Ende (Eden) gave three kinds of desserts in Qing Li two chances after a month, but gave Li Qing one more.

The night rain dessert is not intricate. Recently, Gu Shundao explained to Qing Li some necessary details of the sweet party. Finally, Qing Li told Zongming a question about her heart. Is there a Tianyu group on the list of appearances at that time? digression Diligence is the second watch ~ (≧▽≦)/~ Seeking flowers and […]

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Just from Jiao Yi’s hand, I took Yangdan’s instant snow at the beginning of Qin Dynasty. I am very moved and willing to give my whole body and mind to Jiao Yi. But now they are all gentle. Can’t this guy talk about this in private?

You can’t Qin Chuxue snorted and turned my back. JiaoYi hey hey two quick also didn’t pester Qin Chuxue followed and took out the YangDan one by one to Lin Jingyao Huang Dan them. Everyone has Yangdan, and everyone is happy. Qin Siyu looked at Jiao Yi doubtfully. Didn’t you say that the refined Yangdan […]

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After Mu Lingtian finished, he pretended to punish the two children for scratching and giggling. Dad … we dare not!

This soft name is Mu Lingtian, and his bones are crisp. He obviously didn’t expect that the two children would call him that after one night. It feels good to be called dad by the children! One big bed and two small beds have been playing around for a long time, and the two children […]

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This contribution has made an original powerful kingdom in jeopardy and almost destroyed the broken wall!

Battle of Danmaud was a turning point in the kingdom of Stormgard from prosperity to decline. In this battle, King Sola Stolbain, who led the king’s team, suffered heavy losses and was seriously injured in attacking dwarf cities occupied by the orc army. It was because of King Sola Stolbain’s heroic battle behind the orc […]

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Night is full of gloom.

She seems to have wronged him! I just scolded him and broke into his room to look through his things. Ye Xihan feels a little embarrassed that he is not very good. But I think something is wrong. It’s hard not to misunderstand him when he speaks with his expression just now! She suddenly realized […]

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Usually, the invisibility symbol is to eliminate the figure. If there is strong light and the light is blocked by the human body, it will leave a shadow. A large part of the reason why the giant eagle relies on visual observation is that it can see the shadow, even if it can’t see the shadow, it can see the fine sand, and judge whether it is dangerous or not.

But it’s nothing for monarchists. In the face of a giant eagle that can be instantly removed, he patrolled to monitor the root. Once he entered the lush foliage on the cliff top, he cast a shadow, but he was not worried about being exposed. And the force perfusion invisibility symbol can completely hide his […]

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The cohesion in the kusanagi sword is actually lost in the green light emitted by the thin green sword! Yuanlaichao suddenly felt a powerful energy field, and his own energy field competed!

That’s the energy field of the national hero Yuan Yijing of Fusang! Yuan Yijing is, after all, Yuan Laichao’s own younger brother. Although he can’t control other people’s energy fields, he can control his own energy field. Thirty-six years ago, Yuan Yijing sealed his own energy field when he committed suicide by breaking his belly. […]

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The spirit beast will be seriously injured when it is so small, which will cause a great shadow to them. Even if it recovers soon, the fear of fighting ability will be greatly reduced in the future. What’s the point of sending high-order spirit beasts to middle-class spirit beasts?

"It’s plain for me to say this," Jun laughed wildly. "I have a way to make them lose their meat in pain and consciousness, and it depends on your decision." You crazy, after all, is the emperor Xuanzong’s good medicine, but there is life and death, human flesh, bones and Dan medicine, and there is […]

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