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The cohesion in the kusanagi sword is actually lost in the green light emitted by the thin green sword! Yuanlaichao suddenly felt a powerful energy field, and his own energy field competed!

That’s the energy field of the national hero Yuan Yijing of Fusang!
Yuan Yijing is, after all, Yuan Laichao’s own younger brother. Although he can’t control other people’s energy fields, he can control his own energy field. Thirty-six years ago, Yuan Yijing sealed his own energy field when he committed suicide by breaking his belly. In this thin green sword, he hoped that future generations could perceive his own soul.
"This sword hides grandpa’s dead soul!" Source coloured glaze this sentence is not mystifying but true!
Yuanlaichao can’t continue to absorb the soul and body skills of the dead, and he hasn’t finished his recovery. This sword root can’t kill Yuanliuli!
Suddenly, the black circle Kusanagi sword appeared around Yuanlaichao’s body and suddenly sent out a dozen beams to shoot at the source glass!
However, the thin green sword in the hand of the source coloured glaze suddenly swelled green light and melted these white beams into it!
Yuan Yijing’s energy field protects Yuan Laichao’s necromancer curse, and it has completely failed!
Although the thin green sword and the kusanagi sword are the top ten blades of Fusang, the energy field of Yuanyijing represents justice and majesty and completely suppresses the evil of Yuanlaichao!
Butterfly dance-mirror flowers and water moon!
With the sword dance of Yuanliuli, several fireflies gradually arranged into a circle pattern, and a snow-white shadow suddenly passed through the sword and the cold light hit Yuanlaichao’s throat!
"Even if you sealed the source righteousness by the soul in the sword, your capability is still far worse than me! Hahahaha! " Genlaichao grimaced at the kusanagi sword in his hand and waved out the magic color in the night again. The fireflies fell to the ground one after another!
The three girls, Lan Yuzhu, Qu Hanyan and Yang Kang, didn’t join the fight when they met in Yuanlai Dynasty!
The three of them know in their hearts that even if they join the battle, they will not stay up for three strokes, which will not only lose their lives but also save Ling Feiyang!
So the three of them did the same thing!
Make the "Healing Articles" of Jiuyin Zhenjing heal Ling Feiyang!
During this period, the song contains smoke, and it has already broken through to the fourth floor, and blue jade beads and Yang Kang have also broken through to the third floor. Three girls sit cross-legged around Ling Feiyang and stretch out a palm to resist Ling Feiyang’s body!
Three strands of soft qi slowly entered Ling Feiyang’s body, and the pain gradually eased and the injury improved rapidly!
At this moment, if it is replaced by Yuanyijing, it can definitely be defeated by the thin green sword. Although she has inherited the blood of Yuanyijing, after all, she is seventeen years old, where can she compare with Yuanlaichao’s ten-year skill!
Although Yuanlaichao has been seriously injured, it is still a trick. After insisting on more than a dozen tricks, it is already dangerous!
Then ling float in the sky slowly up from the ground again! Three girls, such as LanYuzhu, also pulled out their respective weapons, and Ling Feiyang’s side!
The forest is full of bodies of masters of the Song Dynasty. A night wind blows in the forest and leaves rustle. The souls of these dead people also seem to hum. It’s been such a long night that Li has not arrived yet!
"It’s time for Yuanlai to die for you!" Ling Feiyang’s eyes glanced at the ground and once again charged at Yuanlaichao! to be continued
Chapter 354 Fight! Ghost fighters!
At the darkest moment before Lebanon, corpses piled up like a mountain in Nagano, Jyukai, and Ling Feiyang are about to launch a final battle with the war culprit "Ghost Warrior" Yuanlaichao!
Although Yuan Yijing’s energy field helps Yuan Liuli, it is still the root that can’t stop Yuan Laichao’s offensive. Ling Feiyang, who is about to be killed, has blocked her front!
Dragon 20 palms Luohan dragon!
Ling Feiyang used this palm for the seventh time!
Ling Feiyang’s palm covers Yuanlaichao’s body and Yuanlaichao draws a left palm to greet him!
With a huge noise, the two of them were flying backwards at the same time!
Two people body fell to the ground at the same time ling float in the sky one knee to a song immediately removed the strength; But Yuanlaichao can’t fall backwards steadily!
The last meeting between the two men turned out to be a trick to decide the outcome!
Ling Feiyang finally won!
Although it was a tragic victory, Ling Feiyang won after all!
Yuanlaichao Kusanagi sword supports the body and just got up only to see a green sword coming out of his chest!
The blade is thin and green!
It’s impossible to pierce Yuanlai Chao’s body with the skill of colored glaze, but her sword stab position is just the wound in the middle of the back of Yuanlai Chao!
This position has been hit by Huang Fujun’s two fingers and Yang Miaozhen’s sword, which is the weakest link in his body. Besides, a famous blade is thin, green and sharp enough to cut gold and jade!
Yuan Laichao’s skill is no matter how deep, after all, he is not a fairy ghost. He will die for this piercing sword!
"I’m sorry about the righteous classics …" At the last moment, Yuanlaichao’s mind emerged with all kinds of past events, and his heart actually gave birth to repentance!
If he had repented earlier, he would not have caused this tragic tragedy!
He repented in order to seek peace of mind; His confession root can’t wash away the crimes he has committed all his life!
Yuanlaichao’s body fell heavily!
The group of magic fireflies flew into the source glass sleeves one after another, and the source glass pulled the thin green sword out of the source Lai Chao’s body and immediately shed blood all over the floor. It turned out to be black!
"Grandpa, grandma, mom and dad … Liuli has finally avenged you!" Source coloured glaze suddenly kneel to two lines of beads tears welled up!
A fish-belly grey night is gradually appearing in the eastern sky, and it is about to pass. Another Lebanon is about to usher in Nagano Jyukai!
It’s finally over! The war lasted for half a year, and Song finally won the final victory!
However, the price paid by the Song State was extremely painful. More than 70,000 soldiers were killed in the battlefield, including Qin Shifu, deputy commander of the navy, Feng Zhan, marshal Zhou Qian of the West Route Army, deputy marshal Pei Qing of the East Route Army, pioneer officer Qin Mian of the North Route Army, general Zheng Yande of the Red Coat Army and Liu Qingfu. More than 300 Song State masters were almost wiped out, including Zong Kun, Luo Shensha, and King Kong Du Jie. Wen Shuo, a golden silk-wrapped hand, Shang Que, Tian Mo Zhu Xian Dao, Tao Zhuyan, Yin and Yang pole fan, Ju Meng, Shen Xing Tai Bao, Cai Tianhua, Xia Xiyi, Zi Xia Fei Jian, Jiang Yao and mantis boxing.
These familiar names and fresh faces will be remembered forever in Ling Feiyang’s heart.
Have Tang Zhiqiu not died.
Fortunately, Tang Zhiqiu was hit by a mother dart instead of a more powerful one. Although he was seriously injured, he was lucky enough to get back his life.
They returned to Kamakura Barracks as soon as possible, and several marshals of Song State hired 200,000 skilled craftsmen from Fusang State to log and build ships together.
Jyukai Nagano, in this life-and-death battle, Yang Miaozhen and Tang Zhiqiu helped each other and developed a good impression on each other. Yang Miaozhen promised Tang Zhiqiu to wait until after his three-year mourning period to consider the further development of their feelings.
Tang Zhiqiu and Yang Miaozhen, one is to make friends and the other is to become sworn friends. Ling Feiyang, the righteous sister, is also very pleased to see that they are congenial.
Dazhen Xiang, Yagyu Naoki, Asai Koji and Suzuki Chiyo found the ninja Sasaki Kojiro’s residence, and four people persuaded Sasaki Kojiro to surrender to the Song State. Although Sasaki Kojiro has always loved the source glass, it is not a puppet ninja. The despicable person saw that the source glass had already fallen in love with Ling Feiyang, so he completely cut off the idea and made up his mind to regard the source glass as his close comrade-in-arms. Since then, only six people in Fusang’s ten forbearance have joined the Song State.
Due to the emergency of the Central Plains war, Ling Feiyang, please find a Fusang merchant ship for him to take the lead in getting back to Song Lanyuzhu, Qu Hanyan and Yang Kang. Of course, Ling Feiyang has long been regarded as a future husband and decided to return to Song with him.
Three days later, five people, including Yang Miaozhen and Wang Jian, bid farewell to the Whale Sea, and boarded the Fusang merchant ship to return to the Song Kingdom.
There are four female companion Ling Feiyang’s journey. Of course, it won’t be lonely. In half a month, five people practice martial arts during the day and take turns to accompany Ling Feiyang at night. Although Ling Feiyang has been at ease and quiet for the time being, he dare not slack off because he knows in his heart that hundreds of thousands of fighters in Mongolia and more powerful teachers are waiting for him in the Central Plains battlefield.
These days, Ling Feiyang has broken through the spiral nine shadows to the fifth place, surpassing the founder of Jiuyin Zhenjing, Huang Shang, and practicing the one-yang finger to the second place, reaching the level of Duan Yu in that year.
Ling Feiyang thought about making some changes to the 20-hand style of dragon-dropping before coming to Fusang, trying to create a new kind of martial arts, but this idea has never been unified. Now it has been almost half a year and Ling Feiyang’s martial arts understanding has been greatly improved. After a few days of examination, his mind finally came to light!
按摩"I don’t integrate the six-pulse sword fingering moves into the dragon’s 20 palms, so the moves will be more unpredictable, both for close combat and long-range attack!"
"Six-pulse dragon palm!" Ling Feiyang created this martial arts by himself and got a very popular name!
China historical martial arts masters emerge in endlessly, but only a few can create their own martial arts!
There are two people who can create their own martial arts in the history of the Southern Song Dynasty for more than 100 years. One is Wang Zhongyang, the founder of the True School, and the other is Huang Yaoshi, the evil east. Masters like Hong Qigong, Ouyang Feng, Yi Deng and Qiu Qianren also inherited their martial arts from their predecessors.
This is because creating martial arts requires not only diligence and adventure, but also talent and wisdom, which is a hundred times more difficult than practicing martial arts!
Although the two martial arts are combined with each other, Ling Feiyang finally created a set of martial arts!
Although the ship is worried these days, the merchant ship has finally returned to land!
Ling Feiyang and his four fiancé es finally returned to the land of Song after landing at the East Zhejiang Road State Port for half a year!
Five people rushed to Lin ‘an to meet Song Guotian and Zhao Qi. However, when they learned that the Military Intelligence Report had hit their heads like a bolt from the blue in the past six months! to be continued

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