The sunset behind Zhao Jiamo looked at the old man’s figure drifting away.

After all, I can’t control my eyes!
With a cold hum, he turned to leave and quickly booked a plane ticket back to Beijing.
However, at that time, the office of his company Muyan was filled with smoke!
"You who are you also dare to cynicism to me? You are tired of living! " Mu Yan pointed to Fu Si with disdain and said, "It looks like a shemale. If I were you, I would jump off the building earlier!"
Did she watch a video of divination, and her little assistant dared to mock her? !
Fu si, let MuYan send without saying a word there.
Zhao Jiamo: No, she really doesn’t have the confidence to fight with her!
Muyan scolded for a while, but she was still silent, and she felt quite interesting.
Continue to click on that video and watch the bottom is the abusive voice of the webpage.
When she saw the excitement, she couldn’t help but hum, "Tang is really not a good man. Tang Wan is a bitch. This beautiful mother and daughter is not a good thing! It really deserved to end up like this! "
In the picture, she watched the video that Zhang Meili’s villa in the western suburbs was taken away.
Fusi squat down without saying a word to pick up those things that have just been smashed by MuYan.
This is the fifth day that Zhang Meili has been taken away. Lin Ya has been arranging people to squat at the prison gate, but she has never seen anyone visit Zhang Meili.
Li Yunkui secretly called her and couldn’t help but wonder "Maybe Tang Ying is really dead"
By this time, Lin Ya was also somewhat uncertain.
If Tang Ying were alive, could she really watch her mother send her children to an orphanage? Can you really look at Zhang Meili’s prison and ignore it? !
She can’t imagine how much endurance she needs to keep holding back!
Today, her faith in her heart began to waver.
Maybe the man is really dead …
She was silent for a long time and said, "It is better to let Zhang Meili out first. After all, even if Tang Ying is alive, she may not dare to go in!"
If Zhang Meili is the bait, the fish must see her to hook it smoothly.
The secret replied, "That’s what we mean here. We plan to arrange for her to be released from prison at three o’clock in the afternoon."
Lin Ya hung up the phone. It was almost noon when I went to Muchuan’s office.
After all, she dismissed the idea. After all, she will go to Zhang Meili’s in the afternoon.
Section 313
Lin Yalou soon received a message from the old lady of Mujia asking her and Chuan You to go back and have a look.
Muchuan has never told the old lady about his concern about pregnancy. She knows that if the old lady knows, it is estimated that she can do more than him!
Lin Ya naturally won’t be smart. Anyway, when it’s time to know, everyone will know.
3 o’clock
When the driver drove Lin Ya to the prison gate, Zhang Meili came out from the inside.
It seems that she doesn’t want to come out like that
Yelling all the way, "Let me out! Why am I stealing? You look at me and always look at me! "
The driver of Chemuchuan shook his head strangely. "This man is crazy."
Lin Ya smiled. He didn’t know what Zhang Meili wanted to leave this place, but she did!
Because I’m afraid it’s even harder than the day outside her! Since the media reported that she lived by picking up garbage, she didn’t even dare to pick up garbage later.
Zhang Meili is a proud person. If she didn’t really take the road, she wouldn’t pick up garbage.
However, she has been used to clothes for so many years following Tang Yuanshan, and she has become more and more skilled in reaching for food.
Besides these, Lin Ya thinks she may not know what else she can do.
It’s rare to eat, drink and have a place to sleep out, but it’s not necessarily enough. I’m afraid she’s had enough after a full meal and a day.
Zhang Meili swore all the way out. Lin Ya took a look around by car and didn’t see anyone.
Tang Ying figure is not seen.
Always a eyebrows at the driver said "go home"
When the car left the intersection, she changed her mind and asked the driver to take her to Muchuan Company.
I accidentally saw MuYan’s assistant when I came out of the parking lot.
Lin Ya frowned and remembered her name Fusi!
She is carrying a bag of things in her hand. At first glance, it should be an office.
Lin Ya frowned slightly.
The woman walked away from her side with something on her face.
Lin Ya later thought that maybe she had an expression, but she didn’t see it because her face was too stiff!
When I got to Muchuan’s office, Chen Hao said that he had gone to the factory.
Lin Ya frowned and felt that today was really a bad time.
I went to the tenth floor with my bag, ordered a plate of food, and sat there leafing through my mobile email.
She sent a job advertisement a few days ago and has responded today.
品茶论坛She replied to one email after another.
Seeing that she is pregnant, the place has been rented and she can’t stay.
Finding a few helpers is the most important thing!
She sat there and finished eating when she answered the interview.
It’s rare to see Xu Ran write back when I open WeChat. I’m fine.
To Linya’s surprise, Han Cheng Li responded after watching her send a small video.
However, then
Han Cheng Li’s office is welcoming an unexpected visitor.
Chen disappeared for a long time and suddenly came back.
The man sitting on the sofa is backlit, perhaps because he doesn’t see much sunshine all the year round. His skin is fair and decent, and his face is elegant and angular, and his face is handsome and abnormal.

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