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Usually, the invisibility symbol is to eliminate the figure. If there is strong light and the light is blocked by the human body, it will leave a shadow. A large part of the reason why the giant eagle relies on visual observation is that it can see the shadow, even if it can’t see the shadow, it can see the fine sand, and judge whether it is dangerous or not.

But it’s nothing for monarchists.
In the face of a giant eagle that can be instantly removed, he patrolled to monitor the root. Once he entered the lush foliage on the cliff top, he cast a shadow, but he was not worried about being exposed.
And the force perfusion invisibility symbol can completely hide his breath, even if it is exposed to light, it may not take a picture.
A big tree has appeared at the top of the cliff, and his body moves around the branches, which soon intensifies the position of the dragon’s egg nest.
Sure enough, I can’t find you crazy and quite proud.
At this time, Qin Xiao and others have already made stealth symbols in the abode of fairies and immortals and practiced the first world war a little, which is one of the familiar processes.
The realm of the five of them is quite so that the war doesn’t seem to have risen much, but if you join the madness, the situation will change. If you reach a big realm, your strength will rise even if you average five people.
Five people who received your crazy clothes appeared in the Bird’s Nest.
What’s the situation? Qin Xiao asked
Not optimistic, it seems that the dragon eggs are put together with his eggs, and the giant eagles take turns guarding these giant eggs. Once we move, they will be alarmed. You gave her a crazy look.
Jun Qian picked his eyebrows, which means to be ready for battle.
Junkuang nodded slightly and indicated the general position and size of the dragon egg. They planned to break the nest directly and appear in the nest.
Can’t you just put the dragon eggs in? Jun Qian frowned. After all, this is a way to go further and further.
Qin Xiao shook his head lightly and shrugged his shoulders sadly. I haven’t been able to make the portable abode of fairies and immortals swallow such a big dragon egg in an instant, so I can grasp the income of the object. According to the weight and texture of the object, the portable abode of fairies and immortals also has a small number of requirements for the owner. She is not really incapable but doesn’t want everyone to be in a hurry if she fails.
We’ve killed several people, which one is not the king of Zhanshan, and we’re afraid of so many birds in the end. Juanjuan is a little impatient.
Then split up and remember our position. First, I will fight with the little emissary, and then you will join us. Jun Kuang nodded.
Six people split up.
When they are in place, they will give a sound to you crazy, and then they will rush out together.
After receiving five tones in a row, Jun waved wildly.
The huge bird’s nest on the top of the head has broken six holes, which are not eye-catching compared with the size of the bird’s nest, but the giant eagle’s vision is easily found.
In a flash, eagles were singing and the giant eagles who were patrolling overhead seemed to be summoned and rushed to this huge bird’s nest in the middle.
"Little" Jun frowned without trace, and the giant eagle gathered faster than he thought.
Capturing Qin Xiao Xuanli’s battle was thus formed, and Qin Xiao’s realm also rose to a level similar to that of a monarch and a madman, and then the dome was earned.
At the same time, Jun Qian and the three spirit beasts are working together to attract the attention of the giant eagles, and they are almost instantly besieged by the giant eagles, facing several huge claws and constantly attacking them, but after a few breaths, they are already overwhelmed.
You crazy about Qin Xiao nodded his head.
Qin Xiao took the lead in entering the portable abode of fairies and immortals, including Jun Qian and others.
Junkuang became the only target of the giant eagles, and all the giant eagles stopped and stared at Junkuang viciously.
"It’s you again" man appeared, frowning at Jun crazy.
"Come over to offer condolences to a" jun crazy new new smile.
"Give the dragon egg back" The man attacked without saying anything, as if he didn’t care that the giant eagle egg next to him would be implicated.
桑拿按摩"This is your turf, and the loss is you. You don’t care what I say." Jun crazy slightly reminds the corners of his mouth.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-six All kinds of crooked routines
Smell speech male gestures a meal the giant eagle seems to have a tacit understanding. Generally, it flaps its wings and brings up a gust of wind to blow you crazy into the middle.
Your madness implicated the giant eagle’s eggs, and he was blown away by the strong wind. He left the ground with the foot of the small tower and disappeared in an instant.
"Where’s the man?" The crazy disappearance of Jun surprised the man and quickly made the eagles start a carpet search.
It is not so easy to capture the crazy figure of the monarch.
The giant eagles circled in the sky and expanded their patrol circle at a loss, but they never found any clues.

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