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Even Yoon quietly looked at the screen, and there was nothing weird or repulsive about holding each other’s words. After all, she didn’t know how to fuck, and someone helped her reply and saved the time of looking for letters.

[Yes, Brother Yin is nice]
[Brother Yin? 】 HeLianYin think this name is very strange and call a 【 are you a singer? 】 【 Guess 】
[Guess your sister, say it quickly]
[Yoon, why are you so feminine when you talk? It’s really unlike watching at ordinary times 】 HeLianYin one leng heart clear up and type 【 Yu Zhou you this king egg steal others MSN 】 【 … 】
[What do you want? 】
[How did you know it was me? 】
Section 15
Can I guess if you are such a bear? 】
[What do you want? 】
[Your speech scared me. It was too fierce]
[Why do you say others msn? Don’t you know that privacy is very important to a person? 】 【 Well, I can’t 】 Yu Zhou went offline after typing these words.
桑拿会所He Lianyin just wanted to laugh.
A new message pops up in the window.
Your friend Zhou Yu invited to add your friend!
Attach news to the boat
He frowned after He Lianyin and He Lianyin stare big eyes at the same time. "Isn’t Xiao Yin Zhou Yu your pen pal?"
He Lianyin was also quite shocked. Looking at the added message, he suddenly felt that the world is really small. It turned out that she had known him since the second day of Zhou, the one who wrote to ask about his new environment, the one who was in the same class and group.
"It turned out to be him." He Lianyin bowed his head and smiled. It’s really hard to say what fate is.
"Is he really your pen pal?" He Lianyin’s eyebrows are vaguely tangled.
"It should be that the transfer student from City A had a different name at the beginning, so I didn’t think that it was really clever that he wrote his name upside down."
"Do you still praise him?"
"Then he is really clever."
"Am I not clever?"
"You are also very clever."
"really?" He smiled as brightly as the midsummer sun. "Do you think I am smart or he is smart?"
He Lianyin’s pupil hole is clear. "I refuse to answer figurative questions."
"What? I am your brother. "
"Well, I’ll ask you a metaphorical question as my sister. If my mother and I fall into the water at the same time, who will you save first?"
"…" This problem is simply a century problem! Although an idiot, it’s hard to answer
"Can’t you answer?"
"Is that the same? Your analogy is that the question is relatives, and my question is that outsiders and relatives know how to answer it. "
"Well, if you want an answer, I’ll satisfy you. You’re smarter."
He Lianyin smell speech cold eyes color "this answer is not as good as you don’t perfunctory me!"
Her voice was quiet. "Isn’t that what you want to hear?"

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