I don’t care how I put people in the crew, but don’t come to see me if you can’t do it well."
Hang up the director’s words, Mo Wenwan soon received the words of land punishment.
In the words, Lu Xun’s voice can’t recognize the "what are you doing?"
Mo Wenwan is not stupid enough to tell Lu Xun about the company’s embarrassing things, but she wants to leave a strong and dry image for Lu Xun and says, "Put on a mask."
When Lu Xun heard that she was wearing a mask and he was summoned by Master Lu, he was angry, and he felt a little uncomfortable. "Come out and meet us."
It is conceivable that the atmosphere of this meeting is very unfriendly.
Mo Wenwan rubbed his temples and said to Lu Xun, "You are in a bad mood today. I won’t talk to you. We’ll talk about it later when you calm down."
Lu Xun sneered, "We are simple bed companions in the aftermath. Don’t you know what bed companions are? No one usually knows anyone."
"Oh, to be more accurate, the bed partner is."
Mo Wen-wan had guessed what he meant before Lu Xun finished his sentence.
Mo Wenwan, I didn’t expect that I should look down on a man like this. Whether it’s his motives, his actions or his language, it hurts too much.
Mo Wenwan couldn’t help slapping him in the mouth. The person who was beaten was his own hand, but he was a little shaken. He couldn’t even look at the expression and eyes after being beaten. He said, "I’ll go first."
Mo Wenwan wandered around the street and walked unconsciously to Qin Miaomiao’s set. She laughed at herself in her mind. It was crazy. She regarded Qin Miaomiao as an imaginary enemy. Maybe Qin Miaomiao didn’t take her seriously. She tried her best to deal with Qin Miaomiao and got deeper and deeper.
She must have hated her for her land punishment.
Career, love, she is a loser.
What should she do?
Mo Wenwan watched with envy as Qin Miaomiao’s crew was busy. Suddenly, she had an idea how many if I were Qin Miaomiao. Then she was frightened by her own idea:
Chapter 999 Japanese
Must be Qin Miaomiao, she is quite good herself.
Mo Wenwan was startled when he turned to leave.
Su Lanmo is gentle and gentle, and his eyes are deep and unpredictable.
Mo Wenwan saw Su Lan’s heart pounding wildly. She hasn’t lost yet. She hasn’t played Qin Miaomiao’s card yet.
Su Lan looked at Mo Wenwan, who was in a trance than ghosts. She wouldn’t wake up. Mo Wenwan looked on coldly. Su Lan knew that Mo Wenwan was no match for Qin Miaomiao, but she didn’t expect Mo Wenwan to be so vulnerable.
Mo Wenwan has occupied a favorable position in the pre-new-film advertising campaign, and she has beaten the cards with one hand. Su Lan believes that Mo Wenwan is a talent and Qin Miaomiao also laughs at Mo Wenwan.
The two women silently looked at each other with different minds.
Both sides knew that the street was unreasonable, so they went to sit in a nearby instant coffee shop.
Su Lan said, "Yin Xueer’s film is really good, and it really deserves to occupy the first place in the box office list."
Mo Wen wan smiled modestly and said that it’s okay, but it still needs hard work.
When you meet each other, you will know that the other party is coming to defect. Without saying much, Mo Wenwan directly asks, "How do you want to deal with Qin Miaomiao?"
Su Lan stepped in to deal with Qin Miao Miao Mo Wen Wan and supported her behind her.
Su Lan smiled and looked out of the window. "Of course there are ideas."
Follow Su Lan’s line of sight, Mo Wen Wan also looked out of the window.
Qin Miaomiao came from a luxury car along the road and did not leave immediately, but reflexively kissed the driver’s seat man.
The man in the driver’s seat is naturally Lu Qing
Qin Miao Miao and Lu Qing are married and have three children. They have not been itchy for one year and three years, and their feelings have been very good.
Su Lan squinted Qin Miaomiao’s life was so happy that she still remembered being killed by her.
Mo Wenwan knew from Su Lan’s expression that hatred was deeply buried in this girl’s heart. Mo Wenwan certainly knew that this kind of hatred was planted by her alone, and she and Su Lan knew about it.
Su Lan has become one with Qin Miaomiao’s friends these days. The fool named Hua Tiantian and the demon named Xu Jiaojiao all like her very much.
Su Lan thinks her revenge plan can begin.
"I heard that you want to make another film for Yin Xueer."
桑拿按摩Mo Wen wan nodded
Su Lan praised "You really have courage"
Mo Wenwan naturally won’t say that the nested debt repayment thing is a smile. "You can teach yourself how to teach artists, but you can’t let outsiders bully you."
Mo Wenwan wants to invest in a new film for Yin Xueer. It is very new news, but it is not a secret. Because Yin Xueer’s agent replied to Mo Wenwan early, he went to Weibo to bask in his own resources.
Qin Miaomiao saw the latest development of this immortal woman and said to the driver’s seat, Lu Qing, "Before Mo Wenwan bullied me, my ability to promote and build momentum in the early stage was poor. Do you think I should retaliate?"
Lu Qing shrugged. "Anything will do."
Qin Miao Miao asked, "I heard that Grandpa was a little angry about the outcome of Qin Shiying and Mo Shiying, and he also made a special trip to hand over the land punishment to his home to lecture me. Is it inappropriate to find Mo Wenwan unhappy?"
Lu Qing chuckled, "Grandpa has long known that Mo Wen Wan is restless and called Lu Xun’s punishment, and that Lu Xun and you didn’t have the confidence to do something boldly."
"Good" Qin Miaomiao clap your hands and admire "I’ll show her what it means to buy a water army";
Chapter 1 A round of fighting
Soon, Qin Miaomiao stopped outside the studio to give Lu Qing a farewell kiss and entered the theater.
Lu Qing didn’t walk and leaned back to watch his mobile phone.
In the mobile phone mailbox, the assistant and the secret sent him the latest planning case, and you can see the shadow of land punishment.
Lu punishment, a man who has no small thoughts, has joined forces with outsiders to buy scattered shares of Lu. If Lu is bought for scattered shares, there will be problems, and he will be improper as president.
Lu Qing thinks it’s time for him to teach Lu a lesson, but this lesson can’t be too painful. He can’t bear to swallow his front teeth with tears and a smile.
Qin Miao Miao came to the crew to pick up two sisters for dinner. They haven’t got together for a long time. It’s just that Lu Qing’s treat today. Since Lu Qing is the host, it’s natural to give good sisters a chance to "kill fat sheep"
Qin Miaomiao walked all the way to the lounge to see the flowers sitting on the sofa holding the pillow and laughing like a seventeen-year-old girl, Xu Jiaojiao, who straddled the sofa armrest with one leg and short hair, ears and elbows and flowers, and the back of her head seemed to hold the flowers in her arms.

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He also wants to teach Inter Milan fans an unforgettable lesson.

In the 4th minute, the front edge of Ibrahimovic’s forbidden zone received Seedorf’s ball, which continuously passed Sati through skillful dribbling, and Materazzi toppled the corner of Qiwu’s small forbidden zone and shot at the close corner.
Fortunately, Cesar played very well this time.
At a very close distance, Cesar quickly sat on his toes and blocked Ibrahimovic’s shot from the bottom line.
Cesar completed a close-range block and destroyed Ibrahimovic’s wonderful shot of three consecutive people.
If Ibrahimovic scores, it will be a classic goal in the Milan derby.
Good Cesar ruined his shot.
Then corner kick A Milan didn’t get the first point and Lucio pushed it out of the forbidden area.
Although there was no goal in this attack, Ibrahimovic’s excellent performance made A Milan see the opportunity
Anyway, it’s a losing attack, and you can fight for a defense. There’s nothing left.
In the last few minutes, A Milan almost tried to equalize the score through a wave of onslaught.
Even Gattuso abandoned Lu Wenbin and took part in the attack.
But at this time, a Milan will be less one-man and attack the backcourt, which is even more virtual
So it’s not surprising that Inter Milan scored another goal in the 91st minute.
The goal is Lu Wenbin again.
He took the ball to the front of the forbidden area with an offside catch from Germany, and shot directly at the attacking goalkeeper Abiano.
The ball flew over Abiano’s head, and he looked back in despair and fell into the A Milan gate.
Lu Wenbin scored twice in the 91st minute to help Inter Milan seal the victory with a 31 lead over A Milan.
桑拿论坛When Lu Wenbin flew into the door, all Inter fans gave a deafening cheer and went straight into the sky.
At this time, it is absolutely impossible for Milan to score a goal again.
Sure enough, after 3 minutes of stoppage time, referee tagliavento blew the whistle for the end of the game.
Inter Milan won the first leg of the Milan derby with Lu Wenbin’s two goals and 31 assists, and sought a monthly ticket.
Chapter 413 Goal Wars
A world-famous derby in the same city is more exciting for Nerazzurri fans than the Champions League.
Therefore, after the game, A Milan players and fans left dejectedly, while Inter Milan fans were reluctant to leave for a long time and interacted with Inter Milan players to celebrate for a long time.
With this victory and previous accumulated experience, Lu Wenbin has exceeded 40,000, reaching the first level of 4.191 million.
It’s getting harder and harder to upgrade, but it’s always getting closer. It’s almost halfway through.
After the game, Lu Wenbin scored twice and made an assist, which became the object of media praise.
Milan Derby Inter Milan won 31 in the 12th round of Serie A.
Lu Wenbin’s performance in Milan Derby for the first time was superb.
Lu Wenbin rules Milan Derby with two shots and one shot.
Lu Wenbin has scored the seventh consecutive Serie A goal. Will he break the record of 11 consecutive Serie A goals set by Florence, batistuta?
Lu Wenbin of the Bundesliga broke the record of continuous goals scored by Gadmull in the Bundesliga.
Now in Serie A, Lu Wenbin has started his record-breaking journey again.
A few days later, on November 21st, the 13th round of Serie A, Inter Milan played Chievo away.
Just after the Milan derby, many Inter Milan players are physically and psychologically tired, and many people are not playing well away from home.
Chievo, who is in the middle of the ranking, is also very hard at home. Finally, Inter Milan advanced the goal and scored at the last minute to equalize the score and draw the powerful Inter Milan.
The only goal of Inter Milan came from Lu Wenbin, who scored the only goal of Inter Milan in the 74th minute on his own in a counterattack.
Although the team didn’t win, Lu Wenbin scored, continuing his momentum of scoring goals in a row.
Lu Wenbin has scored 11 consecutive goals in Serie A in 1994, three games short of equalling Florence, batistuta.
However, after this round of Serie A, the league was suspended first, and Inter Milan ushered in the fifth round of Twente Champions League group match.
On November 24th, Inter Milan hosted the fifth round of Twente Champions League group match at home.
Inter Milan were drawn away by Twente in the first round group match, which naturally meant to win.

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Usually, the invisibility symbol is to eliminate the figure. If there is strong light and the light is blocked by the human body, it will leave a shadow. A large part of the reason why the giant eagle relies on visual observation is that it can see the shadow, even if it can’t see the shadow, it can see the fine sand, and judge whether it is dangerous or not.

But it’s nothing for monarchists.
In the face of a giant eagle that can be instantly removed, he patrolled to monitor the root. Once he entered the lush foliage on the cliff top, he cast a shadow, but he was not worried about being exposed.
And the force perfusion invisibility symbol can completely hide his breath, even if it is exposed to light, it may not take a picture.
A big tree has appeared at the top of the cliff, and his body moves around the branches, which soon intensifies the position of the dragon’s egg nest.
Sure enough, I can’t find you crazy and quite proud.
At this time, Qin Xiao and others have already made stealth symbols in the abode of fairies and immortals and practiced the first world war a little, which is one of the familiar processes.
The realm of the five of them is quite so that the war doesn’t seem to have risen much, but if you join the madness, the situation will change. If you reach a big realm, your strength will rise even if you average five people.
Five people who received your crazy clothes appeared in the Bird’s Nest.
What’s the situation? Qin Xiao asked
Not optimistic, it seems that the dragon eggs are put together with his eggs, and the giant eagles take turns guarding these giant eggs. Once we move, they will be alarmed. You gave her a crazy look.
Jun Qian picked his eyebrows, which means to be ready for battle.
Junkuang nodded slightly and indicated the general position and size of the dragon egg. They planned to break the nest directly and appear in the nest.
Can’t you just put the dragon eggs in? Jun Qian frowned. After all, this is a way to go further and further.
Qin Xiao shook his head lightly and shrugged his shoulders sadly. I haven’t been able to make the portable abode of fairies and immortals swallow such a big dragon egg in an instant, so I can grasp the income of the object. According to the weight and texture of the object, the portable abode of fairies and immortals also has a small number of requirements for the owner. She is not really incapable but doesn’t want everyone to be in a hurry if she fails.
We’ve killed several people, which one is not the king of Zhanshan, and we’re afraid of so many birds in the end. Juanjuan is a little impatient.
Then split up and remember our position. First, I will fight with the little emissary, and then you will join us. Jun Kuang nodded.
Six people split up.
When they are in place, they will give a sound to you crazy, and then they will rush out together.
After receiving five tones in a row, Jun waved wildly.
The huge bird’s nest on the top of the head has broken six holes, which are not eye-catching compared with the size of the bird’s nest, but the giant eagle’s vision is easily found.
In a flash, eagles were singing and the giant eagles who were patrolling overhead seemed to be summoned and rushed to this huge bird’s nest in the middle.
"Little" Jun frowned without trace, and the giant eagle gathered faster than he thought.
Capturing Qin Xiao Xuanli’s battle was thus formed, and Qin Xiao’s realm also rose to a level similar to that of a monarch and a madman, and then the dome was earned.
At the same time, Jun Qian and the three spirit beasts are working together to attract the attention of the giant eagles, and they are almost instantly besieged by the giant eagles, facing several huge claws and constantly attacking them, but after a few breaths, they are already overwhelmed.
You crazy about Qin Xiao nodded his head.
Qin Xiao took the lead in entering the portable abode of fairies and immortals, including Jun Qian and others.
Junkuang became the only target of the giant eagles, and all the giant eagles stopped and stared at Junkuang viciously.
"It’s you again" man appeared, frowning at Jun crazy.
"Come over to offer condolences to a" jun crazy new new smile.
"Give the dragon egg back" The man attacked without saying anything, as if he didn’t care that the giant eagle egg next to him would be implicated.
桑拿按摩"This is your turf, and the loss is you. You don’t care what I say." Jun crazy slightly reminds the corners of his mouth.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-six All kinds of crooked routines
Smell speech male gestures a meal the giant eagle seems to have a tacit understanding. Generally, it flaps its wings and brings up a gust of wind to blow you crazy into the middle.
Your madness implicated the giant eagle’s eggs, and he was blown away by the strong wind. He left the ground with the foot of the small tower and disappeared in an instant.
"Where’s the man?" The crazy disappearance of Jun surprised the man and quickly made the eagles start a carpet search.
It is not so easy to capture the crazy figure of the monarch.
The giant eagles circled in the sky and expanded their patrol circle at a loss, but they never found any clues.

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Even Yoon quietly looked at the screen, and there was nothing weird or repulsive about holding each other’s words. After all, she didn’t know how to fuck, and someone helped her reply and saved the time of looking for letters.

[Yes, Brother Yin is nice]
[Brother Yin? 】 HeLianYin think this name is very strange and call a 【 are you a singer? 】 【 Guess 】
[Guess your sister, say it quickly]
[Yoon, why are you so feminine when you talk? It’s really unlike watching at ordinary times 】 HeLianYin one leng heart clear up and type 【 Yu Zhou you this king egg steal others MSN 】 【 … 】
[What do you want? 】
[How did you know it was me? 】
Section 15
Can I guess if you are such a bear? 】
[What do you want? 】
[Your speech scared me. It was too fierce]
[Why do you say others msn? Don’t you know that privacy is very important to a person? 】 【 Well, I can’t 】 Yu Zhou went offline after typing these words.
桑拿会所He Lianyin just wanted to laugh.
A new message pops up in the window.
Your friend Zhou Yu invited to add your friend!
Attach news to the boat
He frowned after He Lianyin and He Lianyin stare big eyes at the same time. "Isn’t Xiao Yin Zhou Yu your pen pal?"
He Lianyin was also quite shocked. Looking at the added message, he suddenly felt that the world is really small. It turned out that she had known him since the second day of Zhou, the one who wrote to ask about his new environment, the one who was in the same class and group.
"It turned out to be him." He Lianyin bowed his head and smiled. It’s really hard to say what fate is.
"Is he really your pen pal?" He Lianyin’s eyebrows are vaguely tangled.
"It should be that the transfer student from City A had a different name at the beginning, so I didn’t think that it was really clever that he wrote his name upside down."
"Do you still praise him?"
"Then he is really clever."
"Am I not clever?"
"You are also very clever."
"really?" He smiled as brightly as the midsummer sun. "Do you think I am smart or he is smart?"
He Lianyin’s pupil hole is clear. "I refuse to answer figurative questions."
"What? I am your brother. "
"Well, I’ll ask you a metaphorical question as my sister. If my mother and I fall into the water at the same time, who will you save first?"
"…" This problem is simply a century problem! Although an idiot, it’s hard to answer
"Can’t you answer?"
"Is that the same? Your analogy is that the question is relatives, and my question is that outsiders and relatives know how to answer it. "
"Well, if you want an answer, I’ll satisfy you. You’re smarter."
He Lianyin smell speech cold eyes color "this answer is not as good as you don’t perfunctory me!"
Her voice was quiet. "Isn’t that what you want to hear?"

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He was closest to Jacques, but he let Jacques go and pressed the e skill directly to stick it to Yasuo.

A series of tricks will be played immediately.
Xiao Shengqiang is reputed as the country’s first Riven, and when he is insane in Riven, he can play the output that others can’t play.
Sometimes he even moves differently.
This trick first consumes a lot of Yasuo’s blood, but at the same time it also wins the opponent’s skills.
Jax knocked him out.
"Will it be an opportunity to kill?" Seeing that Riven was dizzy, Su Huanjen was surprised. The more you make friends with each other, the more you control Riven, which means that the metal master is more secure.
That’s all the skills. It’s over.
When Riven released his skills, the metal master in the grass added a W shield to himself and then kept walking this way.
When several people besieged Riven together, the metal master had quietly come to them.
The metal master pressed the hammer to the e skill and released five people’s soles and were stabbed at the same time.
He just waited so long to sharpen his skills and hit as many targets as possible
The metal master started to do it!
Because I just heard the audience call Su Huanjen and knew that Lu Zhan must have completed the counterattack
But in such a passive situation, can Lu Zhan really complete a one-to-many counterattack with only one teammate?
Chapter 666 Preferred spike target
At this time, the metal master’s e skill has 4 injuries, and five people of the South Korean team were hit, all of which were very painful.
The blind monk of Jacques realized that the situation was not opposite. The blind monk was next to the metal master, and time accelerated for Jacques, who also went directly to the front of the metal master.
The two men immediately fought with the metal master. Lu Zhancao, the metal master, walked and fought with the blind monk first. When Jacques came to him, Lu Zhan took another step forward to release the Q skill.
"Pa" A blind monk and Jax were hit by Lu Zhan and Yasuo was also hit.
The Q skill of the Metal Master allows him to do extra damage to three nearby people with his general attack. Lu Zhan maximizes the damage with one displacement effort, and hits three people with one strike.
桑拿论坛At the same time, Riven has been able to move
At that moment, Riven played two Q’s and stopped, just waiting for the dizziness to end and continue to erupt.
Light it!
Folding wing dance!
The general attack shocked the soul and roared!
All skills point to Yasuo being beaten by Riven when he hit Pugong. When the old man quickly revived Yasuo, Riven shocked the people around him and made Yasuo die.
Because Riven continuously controlled Yasuo, he died before accumulating the third Q-hit, and he didn’t let go of the big move.
But it has the effect of going back in time, and soon he can get up.
"It is a deliberate effort to force out time!" Su Huanjen immediately understood Lu Zhan’s idea.
"Yes, two people fire a let time have to enlarge to metal target is probably a mouse! There should be a big move to get rid of the mice. "efeng comes with and
"Metal master needs to be big enough for the ad output person Yasuo to die, which will definitely be a mouse! Besides, the mouse is not big yet. "It’s eyi. He saw from the broadcast screen that the mouse was full of blood, but the big move was almost good."
A few people in the nether world are battle-hardened professional players, so it’s so thrilling that two dozen or five people bring themselves into this situation, think about Lu Zhan or Xiao Chengqiang’s ideas and then verify them.
In the fact game, the time is fleeting, and it will be difficult to grasp the result carelessly.
After the two men joined forces to force Yasuo to death, Lu Zhan began to specifically target Jacques.
No matter the metal master or Riven, both skills are group attack, which is their unique advantage. They work together to hit as many people as possible with each skill.
Riven opened an e skill to shield himself and went to Jax to cooperate with the metal master to export it.
The other person, after all, was besieged in advance. Riven’s blood was less than five points, and the crumbling metal master still had four points and three blood to fight.
"This is going to die, don’t you enlarge it?" Eyi doubts
Riven hands holding a flurry cut to now all have no fear not to come out again.
"No …" Su Huanjen’s eyes narrowed and he suddenly thought of a possibility.
When Riven had only silk blood left, Yasuo had got up again, but Yasuo just got up and blew a fan-shaped whirlwind.
Riven’s big move came with this ranged attack, which turned out to be his preparation.
Time is the auxiliary method, and it is not strong enough to pull people up. The initial blood volume is higher than the skill. The blood volume of Yasuo is less than 9, and half of it is scraped by this big move.
Then Yasuo’s head lit up with a light, and he turned into a corpse before he came to make an output.
"Sure enough …" Su Huanjen finally white land exhibition two people idea.
It is not easy to kill a mouse full of blood, but the residual blood is resurrected, but Yasuo is easy to be taken. From the beginning, the two men targeted Yasuo and now they finally killed him.
Killing him is a big move for the metal master to die.
This skill drained Yasuo’s blood by 12% and replenished the Metal Master himself.
Instantly Yasuo became a white soul body.
"In their eyes, the mouse threat is not the biggest threat, but there is a big move to control Yasuo." Su Huanjen said that killing more and killing less is not to see who has the highest output or who is the best to kill, but to see who is the biggest threat. If the threat can be dropped by seconds, of course, killing him is the first choice.
In addition to big moves and control, Yasuo’s Q skills will decrease with the increase of attack speed. Now Yasuo’s blade is broken and his Q skills are extremely short. They think it is more troublesome to keep Yasuo.
Su Huanjen doesn’t know whether all this planning is based on Lu Zhan’s command or Xiao Shengjiang, but in any case, the first step of the two has been achieved.
Riven and Yasuo died almost at the same time, but the situation changed after their death.
It changed from two to four to two to three. The Chinese team died, but Riven added Yasuo’s soul. The other side was reduced and did not supplement it
Moreover, Jax still has half blood left, and the metal master still has a lot of blood after drinking Yasuo’s blood.
Yasuo’s soul didn’t help the metal master to hit Jacques, but ran directly to the mouse and the direction of time. He didn’t want to hit him, but he had to go through him to hit the metal master. He had to attack and go in the direction of the metal master.

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"Of course it’s true." Gao Xiaoxiao was afraid that she wouldn’t believe it and added, "How can I bite off more than I can chew? And I have a boyfriend. I love him very much! "

Little white mommy can lend you a …
"Well," Zhou Mi said with a relieved smile, "I’ve been working in Korea for five or six years, and to tell you the truth, real Korea is a little bit too playboy! Many women are desperate to talk to him just because they have seen this, that is, to get a sum of money after breaking up! I also you like them … "
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled at her, but silently said, I’m sorry, I also lost money.
After a busy day, Gao Xiaoxiao wants to talk to Han Shao about the reception and test his attitude towards divorce.
Who knows that the villa waited until 11 o’clock and didn’t see the figure, sent a message or replied. Finally, it was so sleepy that I had a good rest first.
The next morning, I got up and found that the opposite door was wide open and the bed was clean and tidy, not like someone had slept.
Gao Xiaoxiao frowned to go to the company first.
All afternoon, Han Shu didn’t show up.
After lunch, Zhou Mi handed her a beautiful gift box "Xiaoxiao, your gift is here"
Lake blue small gift style elegant shoulder strap is also inlaid with small broken diamonds, which is valuable at first glance.
Gao Xiaoxiao touched the cool and silky fabric and heard someone whispering behind him.
"I really don’t know what Han Shao asked her to attend?"
"It’s just that any one of us looks better than her!"
"Who let you have no other people’s scheming and means?"
"I didn’t expect to be able to climb Korea’s little bed …"
Section 15
"Is Bai Lianhua …"
Looking back, Gao Xiaoxiao immediately bowed their heads and pretended to look at things.
Week secret gently cough a few pretended not to hear "raining do you want to try it on? If it’s not suitable, I’ll let someone change it. "
Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t want to try the facts, and she didn’t intend to go to the reception at all.
But those gossips just now made her feel bad. I don’t know how much it is behind her.
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at them. "Good!"
Sure enough, those women immediately turned hostile.
spa会所If you want to see the slag abuse, don’t worry. Han Shao generally doesn’t protect people, but protects people instead of people!
☆, 21 playboy boss
After 1 minute, Gao Xiaoxiao came out of the lounge and the whole secret room fell into silence instantly.
Until Zhou Mi shouted "… Xiaoxiao?"
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled and revealed a pair of shallow pear vortices on his cheeks. "How about that? Is it still appropriate? "
"Wow!" Zhou Mi came over with bright eyes. "I didn’t recognize you without glasses. It’s so beautiful!"
Without black-rimmed glasses to cover up Gao Xiaoxiao’s small melon face, delicate facial features and agility, especially those big black and white eyes, which reveal a little bit of innocence, I see my pity.
Always holding the back of the head, the black hair is also put to be soft and shoulder-shouldered. The blue gift of the lake is like a close-fitting custom lining her ice muscles. jade bone has a slim figure and is beautiful and refined
Those women can’t help but vomit blood in their hearts, thinking that lake blue is a very attractive color. This topped dress will definitely make a big joke. I didn’t expect … the effect would be so good! Don’t compare them, even Gao Xiaoxiao is not inferior to Han Shao’s former actress and supermodel.
Gao Xiaoxiao glanced at them lightly and suddenly felt that she was also quite boring. Why should I be angry with these women who gossip behind the meeting?
She glanced at it and said, "I’ll change it back after work."
"Good" Zhou Mi nodded with a smile and glanced behind Gao Xiaoxiao and suddenly his face was embarrassed.
Gao Xiaoxiao was surprised. A familiar but serious voice came from behind. "What are you doing in class? !”
Han Zhengming? Gao Xiaoxiao heart "hitched" a whole person is a little bad.
Would it be such a coincidence?
That a few women instantly quieter, such as chicken face, have shown a good show.
Who doesn’t know that the chairman has a big temper? Gao Xiaoxiao was caught wearing a small gift in class. This time, it’s very painful.
Before Zhou Mi crustily skin of head, he explained, "I’m sorry, chairman of the board of directors, because Han Shao is going to attend the reception …"

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Gu Jing frowned and didn’t want to leave Yin Anran.

The doctor said at once, "This is the gentleman. I think you’d better buy some laundry for your girlfriend first."
Force a tingle and hurriedly said, "They are not boyfriend and girlfriend!"
The doctor didn’t care so much about leisure and waved his hand. "I don’t care about this. You two had better go out first and don’t bother me to see a patient."
Pushing Gu Jingyan out of the ward, "I will accompany you to buy Miss Yin"
The door slammed.
"Miss, although that gentleman was a little annoyed by asking questions just now, I think he really cares about you. Are you really not boyfriend and girlfriend?"
The doctor just acted like I’m not interested in hexagrams, and then he changed.
Yin Anran nodded. "No, we are ordinary friends."
The doctor’s face turned pale. "Alas, although he was really annoyed when I examined you just now, it’s a pity that this young man looks good and looks very fond of you. You are not boyfriend and girlfriend."
Yin Anran smiled gently and said nothing.
As Li said, when they came back from buying clothes, the doctor had finished examining her.
"Doctor, what’s wrong with her?"
His heart tightened at the thought of her blanching.
夜生活"It’s nothing serious. It’s nothing serious to take a rest and keep warm for a while after the menstrual pain and ice water are cold. I’ll prescribe some medicine."
Yin An dyed his forehead, which was humiliating …
Aside Gu Jing’s reconciliation is also embarrassing. Two people never thought it was for this reason …
However, Gu Jingyan quickly recovered her composure. "Okay, I know."
Suddenly Yin Anran thought of something, "My camera!"
Yin Anran just wanted to go to bed when Gu Jingyan held him down. "Xiaoran, you should have a good rest."
"but my camera"
But there are photos taken today in that camera. If it is lost and picked up by others, then … If you don’t say that the photos inside were taken by a willing heart first, her whole day’s work will be in vain!
"Miss Yin doesn’t worry that Jiing Yan has already explained the camera just now, and someone will send it to Miss Yin later."
Hearing this, she was relieved
Gu Jingyan poured Yin An a cup of hot water. "The doctor said to drink more hot water."
"thank you"
Yin Anran took the cup and drank two hot drinks. She finally felt less cold.
After this ordeal, Yin Anran was a little tired and fell asleep next to the pillow.
Sleeping during menstruation is the most comfortable thing.
Soon after Yin Anran fell asleep, someone sent Yin Anran’s camera over.
I tried to take Gu Jingyan away, but Nai Gu Jingyan was stubborn and refused to leave.
Force is to take this little ancestor. There is no way to let him clean up what happened just now.
Just now, the incident suddenly happened, so many workers said it was a good thing to save lives, but they were afraid to be taken to make an issue of it.
Jiing Yan although there are some differences with those filming and singing stars, but how to say it is also a public figure, and his career is also on the rise. He is trying to hold it out with one hand and naturally doesn’t want him to have anything.
Gu Jingyan sat by the bed and looked at the little man on the bed.
She is still a little pale, which makes him feel distressed.
Section 93
He reach for her hand.
The cold temperature of her hands makes him look good, and the eyebrows are locked.
He held her hand and rubbed it constantly to warm it up as soon as possible.

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Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Dilemma
After this afternoon’s talk in Lillo, we strolled around the city and had lunch. When Yan Jiaxin took my hand and walked across to the bottom, her words rang.
After the connection, I heard a pleasant voice inside, "Is it Miss Yan? Your information meets the standards of our company. Do you come to our company for an interview sometimes?"
"How long is it sometimes?"
"3 o’clock this afternoon"
"Okay, I get it."
After the call, Yan Jiaxin put her mobile phone in her bag and I asked her, "Which company called you?"
"Mingjia Advertising, a medium-sized advertising place, has a few years."
I nodded. "Do you want me to accompany you?"
"Come and pick me up this afternoon. I’ll go back and change my clothes first."
I sent Yan Jiaxin to a small apartment. She waved to me and said "Remember" and then went away.
I prayed in my heart that she would succeed in this interview as she wished, because it would alleviate the fact that she missed a job opportunity because of my cold.
I called Wang Ye, and he told me that he had gone to some suppliers and wholesalers this afternoon to talk about the issue of drinks. Now all I can grasp is that the original base will increase by 3% at most. This is the only thing I can afford. Although the funds are abundant now, we all know that the income will be lower after all. Now I am most afraid that I can’t sign a peace of mind contract in this difficult period. If it is ok to sign it for a month, the bar will have business difficulties due to the lack of drinks.
Now I don’t have much chance to have fun, so I can try to find more business conversations and see if I can get the price to a suitable position.
A few hours later, I went to the boss’s office. The best thing is that I expected to add 5% more, and I hesitated to sign the contract, which gave me a lot of time to think.
"Little brother, think about my price. It’s quite reasonable. You may not know that this time, the problem of adulteration of wine is strictly investigated. This is an adulterated goods that can stand the test. This price is absolutely not shouting. If you don’t believe it, you can ask more."
I nodded, as the wine boss said, during the holiday, many fake wine merchants ran away one after another. Because these people ran away, all fake wine departments stopped selling, even those fish who escaped the net did not dare to risk selling, and there was no way for dogs to buy the right ones. Because of the high price all over the sky, the current price was really the lowest I have ever seen.
I was still a little hesitant and said to him, "boss, 300%, 300%, can I sign a contract with you for one year if I want 3%?"
The boss hesitated and heard the door suddenly ringing outside. The boss got up and went to the door to open it. "Little niece, you’re here. Come in and sit down."
"No, uncle Zhang, I’m here to give you a gift. My horse is leaving."
"What are you doing in such a hurry? Let’s make you a cup of tea. Sit down first."
Boss Zhang took this man to sit for a while, and she and I were suddenly confused about "Yu Fei"
"Lei Hao"
Boss Zhang suddenly froze. "Do you know each other?"
I nodded awkwardly. "Knowing is a friend."
Yu Fei also smiled at me and then asked me, "Why are you here?"
"Talk to Boss Zhang about some business"
"Wine problem" Yu Fei answered my words "How did it go?"
It’s a little difficult for me to reply to boss Zhang. I sat opposite and smiled and said, "We’re almost done talking, but we just need to sign the contract at last."
Yu Fei looked at me puzzled, then looked at Zhang Boss and said, "Uncle, what is the price you talk about?"
"Not much is a little higher than the original." Boss Zhang was careless and didn’t want to tell Yu Fei about things with us.
Yu Fei seems to see that it is difficult for me to face Zhang Boss and say, "Uncle, can you look at me and give me a real price for this friend?"
Facing Yu Fei’s request, boss Zhang smiled. "Well, since my little niece said so, I’ll give you some noodles, too, this little ray. Then it’s 3% as you said just now."
I was just about to say yes to Yu Fei when I cut in and said "15%"
Boss Zhang suddenly looked embarrassed. "Little niece, isn’t this price difficult for Uncle Zhang?"
"Uncle, don’t I beg you for no reason?"
"The promise is acceptable, but the price is too difficult. You know that my business has not been so good since the accident happened to your father and them. It has just started to improve. You want me to lower the price so much. Then how can I ask someone else for a price? What will he think if he responds?"
I pulled Yu Fei, "3% is the price I can accept."
Yu Fei looked at me with an unquestionable look. "I said 15 is 15. Can you stop being so ignorant?"
After that, Yu Fei went to the boss Zhang and said to him, "Uncle, can we talk?"
Boss Zhang sighed and followed Yu Fei to the small seat next to him. After chatting for half a meeting, the boss came up to me with a smile on his face and said, "Ray, it turned out that it was 15 for 15, even if Uncle Zhang, I sent you a gift."
With that, boss Zhang shouted here. I don’t understand what’s going on. I can echo with a smile and say "thank you"
Soon his secret came in, and he said a few words to her to change the contract again and then print it out. After that, he looked at me and Yu Fei and nodded. I looked at Yu Fei and she smiled at me.
As soon as I came out, I was very happy with this signed contract. After shouting, I looked at Yu Fei and said gratefully, "Thank you, thank you for helping me so much. I really don’t know how to thank you."
"Don’t thank anything, just help me before I leave."
"Where are you going?"
Yu Fei smiled, "Go to travel for a while and then take a look at the sea."
I nodded. "That’s good."
After a silence for a while, I asked again, "By the way, what did you say to your uncle just now? What made him promise you the price so easily?"
夜网论坛"I said you are the father of my child."
The atmosphere suddenly became awkward. I didn’t know if the reply was silly. I looked at Yu Fei and smiled and said to me again, "Lie to him. My uncle knows that if he doesn’t, he won’t lower it to you like this."
"But this to your name"
She immediately replied, "Sometimes, if you want to get things done, you don’t have to be too entangled. Even if you want to tie a boat in front of you, there is nothing you can do. This is the shopping mall. Can you give me a ride? I will take the bus in time."
I really should thank you for giving Yu Fei a ride. After all, I owe her a favor for this matter. She helped me get the contract in her own name. I nodded at her. "Well, yes."
Just after I finished speaking, my mobile phone suddenly rang. I motioned for her to pick up a message. When it was Yan Jiaxin calling, I heard her very happy tone and said to me, "Leihao, I passed, I passed."
In the words, she was as happy as a child. I smiled and replied, "Really? Congratulations."
"Of course, congratulations and greatly congratulations. By the way, have you come to pick me up?"
I picked up my watch and saw that it was 5 o’clock. At this moment, I was caught in a dilemma by the setting sun.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four You deserve my stupidity
The afternoon sun always makes people feel confused. In this burst of dizziness and confusion, my sight slowly recovered from the drift after shouting.
"What’s the matter with you?"
I looked at Yu Fei with complicated eyes, and she smiled at me. This charming smile is like a beautiful flower, which is even more amazing when the sun slowly sets. She belongs to dusk.

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Although Li Zhenyu didn’t really regain his sanity, it is very important to wake up for such a short time. Only when he wakes up can he eat, and only when he has eaten can he have low physical strength and ability to resist the virus and persist in adapting to it and infecting the virus.

At that time, this was roughly the case in Xia Xue, but she was the Cui family drug vaccine, and now the vaccine is not obvious to Li Zhenyu. She simply used her own blood to help him treat the disease.
Due to continuous blood transfusion for several hours, Xia Xue was a little tired and tired, and then he took care of Li Zhenyu. After Li Zhenyu woke up, Tao Zheng helped him up instead of Xia Xue to feed him porridge himself.
Section 26
Xia Xue was half lying next to Li Zhenyu and watched him consciously open his mouth to accept Tao Zheng’s feeding.
I wish I could eat! Xia Xue believes that this is a good start. She stares at him intently and unblinkingly, as if afraid of missing every second when he wakes up.
Li Zhenyu didn’t look at him. At this time, he was half asleep and opened his mouth to eat. He was conscious of his dark eyes, which seemed to be covered with a layer of fog. He couldn’t see her or feel her.
Xia Xue didn’t disturb him. She knew that the most important thing now was not to communicate with him, but to let him eat. Every minute of his awakening was precious and he was determined not to wave.
A bowl of rice congee’s half-dish custard, as well as vegetables, mud, fish and other foods have been fed smoothly! After eating almost Li Zhenyu, she refused to open her mouth and narrow her eyes. She seemed to fall asleep again on the back of the bed.
"Jin Woo" Xia Xue leaned over and tried to call him.
No response. The man really fell asleep again.
Xia Xue was not discouraged. On the contrary, she was very excited. "Tao Zheng, I think Jin Woo will get better gradually!"
"Well, my brother is much better!" Tao Zheng rarely smiled and comforted Xia Xue. "I believe the weather will be better!"
"Should I give him another blood transfusion later?" Xia Xue is afraid of sleeping for a night and the virus is rampant again.
"no!" TaoZheng shook his head and gave her a look "a few hours of blood transfusion hard you! Have a good sleep at night and give him blood transfusion in the morning! "
Xia Xue nodded to see Tao Zheng leaving and asked, "Where are you going?"
桑拿论坛Tao Zheng stopped and turned around and said, "My brother has already eaten something. It’s not a big problem! You go to bed early! "
Yawned a little tired, but I don’t know why Xia Xue doesn’t want Tao Zheng to leave. It seems that she can’t get along, but it seems inappropriate to let Tao Zheng stay. After all, there is a difference between men and women. Li Zhenyu is in a coma. It is not appropriate for her to let Tao Zheng sleep in the bedroom.
When Xia Xue hesitated, Tao Zheng had left and helped them fix the door conveniently.
Xia Xue didn’t even have the strength to take a shower. He was too lazy to move her nest again. Li Zhenyu found the most comfortable posture in his arms and fell asleep on his shoulder.
Tao Zheng left the luxury suite and was about to go to his room to rest when he saw a confidant named Zhu Yanhua around Cui Jiming coming in a hurry.
"Master Tao wants you to come over!" Zhu Yanhua seems to be in a hurry.
Tao Zheng slightly zheng Cui Jiming find him something? "Where is Mr. Cui?"
"There seems to be some trouble with Mr. Bao, so please hurry over and help!" Zhu Yanhua said
"…" Tao Zheng hesitated. He didn’t want to leave Li Zhenyu, but Cui Jizheng turned to him for help. If he refused directly, it was not good.
"Master tao in the past first! If there is anything, wait until you see Mr. Cui! "
After a brief thought, Tao Zheng went over first, and everything would be white when he saw Cui Jiming! But when he rode by car, he suddenly noticed something was wrong with his professional sensitivity.
Being alert because of his heart, he was able to crouch down to avoid a blow when his back broke.
A pain rang out and Zhu Yanhua got it for Tao Zheng, which also dispelled Tao Zheng’s doubts about him.
"Good! We were ambushed! Master Tao … Go! " Zhu Yanhua pulled out his gun and shot at the back of the car. There were people hiding in the trunk waiting to take their lives.
With Zhu Yanhua’s cover, Tao Zheng finally jumped when he opened the car door, but he was shot in the body at the moment of jumping.
Startled, he turned to Zhu Yanhua’s pitfalls, and he finally became white! But he didn’t hesitate, still fighting for his last strength, even though he jumped into the roadside green belt.
"Stop the car!" Zhu Yanhua shouted and then took people after him. He was ordered to kill Tao Zheng!
When they chased after it, they couldn’t find Tao Zheng any more.
"He was shot can’t escape far! Be sure to search carefully! Watch out for blood around. Look for it. Find him! Kill! " Zhu Yanhua frantically shouted
"It’s not! If you get shot, you can let the little one run away! " Wu Tianyou is simply flustered because he knows the importance of Tao Zheng to Li Zhenyu! If you can’t get rid of Tao Zheng, it’s very difficult to get rid of Li Zhenyu again. He will not hesitate to open the trump card of Zhu Yanhua, a close confidant of Cui Jiming. I didn’t expect it to fall short. If Zhu Yanhua really wants to shoot him in front of him.
Got a scolding Zhu Yanhua bass for fear of being found "son-in-law, I have tried my best! That little guy can fly so fast when he slips into a gun than a loach … To tell the truth, I have never seen him work better until now, and he is definitely not an ordinary bodyguard! "

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But on the other side, I didn’t know that Lin Mo-chen and Lu You had returned to Lujia.

They bought some fresh beef and ribs by the way.
Father Lu Yong hasn’t come home from work yet. Li Mei is at home alone, and Lu Song has not returned to his home for recuperation.
"How did you come back today?" Li Mei was particularly surprised to see them.
"Lin always …" Liu Songdao
Lin Mo-chen and Lu You walked over to Lu You and smiled first. "Eldest brother, this is not a company. What do you want him to do?"
"Little Worry is right. Little Worry and I are husband and wife. You are Little Worry’s eldest brother, that is, my eldest brother. Just call me by my name." Lin Mo-chen also corrected the name of Lu Song.
"This … this …" Lu Song struggled. "I’m used to screaming, and this suddenly makes me change my mind. Isn’t it hard for me?"
He is the president of their company, and people are afraid to look him in the eye every time. When he sees him, he is so nervous that he will bow his head consciously, but now he has to change their roles and become a big brother, which really makes him afraid to accept.
Although this is a way of saying lucky, it also makes him unbearable.
"If your family also calls me manager Lin, this is really difficult. My eldest brother can just call me Mo Chen." Lin Mo Chen is smooth and natural. "You will get used to it when you scream."
"Yes, brother, don’t bring that set of things in the company home." Lu You also agree that "in the company, Mo Chen is the company, and you belong to you. You should respect him, but now you are at home, you are the eldest brother, he is the younger brother, and naturally he wants to respect you."
"I know, but I’m really not used to it …" It’s really unnatural for Liu Song to put his knees and rub his hands on his face.
It’s a real test of his heart’s endurance. He’s really afraid of his sudden cardiac arrest due to overload.
"I’m used to barking. Xiao Cheng and Xiao Lin make sense." Li Mei nodded.
"All right, I’ll cook when you talk." It’s almost time to prepare dinner when Lu You glanced at it.
"I’ll do it. You were tired yesterday." Lin Mochen Trail
"I have a good rest and how tired cooking can be? If I let you cook and let my mother see it, I won’t be killed. In her eyes, your son-in-law is much more precious than her daughter. "Lu You picked up an apron." You talk with your mother and eldest brother. "
Lin Mo-chen couldn’t resist sitting in the sand in Lu You’s living room. "Mom, Big Brother, Xiao You and I are going on vacation with friends for at least three days, so I’ll come and see you today."
"Little worry and filial piety always think of us." Li Mei praised her daughter’s heart, but there was another kind of distress. "This Feng Jingjing has never been here since she left that day. No matter if your father and I forget it these days, Komatsu doesn’t make a word here to ask if she still has Komatsu as her husband?"
"Mom ink … I here what do you say these?" Lu Song’s complexion is not gloomy.
"Don’t talk to me, I feel angry when I talk about her." Li Meiduan took a sip of table water and changed the subject. "You should have fun when you go out with Xiao You."
"Well, I’ll bring you a gift then." Lin Mochen nodded slightly.
"No, don’t break it." Both Li Mei and Liu Song refused his kindness.
"How is this a broken heart?" Lin Mochen advised them. "What’s the point of spending money or enjoying it, or making money and putting it in the bank is just a bunch of cold numbers? If you have no money, you can work hard to earn time. If you miss it, you will never come back. "
Lin Mo-chen let Li Mei and Lu Song suddenly open up in a few simple words, which is really reasonable.
Earning money is to enjoy and spend. That’s it. Let life be better and more qualitative, otherwise it will really lose its meaning.
"Or Xiao Lin will say this." Li Mei is his heart, and he likes this son-in-law a hundred times and a thousand times.
"Jingjing is right to think so." Lu Song sighed, and their lives would be better instead of being in conflict because of money.
"That’s what she should listen to." Li Mei also agreed that "Suo Xiaosong should learn from Xiao Lin how to speak in order to make sense and speak better."
Hardly had she locked the door when her voice rang.
They all went home in Lu Yong. I didn’t expect to see Feng Jingjing for many days when the door opened.
She wore a close-fitting black dress and wrapped her beautiful figure. Her beautiful legs were extremely white and very eye-catching, and her feet were wearing a pair of red high heels. The first step was full of amorous feelings.
"Mom" Feng Jingjing politely called Li Mei, then glanced at everyone and then fell on Liu Songshen. "Husband, why don’t you go home these days? What if you disturb your mother here? I’m here to pick you up today. "
"Jingjing, I hurt my knee" is a sentence by Lu Song.
"Are you hurt? Why are you so careless? "Feng Jingjing walked over and sat down beside Liu Song in a hurry." Let me see. "
"It’s nothing to rest for a few days." Liu Song took her to roll her trouser legs hand. "Thank you for your heart."
"Don’t you think you should say that we are husband and wife?" Feng Jingjing is very virtuous with a smile. "I’ll take care of you when I get home. Don’t be tired to my parents."
Lu Song nodded. After all, it really made his parents worry about their parents these days, which made him feel guilty and uneasy.
Then Feng Jingjing’s eyes fell on Lin Mochen. "What a coincidence that my good brother-in-law met you again."
Feng Jingjing is also here to try her luck.
This morning, after she received a lawyer’s letter from Lin Mo-chen, she wanted to find him, but she knew that the giant ink group was hard for her to get in. She came here to see if she could meet Lu Jia Lin Mo-chen. Sure enough, he parked his car in the parking lot, so she came to the root. She didn’t come to see Lu Song specially, but she made an excuse.
"Sister-in-law, I don’t understand this. You and I are both part of this family. It’s not strange to meet here, is it?" Lin Mochen smiled gently but kept alienated.
Lu You heard Feng Jingjing’s voice in the kitchen and came out from it. "Sister-in-law?"
"Little worry" Feng Jingjing’s smile deepened, but it was hypocritical to look at it. After all, she hated Lin Mo-chen for making a mess of her work and was scolded by Chi Yiming. "That’s just one thing I have to say."
"What is it?" Lu asked, but I felt that there was nothing good in my heart.
Feng Jingjing took out a lawyer’s letter from her bag, with the cover of the letter and the logo of the giant ink group. Both Lu You and Lu Song stared at the envelope and looked at the words "What does this mean?"
"Don’t be nervous, I don’t mean anything." Feng Jingjing carefully showed the lawyer’s letter in front of everyone and wanted them to see it clearly. "You see, this is my brother-in-law sending me a lawyer’s letter. Mom’s husband is worried. You said that it is a family to send this letter. Isn’t it hurting feelings? Isn’t it a joke if the president of this giant ink pays a little money and wants to sue his sister-in-law for such injustice? It also affects your brother-in-law’s reputation, doesn’t it? Are you right? "
Feng Jingjing kept smiling and put the lawyer’s letter in front of Lin Mo-chen, showing a huge amount of appearance. "My brother-in-law, I don’t blame you. Now I will return this letter to you as if it never happened. I will never reveal a word."
Feng Jingjing paid more than 100,000 yuan in compensation to Lin Mo-chen, and her brother-in-law was very affectionate, and her smile attitude was friendly. She didn’t have the brain to yell and scream as usual. This time, she should be chastened and behave a little IQ today.
It’s Lin Mo-chen. It’s not so easy to fool around.
And Li Mei, Lu Song and Lu You all looked overwhelmed and didn’t know what was going on.
Lu sorrow gently pulled a Lin Mo Chen sleeve trail "how did this happen? Did she give you any trouble? "
Lin Mochen calmly sipped water and slowly put the cup on the coffee table. "Since the eldest sister-in-law said it was a family, I am used to not talking about business at home. If you want to talk about this lawyer’s letter, please come to my office and I will give you a satisfactory answer."
"Brother-in-law, there’s a lot of work in your office. How dare I bother you? Anyway, it’s not a big deal at home. Doesn’t it solve the problem if you withdraw the letter?" Feng Jingjing doesn’t want to pay more than 100,000 yuan for herself. She can’t afford a bubble. It’s best that she can solve nature here.
"I’m sorry for the ability to solve the problem of eldest sister-in-law’s work hours." Lin Mochen put the letter back in front of her. "Besides, whoever damages things in the company has to double the compensation. I have already given you a favor by asking you to compensate at the original price."
"Damage company things?" Lu Song was surprised that Feng Jingjing dared to give up in the giant ink group. "What did you do in the end?"
夜生活"It’s definitely not good." Li Mei has already decided.

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The cohesion in the kusanagi sword is actually lost in the green light emitted by the thin green sword! Yuanlaichao suddenly felt a powerful energy field, and his own energy field competed!

That’s the energy field of the national hero Yuan Yijing of Fusang!
Yuan Yijing is, after all, Yuan Laichao’s own younger brother. Although he can’t control other people’s energy fields, he can control his own energy field. Thirty-six years ago, Yuan Yijing sealed his own energy field when he committed suicide by breaking his belly. In this thin green sword, he hoped that future generations could perceive his own soul.
"This sword hides grandpa’s dead soul!" Source coloured glaze this sentence is not mystifying but true!
Yuanlaichao can’t continue to absorb the soul and body skills of the dead, and he hasn’t finished his recovery. This sword root can’t kill Yuanliuli!
Suddenly, the black circle Kusanagi sword appeared around Yuanlaichao’s body and suddenly sent out a dozen beams to shoot at the source glass!
However, the thin green sword in the hand of the source coloured glaze suddenly swelled green light and melted these white beams into it!
Yuan Yijing’s energy field protects Yuan Laichao’s necromancer curse, and it has completely failed!
Although the thin green sword and the kusanagi sword are the top ten blades of Fusang, the energy field of Yuanyijing represents justice and majesty and completely suppresses the evil of Yuanlaichao!
Butterfly dance-mirror flowers and water moon!
With the sword dance of Yuanliuli, several fireflies gradually arranged into a circle pattern, and a snow-white shadow suddenly passed through the sword and the cold light hit Yuanlaichao’s throat!
"Even if you sealed the source righteousness by the soul in the sword, your capability is still far worse than me! Hahahaha! " Genlaichao grimaced at the kusanagi sword in his hand and waved out the magic color in the night again. The fireflies fell to the ground one after another!
The three girls, Lan Yuzhu, Qu Hanyan and Yang Kang, didn’t join the fight when they met in Yuanlai Dynasty!
The three of them know in their hearts that even if they join the battle, they will not stay up for three strokes, which will not only lose their lives but also save Ling Feiyang!
So the three of them did the same thing!
Make the "Healing Articles" of Jiuyin Zhenjing heal Ling Feiyang!
During this period, the song contains smoke, and it has already broken through to the fourth floor, and blue jade beads and Yang Kang have also broken through to the third floor. Three girls sit cross-legged around Ling Feiyang and stretch out a palm to resist Ling Feiyang’s body!
Three strands of soft qi slowly entered Ling Feiyang’s body, and the pain gradually eased and the injury improved rapidly!
At this moment, if it is replaced by Yuanyijing, it can definitely be defeated by the thin green sword. Although she has inherited the blood of Yuanyijing, after all, she is seventeen years old, where can she compare with Yuanlaichao’s ten-year skill!
Although Yuanlaichao has been seriously injured, it is still a trick. After insisting on more than a dozen tricks, it is already dangerous!
Then ling float in the sky slowly up from the ground again! Three girls, such as LanYuzhu, also pulled out their respective weapons, and Ling Feiyang’s side!
The forest is full of bodies of masters of the Song Dynasty. A night wind blows in the forest and leaves rustle. The souls of these dead people also seem to hum. It’s been such a long night that Li has not arrived yet!
"It’s time for Yuanlai to die for you!" Ling Feiyang’s eyes glanced at the ground and once again charged at Yuanlaichao! to be continued
Chapter 354 Fight! Ghost fighters!
At the darkest moment before Lebanon, corpses piled up like a mountain in Nagano, Jyukai, and Ling Feiyang are about to launch a final battle with the war culprit "Ghost Warrior" Yuanlaichao!
Although Yuan Yijing’s energy field helps Yuan Liuli, it is still the root that can’t stop Yuan Laichao’s offensive. Ling Feiyang, who is about to be killed, has blocked her front!
Dragon 20 palms Luohan dragon!
Ling Feiyang used this palm for the seventh time!
Ling Feiyang’s palm covers Yuanlaichao’s body and Yuanlaichao draws a left palm to greet him!
With a huge noise, the two of them were flying backwards at the same time!
Two people body fell to the ground at the same time ling float in the sky one knee to a song immediately removed the strength; But Yuanlaichao can’t fall backwards steadily!
The last meeting between the two men turned out to be a trick to decide the outcome!
Ling Feiyang finally won!
Although it was a tragic victory, Ling Feiyang won after all!
Yuanlaichao Kusanagi sword supports the body and just got up only to see a green sword coming out of his chest!
The blade is thin and green!
It’s impossible to pierce Yuanlai Chao’s body with the skill of colored glaze, but her sword stab position is just the wound in the middle of the back of Yuanlai Chao!
This position has been hit by Huang Fujun’s two fingers and Yang Miaozhen’s sword, which is the weakest link in his body. Besides, a famous blade is thin, green and sharp enough to cut gold and jade!
Yuan Laichao’s skill is no matter how deep, after all, he is not a fairy ghost. He will die for this piercing sword!
"I’m sorry about the righteous classics …" At the last moment, Yuanlaichao’s mind emerged with all kinds of past events, and his heart actually gave birth to repentance!
If he had repented earlier, he would not have caused this tragic tragedy!
He repented in order to seek peace of mind; His confession root can’t wash away the crimes he has committed all his life!
Yuanlaichao’s body fell heavily!
The group of magic fireflies flew into the source glass sleeves one after another, and the source glass pulled the thin green sword out of the source Lai Chao’s body and immediately shed blood all over the floor. It turned out to be black!
"Grandpa, grandma, mom and dad … Liuli has finally avenged you!" Source coloured glaze suddenly kneel to two lines of beads tears welled up!
A fish-belly grey night is gradually appearing in the eastern sky, and it is about to pass. Another Lebanon is about to usher in Nagano Jyukai!
It’s finally over! The war lasted for half a year, and Song finally won the final victory!
However, the price paid by the Song State was extremely painful. More than 70,000 soldiers were killed in the battlefield, including Qin Shifu, deputy commander of the navy, Feng Zhan, marshal Zhou Qian of the West Route Army, deputy marshal Pei Qing of the East Route Army, pioneer officer Qin Mian of the North Route Army, general Zheng Yande of the Red Coat Army and Liu Qingfu. More than 300 Song State masters were almost wiped out, including Zong Kun, Luo Shensha, and King Kong Du Jie. Wen Shuo, a golden silk-wrapped hand, Shang Que, Tian Mo Zhu Xian Dao, Tao Zhuyan, Yin and Yang pole fan, Ju Meng, Shen Xing Tai Bao, Cai Tianhua, Xia Xiyi, Zi Xia Fei Jian, Jiang Yao and mantis boxing.
These familiar names and fresh faces will be remembered forever in Ling Feiyang’s heart.
Have Tang Zhiqiu not died.
Fortunately, Tang Zhiqiu was hit by a mother dart instead of a more powerful one. Although he was seriously injured, he was lucky enough to get back his life.
They returned to Kamakura Barracks as soon as possible, and several marshals of Song State hired 200,000 skilled craftsmen from Fusang State to log and build ships together.
Jyukai Nagano, in this life-and-death battle, Yang Miaozhen and Tang Zhiqiu helped each other and developed a good impression on each other. Yang Miaozhen promised Tang Zhiqiu to wait until after his three-year mourning period to consider the further development of their feelings.
Tang Zhiqiu and Yang Miaozhen, one is to make friends and the other is to become sworn friends. Ling Feiyang, the righteous sister, is also very pleased to see that they are congenial.
Dazhen Xiang, Yagyu Naoki, Asai Koji and Suzuki Chiyo found the ninja Sasaki Kojiro’s residence, and four people persuaded Sasaki Kojiro to surrender to the Song State. Although Sasaki Kojiro has always loved the source glass, it is not a puppet ninja. The despicable person saw that the source glass had already fallen in love with Ling Feiyang, so he completely cut off the idea and made up his mind to regard the source glass as his close comrade-in-arms. Since then, only six people in Fusang’s ten forbearance have joined the Song State.
Due to the emergency of the Central Plains war, Ling Feiyang, please find a Fusang merchant ship for him to take the lead in getting back to Song Lanyuzhu, Qu Hanyan and Yang Kang. Of course, Ling Feiyang has long been regarded as a future husband and decided to return to Song with him.
Three days later, five people, including Yang Miaozhen and Wang Jian, bid farewell to the Whale Sea, and boarded the Fusang merchant ship to return to the Song Kingdom.
There are four female companion Ling Feiyang’s journey. Of course, it won’t be lonely. In half a month, five people practice martial arts during the day and take turns to accompany Ling Feiyang at night. Although Ling Feiyang has been at ease and quiet for the time being, he dare not slack off because he knows in his heart that hundreds of thousands of fighters in Mongolia and more powerful teachers are waiting for him in the Central Plains battlefield.
These days, Ling Feiyang has broken through the spiral nine shadows to the fifth place, surpassing the founder of Jiuyin Zhenjing, Huang Shang, and practicing the one-yang finger to the second place, reaching the level of Duan Yu in that year.
Ling Feiyang thought about making some changes to the 20-hand style of dragon-dropping before coming to Fusang, trying to create a new kind of martial arts, but this idea has never been unified. Now it has been almost half a year and Ling Feiyang’s martial arts understanding has been greatly improved. After a few days of examination, his mind finally came to light!
按摩"I don’t integrate the six-pulse sword fingering moves into the dragon’s 20 palms, so the moves will be more unpredictable, both for close combat and long-range attack!"
"Six-pulse dragon palm!" Ling Feiyang created this martial arts by himself and got a very popular name!
China historical martial arts masters emerge in endlessly, but only a few can create their own martial arts!
There are two people who can create their own martial arts in the history of the Southern Song Dynasty for more than 100 years. One is Wang Zhongyang, the founder of the True School, and the other is Huang Yaoshi, the evil east. Masters like Hong Qigong, Ouyang Feng, Yi Deng and Qiu Qianren also inherited their martial arts from their predecessors.
This is because creating martial arts requires not only diligence and adventure, but also talent and wisdom, which is a hundred times more difficult than practicing martial arts!
Although the two martial arts are combined with each other, Ling Feiyang finally created a set of martial arts!
Although the ship is worried these days, the merchant ship has finally returned to land!
Ling Feiyang and his four fiancé es finally returned to the land of Song after landing at the East Zhejiang Road State Port for half a year!
Five people rushed to Lin ‘an to meet Song Guotian and Zhao Qi. However, when they learned that the Military Intelligence Report had hit their heads like a bolt from the blue in the past six months! to be continued

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The sunset behind Zhao Jiamo looked at the old man’s figure drifting away.

After all, I can’t control my eyes!
With a cold hum, he turned to leave and quickly booked a plane ticket back to Beijing.
However, at that time, the office of his company Muyan was filled with smoke!
"You who are you also dare to cynicism to me? You are tired of living! " Mu Yan pointed to Fu Si with disdain and said, "It looks like a shemale. If I were you, I would jump off the building earlier!"
Did she watch a video of divination, and her little assistant dared to mock her? !
Fu si, let MuYan send without saying a word there.
Zhao Jiamo: No, she really doesn’t have the confidence to fight with her!
Muyan scolded for a while, but she was still silent, and she felt quite interesting.
Continue to click on that video and watch the bottom is the abusive voice of the webpage.
When she saw the excitement, she couldn’t help but hum, "Tang is really not a good man. Tang Wan is a bitch. This beautiful mother and daughter is not a good thing! It really deserved to end up like this! "
In the picture, she watched the video that Zhang Meili’s villa in the western suburbs was taken away.
Fusi squat down without saying a word to pick up those things that have just been smashed by MuYan.
This is the fifth day that Zhang Meili has been taken away. Lin Ya has been arranging people to squat at the prison gate, but she has never seen anyone visit Zhang Meili.
Li Yunkui secretly called her and couldn’t help but wonder "Maybe Tang Ying is really dead"
By this time, Lin Ya was also somewhat uncertain.
If Tang Ying were alive, could she really watch her mother send her children to an orphanage? Can you really look at Zhang Meili’s prison and ignore it? !
She can’t imagine how much endurance she needs to keep holding back!
Today, her faith in her heart began to waver.
Maybe the man is really dead …
She was silent for a long time and said, "It is better to let Zhang Meili out first. After all, even if Tang Ying is alive, she may not dare to go in!"
If Zhang Meili is the bait, the fish must see her to hook it smoothly.
The secret replied, "That’s what we mean here. We plan to arrange for her to be released from prison at three o’clock in the afternoon."
Lin Ya hung up the phone. It was almost noon when I went to Muchuan’s office.
After all, she dismissed the idea. After all, she will go to Zhang Meili’s in the afternoon.
Section 313
Lin Yalou soon received a message from the old lady of Mujia asking her and Chuan You to go back and have a look.
Muchuan has never told the old lady about his concern about pregnancy. She knows that if the old lady knows, it is estimated that she can do more than him!
Lin Ya naturally won’t be smart. Anyway, when it’s time to know, everyone will know.
3 o’clock
When the driver drove Lin Ya to the prison gate, Zhang Meili came out from the inside.
It seems that she doesn’t want to come out like that
Yelling all the way, "Let me out! Why am I stealing? You look at me and always look at me! "
The driver of Chemuchuan shook his head strangely. "This man is crazy."
Lin Ya smiled. He didn’t know what Zhang Meili wanted to leave this place, but she did!
Because I’m afraid it’s even harder than the day outside her! Since the media reported that she lived by picking up garbage, she didn’t even dare to pick up garbage later.
Zhang Meili is a proud person. If she didn’t really take the road, she wouldn’t pick up garbage.
However, she has been used to clothes for so many years following Tang Yuanshan, and she has become more and more skilled in reaching for food.
Besides these, Lin Ya thinks she may not know what else she can do.
It’s rare to eat, drink and have a place to sleep out, but it’s not necessarily enough. I’m afraid she’s had enough after a full meal and a day.
Zhang Meili swore all the way out. Lin Ya took a look around by car and didn’t see anyone.
Tang Ying figure is not seen.
Always a eyebrows at the driver said "go home"
When the car left the intersection, she changed her mind and asked the driver to take her to Muchuan Company.
I accidentally saw MuYan’s assistant when I came out of the parking lot.
Lin Ya frowned and remembered her name Fusi!
She is carrying a bag of things in her hand. At first glance, it should be an office.
Lin Ya frowned slightly.
The woman walked away from her side with something on her face.
Lin Ya later thought that maybe she had an expression, but she didn’t see it because her face was too stiff!
When I got to Muchuan’s office, Chen Hao said that he had gone to the factory.
Lin Ya frowned and felt that today was really a bad time.
I went to the tenth floor with my bag, ordered a plate of food, and sat there leafing through my mobile email.
She sent a job advertisement a few days ago and has responded today.
品茶论坛She replied to one email after another.
Seeing that she is pregnant, the place has been rented and she can’t stay.
Finding a few helpers is the most important thing!
She sat there and finished eating when she answered the interview.
It’s rare to see Xu Ran write back when I open WeChat. I’m fine.
To Linya’s surprise, Han Cheng Li responded after watching her send a small video.
However, then
Han Cheng Li’s office is welcoming an unexpected visitor.
Chen disappeared for a long time and suddenly came back.
The man sitting on the sofa is backlit, perhaps because he doesn’t see much sunshine all the year round. His skin is fair and decent, and his face is elegant and angular, and his face is handsome and abnormal.

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The goal is Lu Wenbin.

In the 25th minute, he received the ball from his teammate and started to counter-attack. His speed just passed the Unillian defender, and then he took a shot against the attacking goalkeeper in the forbidden area, and Hoffenheim took a lead.
When Lu Wenbin picked the ball into the door, all the fans at home cheered and all the commentators in the commentary box roared at the top of their voices.
"The goal is scored, the goal is scored, and Lu scored."
"Lu, an ancient man, achieved the miracle of scoring six goals in the group stage of the Champions League in 1921."
"Lu Wenbin scored 12 goals in six Champions League group matches, equating the record of 12 goals in the Champions League after the Champions League reform and becoming the first super scorer in the history of the Champions League group."
"Shocking, miraculous and incredible. Six goals in the Champions League, a total of 12 goals in all. Lu Wenbin was born in the Champions League."
Chapter 335 Record Crusher
Hoffenheim didn’t stop attacking after Lu Wenbin scored the goal.
For Lu Wenbin, it is an honor to set a historical record of scoring goals in the Champions League group, but there is no substantial reward.
Only scoring goals and winning can bring him experience rewards.
Every goal and victory in the Champions League is a lot of experience.
For Hoffenheim, another substitute, it is also a rare opportunity to start in the Champions League.
Although it seems that Ralph gave up the game, if they can perform well and help the team win, it may not make Ralph change his mind and give them more starting opportunities in the game.
So Hoffenheim continued their offensive football after leading 1.
However, the lack of strength and tacit cooperation of the substitute array made Hoffenheim unable to maintain an absolute advantage over Uniria.
In the 37th minute, Uniria equalised the score with a successful counter-attack from Tagoe and Copado in the frontcourt of Liehovenheim.
The two sides entered the halftime with 11 points.
桑拿会所At the same time, there was another game at halftime. It was reported that Seville led Glasgow Rangers 1 at home.
If both games end in this way, Seville will force Unirea to qualify for the Europa League.
So after half-time, Uniria stepped up her offensive.
The goal in the 37th minute at half-time gave them some confidence.
But Hoffenheim soon let them know that Hoffenheim can rank first in the Bundesliga and has won ten consecutive victories in various competitions.
Even the substitute array is stronger than Unieria.
In the 59th minute, Su Culini broke through two Unillian players in a row with the ball in the midfield by virtue of his personal ability, and then the ball was really given to Mai Cossoul in the front of the forbidden area.
Unieria defenders focus on defending Lu Wenbin. When he goes to Zuculini, he will definitely give the ball to Lu Wenbin, who is the most threatening.
Therefore, the Maikesulgen people keep an eye on it.
The Brazilian striker interfered with the situation and kicked the ball into the corner of Uniria.
Hoffenheim leads 21.
After Hoffenheim scored this goal and took the lead again, Uniria was even more anxious.
However, the more anxious you are, the more likely you are to make mistakes.
Knowing that Lu Wenbin’s intention was a great threat, but eager to grab the ball in the 77th minute, Uriah’s midfielder Aprea still didn’t calm down and broke through the ball. Copado gave Hoffenheim a well-intentioned ball about 23 meters away from the goal.
Lu Wenbin, who has lost his skill, punished this direct Italian ball into Uniria’s goal with his own skill.
After seeing Lu Wenbin’s free kick fly into the goal to help Hoffenheim 31 lead the opponent, the whole Rheinka Arena was boiling.
Because Lu Wenbin broke another record, Van Nistelrooy set a record of 12 goals in a single season after the Champions League reform in 2223.
Lu Wenbin scored 13 goals in six Champions League group matches last season, breaking Van Nistelrooy’s record of 12 goals.
And Lu Wenbin’s total number of goals in the year has reached 9 goals, exceeding 9 goals.
Lu Wenbin’s photo was released on the big screen at the scene. On the left is the single-season goal record after the Champions League reform, 13 goals, and on the right is the 29-year total goal record, 9 goals.
Lu Wenbin now creates a new history with every goal.
Lu Wenbin himself is very happy.
Although these records have no experience reward, they can still bring him a lot of honor.
It feels good.
After scoring this goal, Lu Wenbin and his teammates celebrated for more than half a minute before returning to their own half to restart the game.
Then Uniria launched a Jedi counterattack, but there was too little time left for them.
Ralph wants to throw water on Seville, but Uniria is weak, and Ralph can’t really let the players lose on purpose.
Counterfeiting is against professional ethics and will lead to legal risks. These substitutes will not listen to Ralph to cheat.
And there is a bonus difference between winning and losing in the Champions League.
Until the end of the game, Uniria didn’t score another goal, and lost 13 points to Hoffenheim.
Hoffenheim’s six wins and one point in the Champions League group match. Lu Wenbin won two goals from Group G, winning 20,000, winning 20,000, and rewarding 40,000 experience in total. Experience rose by 17 levels, 35.695 million.
At the same time, Seville ended another Group G match. Unexpectedly, Seville beat Glasgow Rangers at home, surpassing Unilia’s second place in Group G, and Unilia was able to play the Europa League with the third place in the group.
The tribal curtain of the 1921 Champions League group match Group A Bordeaux unexpectedly beat Bayern Munich and Juventus to the first place, and Juventus could even play the Europa League in the name of the third place in the group.
In Group B, Manchester United and CSKA Moscow Wolfsburg finished third in the Europa League.
The group qualifying is Real Madrid and A Milan Marseille, the third Europa League.
Group D is the third place for Chelsea and Porto Greek Athletics, and Atletico Madrid is unlucky to be ranked fourth in the Europa League, and nothing has been caught.
Fiorentina and Lyon finished in Group E, and Liverpool finished third. Nennai went to play in the Europa League.
Group F did not surprise everyone. Barcelona and Inter Milan qualified.
The qualifying teams in Group H are Arsenal and Olympiacos.
Porto, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, CSKA Moscow, Real Madder, Milan A, Chelsea, Porto, Florence, Lyon, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Hoffenheim, Seville, Arsenal and Olympiacos were the top 16 teams in the 1921 Champions League.
The teams that failed to qualify in the group stage include Juventus, Marseille, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and other giants or strong teams, which shows that the Champions League competition can not be underestimated
It is not easy for the team to reach the final and finally win the Champions League trophy.
If the list of the top 16 Champions League was released last season, it would definitely cause a lot of reports.
However, this year’s list of the top 16 Champions League has not caused much heated discussion. The focus of all reports and discussions has been placed on Lu Wenbin.
In the last group match, Lu Wenbin successively scored six goals in the Champions League, 13 goals broke the record of 12 goals in a single season after the reform of Van Nistelrooy’s Champions League, and the total goal record in 29 years was as high as 9 goals.

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