Three black dragons and a twilight dragon hover around the fortress. They are huge. Of course, they can enter the fortress, but they can help the people inside to stop and support the devil outside.

When Jiang Weihan rushed into the fortress, it was the most glorious moment of Kemmo’s lifehe chased the polluters in oneonone hitalthough Archimonde’s strength is not enough at its peak, it is absolutely unimaginable! When Jiang Weihan found Archimonde, he was stunned by the present situation. He didn’t expect that Archimonde would be so weak […]

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And several members of the rear Z team bowed their heads and said nothing when they saw Lin Tian, and they also felt that he was unintelligent, especially Lin Qi, who had just lost so deep hostility to Lin Tian. When she saw him bow, she felt that he was unintelligent and could not help but despise him.

Chen Ranxin pulled Lalin’s skirts and told him to endure. Xiao, apologize to our boss quickly, or you will go out sideways today. I really don’t know, boss, rest assured, I’ll let him kneel to apologize to you later. Kneeling apology which is enough? At least knock two XiangTou Dare to provoke the boss, it’s […]

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Yun Qianxue nodded his head. "Well, a good-looking man who washes dishes is the most handsome."

This man, he is so precious, his innate advantages and acquired efforts are doomed to leave many people behind at the top of the pyramid. People who don’t know him well will think he is tall. At first, she thought he was tall, too, but later she found out that this man also has a […]

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Huo Jiujian sighed and sat beside the bench. It seems that your mind has been made up, and I won’t say much. Don’t be polite to me if necessary.

When have I been polite to you? You pulled the corners of your mouth. I chatted with the little girl for a while in the evening, and three men soaked in the pool, and Jun Kuang told him about his punishment in the spiritual world. It’s nothing to do with Jun Qian’s laughter. It’s true […]

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Gu Jing frowned and didn’t want to leave Yin Anran.

The doctor said at once, "This is the gentleman. I think you’d better buy some laundry for your girlfriend first." Force a tingle and hurriedly said, "They are not boyfriend and girlfriend!" “……” The doctor didn’t care so much about leisure and waved his hand. "I don’t care about this. You two had better go […]

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I saw Mo Chengkun’s face blooming with surprise.

"Brother Mo, you’re here, mom. They said you’d come. I’ve been waiting for you." Apart from the fact that the two families are going to marry, whether they grew up together or not, he didn’t have the heart to give her a hard look when he saw her like this. Just asked, "What’s going on?" […]

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"Are you stupid?" Jun Qian completely doubts whether this person is too much of a teacher or his brain is broken. He is simply stupid. Do you do medicine and scientific research like this?

Smell speech Qin Xiao looked at Huo Jiujian and looked at Jun Qian. "It must be better to keep things quiet at this time." "But I don’t think this group of people is so kind." Xiao Ji’s two places at once have been observed from a distance. It’s a relatively detailed observation. A bluebird suddenly […]

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