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But on the other side, I didn’t know that Lin Mo-chen and Lu You had returned to Lujia.

They bought some fresh beef and ribs by the way.
Father Lu Yong hasn’t come home from work yet. Li Mei is at home alone, and Lu Song has not returned to his home for recuperation.
"How did you come back today?" Li Mei was particularly surprised to see them.
"Lin always …" Liu Songdao
Lin Mo-chen and Lu You walked over to Lu You and smiled first. "Eldest brother, this is not a company. What do you want him to do?"
"Little Worry is right. Little Worry and I are husband and wife. You are Little Worry’s eldest brother, that is, my eldest brother. Just call me by my name." Lin Mo-chen also corrected the name of Lu Song.
"This … this …" Lu Song struggled. "I’m used to screaming, and this suddenly makes me change my mind. Isn’t it hard for me?"
He is the president of their company, and people are afraid to look him in the eye every time. When he sees him, he is so nervous that he will bow his head consciously, but now he has to change their roles and become a big brother, which really makes him afraid to accept.
Although this is a way of saying lucky, it also makes him unbearable.
"If your family also calls me manager Lin, this is really difficult. My eldest brother can just call me Mo Chen." Lin Mo Chen is smooth and natural. "You will get used to it when you scream."
"Yes, brother, don’t bring that set of things in the company home." Lu You also agree that "in the company, Mo Chen is the company, and you belong to you. You should respect him, but now you are at home, you are the eldest brother, he is the younger brother, and naturally he wants to respect you."
"I know, but I’m really not used to it …" It’s really unnatural for Liu Song to put his knees and rub his hands on his face.
It’s a real test of his heart’s endurance. He’s really afraid of his sudden cardiac arrest due to overload.
"I’m used to barking. Xiao Cheng and Xiao Lin make sense." Li Mei nodded.
"All right, I’ll cook when you talk." It’s almost time to prepare dinner when Lu You glanced at it.
"I’ll do it. You were tired yesterday." Lin Mochen Trail
"I have a good rest and how tired cooking can be? If I let you cook and let my mother see it, I won’t be killed. In her eyes, your son-in-law is much more precious than her daughter. "Lu You picked up an apron." You talk with your mother and eldest brother. "
Lin Mo-chen couldn’t resist sitting in the sand in Lu You’s living room. "Mom, Big Brother, Xiao You and I are going on vacation with friends for at least three days, so I’ll come and see you today."
"Little worry and filial piety always think of us." Li Mei praised her daughter’s heart, but there was another kind of distress. "This Feng Jingjing has never been here since she left that day. No matter if your father and I forget it these days, Komatsu doesn’t make a word here to ask if she still has Komatsu as her husband?"
"Mom ink … I here what do you say these?" Lu Song’s complexion is not gloomy.
"Don’t talk to me, I feel angry when I talk about her." Li Meiduan took a sip of table water and changed the subject. "You should have fun when you go out with Xiao You."
"Well, I’ll bring you a gift then." Lin Mochen nodded slightly.
"No, don’t break it." Both Li Mei and Liu Song refused his kindness.
"How is this a broken heart?" Lin Mochen advised them. "What’s the point of spending money or enjoying it, or making money and putting it in the bank is just a bunch of cold numbers? If you have no money, you can work hard to earn time. If you miss it, you will never come back. "
Lin Mo-chen let Li Mei and Lu Song suddenly open up in a few simple words, which is really reasonable.
Earning money is to enjoy and spend. That’s it. Let life be better and more qualitative, otherwise it will really lose its meaning.
"Or Xiao Lin will say this." Li Mei is his heart, and he likes this son-in-law a hundred times and a thousand times.
"Jingjing is right to think so." Lu Song sighed, and their lives would be better instead of being in conflict because of money.
"That’s what she should listen to." Li Mei also agreed that "Suo Xiaosong should learn from Xiao Lin how to speak in order to make sense and speak better."
Hardly had she locked the door when her voice rang.
They all went home in Lu Yong. I didn’t expect to see Feng Jingjing for many days when the door opened.
She wore a close-fitting black dress and wrapped her beautiful figure. Her beautiful legs were extremely white and very eye-catching, and her feet were wearing a pair of red high heels. The first step was full of amorous feelings.
"Mom" Feng Jingjing politely called Li Mei, then glanced at everyone and then fell on Liu Songshen. "Husband, why don’t you go home these days? What if you disturb your mother here? I’m here to pick you up today. "
"Jingjing, I hurt my knee" is a sentence by Lu Song.
"Are you hurt? Why are you so careless? "Feng Jingjing walked over and sat down beside Liu Song in a hurry." Let me see. "
"It’s nothing to rest for a few days." Liu Song took her to roll her trouser legs hand. "Thank you for your heart."
"Don’t you think you should say that we are husband and wife?" Feng Jingjing is very virtuous with a smile. "I’ll take care of you when I get home. Don’t be tired to my parents."
Lu Song nodded. After all, it really made his parents worry about their parents these days, which made him feel guilty and uneasy.
Then Feng Jingjing’s eyes fell on Lin Mochen. "What a coincidence that my good brother-in-law met you again."
Feng Jingjing is also here to try her luck.
This morning, after she received a lawyer’s letter from Lin Mo-chen, she wanted to find him, but she knew that the giant ink group was hard for her to get in. She came here to see if she could meet Lu Jia Lin Mo-chen. Sure enough, he parked his car in the parking lot, so she came to the root. She didn’t come to see Lu Song specially, but she made an excuse.
"Sister-in-law, I don’t understand this. You and I are both part of this family. It’s not strange to meet here, is it?" Lin Mochen smiled gently but kept alienated.
Lu You heard Feng Jingjing’s voice in the kitchen and came out from it. "Sister-in-law?"
"Little worry" Feng Jingjing’s smile deepened, but it was hypocritical to look at it. After all, she hated Lin Mo-chen for making a mess of her work and was scolded by Chi Yiming. "That’s just one thing I have to say."
"What is it?" Lu asked, but I felt that there was nothing good in my heart.
Feng Jingjing took out a lawyer’s letter from her bag, with the cover of the letter and the logo of the giant ink group. Both Lu You and Lu Song stared at the envelope and looked at the words "What does this mean?"
"Don’t be nervous, I don’t mean anything." Feng Jingjing carefully showed the lawyer’s letter in front of everyone and wanted them to see it clearly. "You see, this is my brother-in-law sending me a lawyer’s letter. Mom’s husband is worried. You said that it is a family to send this letter. Isn’t it hurting feelings? Isn’t it a joke if the president of this giant ink pays a little money and wants to sue his sister-in-law for such injustice? It also affects your brother-in-law’s reputation, doesn’t it? Are you right? "
Feng Jingjing kept smiling and put the lawyer’s letter in front of Lin Mo-chen, showing a huge amount of appearance. "My brother-in-law, I don’t blame you. Now I will return this letter to you as if it never happened. I will never reveal a word."
Feng Jingjing paid more than 100,000 yuan in compensation to Lin Mo-chen, and her brother-in-law was very affectionate, and her smile attitude was friendly. She didn’t have the brain to yell and scream as usual. This time, she should be chastened and behave a little IQ today.
It’s Lin Mo-chen. It’s not so easy to fool around.
And Li Mei, Lu Song and Lu You all looked overwhelmed and didn’t know what was going on.
Lu sorrow gently pulled a Lin Mo Chen sleeve trail "how did this happen? Did she give you any trouble? "
Lin Mochen calmly sipped water and slowly put the cup on the coffee table. "Since the eldest sister-in-law said it was a family, I am used to not talking about business at home. If you want to talk about this lawyer’s letter, please come to my office and I will give you a satisfactory answer."
"Brother-in-law, there’s a lot of work in your office. How dare I bother you? Anyway, it’s not a big deal at home. Doesn’t it solve the problem if you withdraw the letter?" Feng Jingjing doesn’t want to pay more than 100,000 yuan for herself. She can’t afford a bubble. It’s best that she can solve nature here.
"I’m sorry for the ability to solve the problem of eldest sister-in-law’s work hours." Lin Mochen put the letter back in front of her. "Besides, whoever damages things in the company has to double the compensation. I have already given you a favor by asking you to compensate at the original price."
"Damage company things?" Lu Song was surprised that Feng Jingjing dared to give up in the giant ink group. "What did you do in the end?"
夜生活"It’s definitely not good." Li Mei has already decided.

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