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He was closest to Jacques, but he let Jacques go and pressed the e skill directly to stick it to Yasuo.

A series of tricks will be played immediately.
Xiao Shengqiang is reputed as the country’s first Riven, and when he is insane in Riven, he can play the output that others can’t play.
Sometimes he even moves differently.
This trick first consumes a lot of Yasuo’s blood, but at the same time it also wins the opponent’s skills.
Jax knocked him out.
"Will it be an opportunity to kill?" Seeing that Riven was dizzy, Su Huanjen was surprised. The more you make friends with each other, the more you control Riven, which means that the metal master is more secure.
That’s all the skills. It’s over.
When Riven released his skills, the metal master in the grass added a W shield to himself and then kept walking this way.
When several people besieged Riven together, the metal master had quietly come to them.
The metal master pressed the hammer to the e skill and released five people’s soles and were stabbed at the same time.
He just waited so long to sharpen his skills and hit as many targets as possible
The metal master started to do it!
Because I just heard the audience call Su Huanjen and knew that Lu Zhan must have completed the counterattack
But in such a passive situation, can Lu Zhan really complete a one-to-many counterattack with only one teammate?
Chapter 666 Preferred spike target
At this time, the metal master’s e skill has 4 injuries, and five people of the South Korean team were hit, all of which were very painful.
The blind monk of Jacques realized that the situation was not opposite. The blind monk was next to the metal master, and time accelerated for Jacques, who also went directly to the front of the metal master.
The two men immediately fought with the metal master. Lu Zhancao, the metal master, walked and fought with the blind monk first. When Jacques came to him, Lu Zhan took another step forward to release the Q skill.
"Pa" A blind monk and Jax were hit by Lu Zhan and Yasuo was also hit.
The Q skill of the Metal Master allows him to do extra damage to three nearby people with his general attack. Lu Zhan maximizes the damage with one displacement effort, and hits three people with one strike.
桑拿论坛At the same time, Riven has been able to move
At that moment, Riven played two Q’s and stopped, just waiting for the dizziness to end and continue to erupt.
Light it!
Folding wing dance!
The general attack shocked the soul and roared!
All skills point to Yasuo being beaten by Riven when he hit Pugong. When the old man quickly revived Yasuo, Riven shocked the people around him and made Yasuo die.
Because Riven continuously controlled Yasuo, he died before accumulating the third Q-hit, and he didn’t let go of the big move.
But it has the effect of going back in time, and soon he can get up.
"It is a deliberate effort to force out time!" Su Huanjen immediately understood Lu Zhan’s idea.
"Yes, two people fire a let time have to enlarge to metal target is probably a mouse! There should be a big move to get rid of the mice. "efeng comes with and
"Metal master needs to be big enough for the ad output person Yasuo to die, which will definitely be a mouse! Besides, the mouse is not big yet. "It’s eyi. He saw from the broadcast screen that the mouse was full of blood, but the big move was almost good."
A few people in the nether world are battle-hardened professional players, so it’s so thrilling that two dozen or five people bring themselves into this situation, think about Lu Zhan or Xiao Chengqiang’s ideas and then verify them.
In the fact game, the time is fleeting, and it will be difficult to grasp the result carelessly.
After the two men joined forces to force Yasuo to death, Lu Zhan began to specifically target Jacques.
No matter the metal master or Riven, both skills are group attack, which is their unique advantage. They work together to hit as many people as possible with each skill.
Riven opened an e skill to shield himself and went to Jax to cooperate with the metal master to export it.
The other person, after all, was besieged in advance. Riven’s blood was less than five points, and the crumbling metal master still had four points and three blood to fight.
"This is going to die, don’t you enlarge it?" Eyi doubts
Riven hands holding a flurry cut to now all have no fear not to come out again.
"No …" Su Huanjen’s eyes narrowed and he suddenly thought of a possibility.
When Riven had only silk blood left, Yasuo had got up again, but Yasuo just got up and blew a fan-shaped whirlwind.
Riven’s big move came with this ranged attack, which turned out to be his preparation.
Time is the auxiliary method, and it is not strong enough to pull people up. The initial blood volume is higher than the skill. The blood volume of Yasuo is less than 9, and half of it is scraped by this big move.
Then Yasuo’s head lit up with a light, and he turned into a corpse before he came to make an output.
"Sure enough …" Su Huanjen finally white land exhibition two people idea.
It is not easy to kill a mouse full of blood, but the residual blood is resurrected, but Yasuo is easy to be taken. From the beginning, the two men targeted Yasuo and now they finally killed him.
Killing him is a big move for the metal master to die.
This skill drained Yasuo’s blood by 12% and replenished the Metal Master himself.
Instantly Yasuo became a white soul body.
"In their eyes, the mouse threat is not the biggest threat, but there is a big move to control Yasuo." Su Huanjen said that killing more and killing less is not to see who has the highest output or who is the best to kill, but to see who is the biggest threat. If the threat can be dropped by seconds, of course, killing him is the first choice.
In addition to big moves and control, Yasuo’s Q skills will decrease with the increase of attack speed. Now Yasuo’s blade is broken and his Q skills are extremely short. They think it is more troublesome to keep Yasuo.
Su Huanjen doesn’t know whether all this planning is based on Lu Zhan’s command or Xiao Shengjiang, but in any case, the first step of the two has been achieved.
Riven and Yasuo died almost at the same time, but the situation changed after their death.
It changed from two to four to two to three. The Chinese team died, but Riven added Yasuo’s soul. The other side was reduced and did not supplement it
Moreover, Jax still has half blood left, and the metal master still has a lot of blood after drinking Yasuo’s blood.
Yasuo’s soul didn’t help the metal master to hit Jacques, but ran directly to the mouse and the direction of time. He didn’t want to hit him, but he had to go through him to hit the metal master. He had to attack and go in the direction of the metal master.

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