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"Of course it’s true." Gao Xiaoxiao was afraid that she wouldn’t believe it and added, "How can I bite off more than I can chew? And I have a boyfriend. I love him very much! "

Little white mommy can lend you a …
"Well," Zhou Mi said with a relieved smile, "I’ve been working in Korea for five or six years, and to tell you the truth, real Korea is a little bit too playboy! Many women are desperate to talk to him just because they have seen this, that is, to get a sum of money after breaking up! I also you like them … "
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled at her, but silently said, I’m sorry, I also lost money.
After a busy day, Gao Xiaoxiao wants to talk to Han Shao about the reception and test his attitude towards divorce.
Who knows that the villa waited until 11 o’clock and didn’t see the figure, sent a message or replied. Finally, it was so sleepy that I had a good rest first.
The next morning, I got up and found that the opposite door was wide open and the bed was clean and tidy, not like someone had slept.
Gao Xiaoxiao frowned to go to the company first.
All afternoon, Han Shu didn’t show up.
After lunch, Zhou Mi handed her a beautiful gift box "Xiaoxiao, your gift is here"
Lake blue small gift style elegant shoulder strap is also inlaid with small broken diamonds, which is valuable at first glance.
Gao Xiaoxiao touched the cool and silky fabric and heard someone whispering behind him.
"I really don’t know what Han Shao asked her to attend?"
"It’s just that any one of us looks better than her!"
"Who let you have no other people’s scheming and means?"
"I didn’t expect to be able to climb Korea’s little bed …"
Section 15
"Is Bai Lianhua …"
Looking back, Gao Xiaoxiao immediately bowed their heads and pretended to look at things.
Week secret gently cough a few pretended not to hear "raining do you want to try it on? If it’s not suitable, I’ll let someone change it. "
Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t want to try the facts, and she didn’t intend to go to the reception at all.
But those gossips just now made her feel bad. I don’t know how much it is behind her.
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at them. "Good!"
Sure enough, those women immediately turned hostile.
spa会所If you want to see the slag abuse, don’t worry. Han Shao generally doesn’t protect people, but protects people instead of people!
☆, 21 playboy boss
After 1 minute, Gao Xiaoxiao came out of the lounge and the whole secret room fell into silence instantly.
Until Zhou Mi shouted "… Xiaoxiao?"
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled and revealed a pair of shallow pear vortices on his cheeks. "How about that? Is it still appropriate? "
"Wow!" Zhou Mi came over with bright eyes. "I didn’t recognize you without glasses. It’s so beautiful!"
Without black-rimmed glasses to cover up Gao Xiaoxiao’s small melon face, delicate facial features and agility, especially those big black and white eyes, which reveal a little bit of innocence, I see my pity.
Always holding the back of the head, the black hair is also put to be soft and shoulder-shouldered. The blue gift of the lake is like a close-fitting custom lining her ice muscles. jade bone has a slim figure and is beautiful and refined
Those women can’t help but vomit blood in their hearts, thinking that lake blue is a very attractive color. This topped dress will definitely make a big joke. I didn’t expect … the effect would be so good! Don’t compare them, even Gao Xiaoxiao is not inferior to Han Shao’s former actress and supermodel.
Gao Xiaoxiao glanced at them lightly and suddenly felt that she was also quite boring. Why should I be angry with these women who gossip behind the meeting?
She glanced at it and said, "I’ll change it back after work."
"Good" Zhou Mi nodded with a smile and glanced behind Gao Xiaoxiao and suddenly his face was embarrassed.
Gao Xiaoxiao was surprised. A familiar but serious voice came from behind. "What are you doing in class? !”
Han Zhengming? Gao Xiaoxiao heart "hitched" a whole person is a little bad.
Would it be such a coincidence?
That a few women instantly quieter, such as chicken face, have shown a good show.
Who doesn’t know that the chairman has a big temper? Gao Xiaoxiao was caught wearing a small gift in class. This time, it’s very painful.
Before Zhou Mi crustily skin of head, he explained, "I’m sorry, chairman of the board of directors, because Han Shao is going to attend the reception …"

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