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Yu Tingchuan saw that she was worried about explaining that "there are two dishes with too much pepper when eating Sichuan food with Jiang Chi in the evening"

"Knowing that you have a bad stomach and have stomach trouble after eating spicy food depends on what you do." Song Qingcheng suddenly approached him and couldn’t help but guess "Are you still drinking?"
Yu Tingchuan saw her sniffing her body and laughing "How to drink while driving"
"Afraid of your drunk driving"
Although this said, I didn’t smell alcohol. The whole Song Dynasty was slightly relieved.
Then she remembered something and asked, "Did you take any medicine?"
Yu Tingchuan got a positive answer. Song Qingcheng nodded, "Go to bed late and go to the hospital if it’s not comfortable."
Jiang Chi came back from a cold shower and happened to see Yu Tingchuan get up to go home with Song Qingcheng. "Are you leaving?"
"It’s getting late" Yu Tingchuan picked up his coat.
Next to the whole song dynasty, it is natural to take the suit from his hand.
This YuTingChuan tilting face to look at her.
Even a little wrong-eyed, Song Qingcheng captured the tenderness in his eyes. Because of Jiang Chi, she held a man’s suit jacket and didn’t speak, but her heart melted with such small details.
Back to Lu Song Qingcheng told Yu Tingchuan, "I’ve already talked to my classmates, including my family situation, and I’ve hidden some things, but now I won’t lie more to them to justify myself. Sometimes I feel that I think too much, which makes me feel tied behind my back, but I feel suddenly enlightened after I confess."
Yu Tingchuan held her hand and walked with her along the mall. "One thing you hide in your heart for too long is likely to be used by others to attack you. When you decide to show it to others, it is equivalent to solving some hidden dangers and making yourself more invincible."
"At noon, my classmate asked me how you managed to catch up with me."
I heard that Yu Tingchuan was good at advice. "What’s your answer?"
Song Qingcheng told the truth, "I told them that I chased you first. After many tests, you were finally moved by me and agreed to join me."
After a while, Yu Tingchuan began to talk. "No matter what the facts are, it is time to push men out. Girls need to be reserved."
"To tell the truth is not reserved?"
Song Qingcheng added, "Choose your own way and walk on your knees. You can’t throw the pot to others."
Section 41
Looking at her serious talk, Yutingchuan’s face smiled.
The college entrance examination volunteers are June 26th and 27th.
The total score of the college entrance examination scores of candidates in Nancheng provinces is 1 point according to the different examination categories. The total score of Class II "3+Comprehensive" is 75 points; The total score of the three types of "3+ technology" is 55 points.
Song Qingcheng’s total score is 63 points, which is more than one record control line and nearly 70 points.
On the 26th, Yu Tingchuan’s family accompanied her to choose a school.
According to the score line of colleges and universities in previous years, it is analyzed that the performance of Song Qingcheng missed the line of Nancheng University. She entered the Nancheng University for a certain risk. Yu Tingchuan specially called Jiang Chi, the principal’s uncle, to ask each other about the college entrance examination this year.
There is a piece of white paper on the dining table with several school names on it.
It’s Yu Tingchuan. She chose the university.
In addition to Nancheng University, there are South China University and Wanaki Agricultural University of Jiangnan Normal University.
These are the top universities in Nancheng.
Song Qingcheng looked at the paper and wrote the name of the school with Yu Tingchuan’s pen and ink. If she can’t get into Nancheng University, it is very likely that she will be admitted to several schools.
Yu Tingchuan obviously wants her to go to Nancheng University.
After Yu Tingchuan finished speaking, Song Qingcheng spoke first. "Now most provinces implement the parallel volunteer investment method. Even if I am not admitted to Nancheng University, South China University is also very good, and I like it."
In the words, Uncle Jiang Chi also made a similar statement.
Yu Tingchuan sat back at the dining table. "Volunteer one or fill in the second column of Nancheng University and South China University."
Yu Tingchuan, a major, asked her to choose between economics and management.
When Song Qingcheng chose her first major, she didn’t really come into contact with finance and international economy and trade, including management majors.
Yutingchuan knew that she was confused, and she simply explained a thing or two.
"Finance and international trade are both business majors. No matter which major you choose, you will be involved in other professional knowledge, such as basic accounting knowledge, financial knowledge and economic knowledge. Finance will have a deeper study of financial majors, such as securities and futures. In addition to the general course of economics, there are also international trade professional knowledge, such as international trade practice and business English."
"From the perspective of employment, the two majors have a wide range of jobs, and later, international trade majors developed more in the financial direction, while finance majors really turned to international trade."
See Song Qingcheng listened intently to Yu Tingchuan and smiled. "For example, most of the basic staff posts in the current company are not in line with their positions and majors, and it is not as important as expected to work professionally unless you have a certain ability, even if your major does not match, the interviewer will consider it as appropriate."
Song Qingcheng was relieved and reminded of another concern. She looked at Yu Tingchuan and asked, "I heard that when college students are admitted, they will look through the archives … Is it influential?"
Her assault, imprisonment and suspicion of possession of drugs are stains in the file
In particular, universities like Nancheng University must be more strict in choosing students.
☆ Chapter 47 Boss Yu, we will go to see the national flag raised one day.
Considering that these Song Qingcheng people did not feel sorry for themselves, "The only difference between Nancheng University and other schools may be that the teacher’s college curriculum is different from that of middle school. The same teacher only has two or three classes a week. If you want to learn something in college, you have to rely on yourself. %d7%f%d3%4%b%f3"
Even if she doesn’t get into Nancheng University, it won’t hurt her confidence.
It is better to live harder and more fully than to complain and regret.
Yu Tingchuan seems to know what she wants to put her mobile phone on the dining table and then slowly open her mouth. "Everyone has their own way to go in life. Some people walk smoothly and frankly, while others are bumpy. Even if they make mistakes, they should have a chance to turn over a new leaf. No matter how bumpy the road behind them is, we can predict the future. What we can do is to straighten our minds and concentrate on every step."
"I know," said Song Qingcheng with a faint lip angle. "Even if these universities don’t admit me, I can teach myself. Someday I will be successful, and the loss will be theirs."
Smell speech Yu Tingchuan unknowingly laughed "keep so confident and not afraid of failure."
The man has a deep voice and a gentle magnetism. Song Qingcheng felt that she was being ridiculed, but she was not angry. On the contrary, when she lowered her eyes and cast her eyes back to the volunteer guidance for the college entrance examination, she smiled slightly.
On the afternoon of June 27th, Song Qingcheng.com handed in her college entrance examination volunteer.
The voluntary choice is still Nancheng University.
It’s the end of June, and Song Qingcheng’s belly is getting bigger and her fetal movements are more frequent.
Yu Tingchuan left Hengyuan for more than ten days, except for occasional friends. Most of them stayed at home, talked in rooms, and sometimes accompanied their pregnant wives.
The news of Song Qingcheng’s marriage and pregnancy didn’t come to visit her. All the students seemed to agree with each other on what they saw and heard in Yunxi Road Garden that day. Someone in the qq group of Class 5 asked about the visit and was gagged by his classmates.
Su Mian explained that "how can I find you to play after I preach something everywhere? Although I read ordinary people, it’s still no problem!"
After reading this message, Song Qingcheng replied "Thank you"
spa会所Thank you from my heart.
Thank them for keeping their mouths shut and for understanding.
After all these years, especially after Yu Rao’s accident, she didn’t continue to study in Nancheng Middle School, and she broke up with her classmates. Later, Yuanwei High School hid something in her heart and lived a fence, and it was even more impossible to spend too much energy to get along with her classmates.
People around me come and go, and finally Shen Che stays.
Song Qingcheng sent a message to Shen Che the night before going to Beijing.
This trip to Beijing is accompanied by Xiao Fan.
At four o’clock in the afternoon on June 29th, the flight from Nancheng to Beijing landed steadily at the Capital International Airport.

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