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Although Li Zhenyu didn’t really regain his sanity, it is very important to wake up for such a short time. Only when he wakes up can he eat, and only when he has eaten can he have low physical strength and ability to resist the virus and persist in adapting to it and infecting the virus.

At that time, this was roughly the case in Xia Xue, but she was the Cui family drug vaccine, and now the vaccine is not obvious to Li Zhenyu. She simply used her own blood to help him treat the disease.
Due to continuous blood transfusion for several hours, Xia Xue was a little tired and tired, and then he took care of Li Zhenyu. After Li Zhenyu woke up, Tao Zheng helped him up instead of Xia Xue to feed him porridge himself.
Section 26
Xia Xue was half lying next to Li Zhenyu and watched him consciously open his mouth to accept Tao Zheng’s feeding.
I wish I could eat! Xia Xue believes that this is a good start. She stares at him intently and unblinkingly, as if afraid of missing every second when he wakes up.
Li Zhenyu didn’t look at him. At this time, he was half asleep and opened his mouth to eat. He was conscious of his dark eyes, which seemed to be covered with a layer of fog. He couldn’t see her or feel her.
Xia Xue didn’t disturb him. She knew that the most important thing now was not to communicate with him, but to let him eat. Every minute of his awakening was precious and he was determined not to wave.
A bowl of rice congee’s half-dish custard, as well as vegetables, mud, fish and other foods have been fed smoothly! After eating almost Li Zhenyu, she refused to open her mouth and narrow her eyes. She seemed to fall asleep again on the back of the bed.
"Jin Woo" Xia Xue leaned over and tried to call him.
No response. The man really fell asleep again.
Xia Xue was not discouraged. On the contrary, she was very excited. "Tao Zheng, I think Jin Woo will get better gradually!"
"Well, my brother is much better!" Tao Zheng rarely smiled and comforted Xia Xue. "I believe the weather will be better!"
"Should I give him another blood transfusion later?" Xia Xue is afraid of sleeping for a night and the virus is rampant again.
"no!" TaoZheng shook his head and gave her a look "a few hours of blood transfusion hard you! Have a good sleep at night and give him blood transfusion in the morning! "
Xia Xue nodded to see Tao Zheng leaving and asked, "Where are you going?"
桑拿论坛Tao Zheng stopped and turned around and said, "My brother has already eaten something. It’s not a big problem! You go to bed early! "
Yawned a little tired, but I don’t know why Xia Xue doesn’t want Tao Zheng to leave. It seems that she can’t get along, but it seems inappropriate to let Tao Zheng stay. After all, there is a difference between men and women. Li Zhenyu is in a coma. It is not appropriate for her to let Tao Zheng sleep in the bedroom.
When Xia Xue hesitated, Tao Zheng had left and helped them fix the door conveniently.
Xia Xue didn’t even have the strength to take a shower. He was too lazy to move her nest again. Li Zhenyu found the most comfortable posture in his arms and fell asleep on his shoulder.
Tao Zheng left the luxury suite and was about to go to his room to rest when he saw a confidant named Zhu Yanhua around Cui Jiming coming in a hurry.
"Master Tao wants you to come over!" Zhu Yanhua seems to be in a hurry.
Tao Zheng slightly zheng Cui Jiming find him something? "Where is Mr. Cui?"
"There seems to be some trouble with Mr. Bao, so please hurry over and help!" Zhu Yanhua said
"…" Tao Zheng hesitated. He didn’t want to leave Li Zhenyu, but Cui Jizheng turned to him for help. If he refused directly, it was not good.
"Master tao in the past first! If there is anything, wait until you see Mr. Cui! "
After a brief thought, Tao Zheng went over first, and everything would be white when he saw Cui Jiming! But when he rode by car, he suddenly noticed something was wrong with his professional sensitivity.
Being alert because of his heart, he was able to crouch down to avoid a blow when his back broke.
A pain rang out and Zhu Yanhua got it for Tao Zheng, which also dispelled Tao Zheng’s doubts about him.
"Good! We were ambushed! Master Tao … Go! " Zhu Yanhua pulled out his gun and shot at the back of the car. There were people hiding in the trunk waiting to take their lives.
With Zhu Yanhua’s cover, Tao Zheng finally jumped when he opened the car door, but he was shot in the body at the moment of jumping.
Startled, he turned to Zhu Yanhua’s pitfalls, and he finally became white! But he didn’t hesitate, still fighting for his last strength, even though he jumped into the roadside green belt.
"Stop the car!" Zhu Yanhua shouted and then took people after him. He was ordered to kill Tao Zheng!
When they chased after it, they couldn’t find Tao Zheng any more.
"He was shot can’t escape far! Be sure to search carefully! Watch out for blood around. Look for it. Find him! Kill! " Zhu Yanhua frantically shouted
"It’s not! If you get shot, you can let the little one run away! " Wu Tianyou is simply flustered because he knows the importance of Tao Zheng to Li Zhenyu! If you can’t get rid of Tao Zheng, it’s very difficult to get rid of Li Zhenyu again. He will not hesitate to open the trump card of Zhu Yanhua, a close confidant of Cui Jiming. I didn’t expect it to fall short. If Zhu Yanhua really wants to shoot him in front of him.
Got a scolding Zhu Yanhua bass for fear of being found "son-in-law, I have tried my best! That little guy can fly so fast when he slips into a gun than a loach … To tell the truth, I have never seen him work better until now, and he is definitely not an ordinary bodyguard! "

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