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Gu Jing frowned and didn’t want to leave Yin Anran.

The doctor said at once, "This is the gentleman. I think you’d better buy some laundry for your girlfriend first."
Force a tingle and hurriedly said, "They are not boyfriend and girlfriend!"
The doctor didn’t care so much about leisure and waved his hand. "I don’t care about this. You two had better go out first and don’t bother me to see a patient."
Pushing Gu Jingyan out of the ward, "I will accompany you to buy Miss Yin"
The door slammed.
"Miss, although that gentleman was a little annoyed by asking questions just now, I think he really cares about you. Are you really not boyfriend and girlfriend?"
The doctor just acted like I’m not interested in hexagrams, and then he changed.
Yin Anran nodded. "No, we are ordinary friends."
The doctor’s face turned pale. "Alas, although he was really annoyed when I examined you just now, it’s a pity that this young man looks good and looks very fond of you. You are not boyfriend and girlfriend."
Yin Anran smiled gently and said nothing.
As Li said, when they came back from buying clothes, the doctor had finished examining her.
"Doctor, what’s wrong with her?"
His heart tightened at the thought of her blanching.
夜生活"It’s nothing serious. It’s nothing serious to take a rest and keep warm for a while after the menstrual pain and ice water are cold. I’ll prescribe some medicine."
Yin An dyed his forehead, which was humiliating …
Aside Gu Jing’s reconciliation is also embarrassing. Two people never thought it was for this reason …
However, Gu Jingyan quickly recovered her composure. "Okay, I know."
Suddenly Yin Anran thought of something, "My camera!"
Yin Anran just wanted to go to bed when Gu Jingyan held him down. "Xiaoran, you should have a good rest."
"but my camera"
But there are photos taken today in that camera. If it is lost and picked up by others, then … If you don’t say that the photos inside were taken by a willing heart first, her whole day’s work will be in vain!
"Miss Yin doesn’t worry that Jiing Yan has already explained the camera just now, and someone will send it to Miss Yin later."
Hearing this, she was relieved
Gu Jingyan poured Yin An a cup of hot water. "The doctor said to drink more hot water."
"thank you"
Yin Anran took the cup and drank two hot drinks. She finally felt less cold.
After this ordeal, Yin Anran was a little tired and fell asleep next to the pillow.
Sleeping during menstruation is the most comfortable thing.
Soon after Yin Anran fell asleep, someone sent Yin Anran’s camera over.
I tried to take Gu Jingyan away, but Nai Gu Jingyan was stubborn and refused to leave.
Force is to take this little ancestor. There is no way to let him clean up what happened just now.
Just now, the incident suddenly happened, so many workers said it was a good thing to save lives, but they were afraid to be taken to make an issue of it.
Jiing Yan although there are some differences with those filming and singing stars, but how to say it is also a public figure, and his career is also on the rise. He is trying to hold it out with one hand and naturally doesn’t want him to have anything.
Gu Jingyan sat by the bed and looked at the little man on the bed.
She is still a little pale, which makes him feel distressed.
Section 93
He reach for her hand.
The cold temperature of her hands makes him look good, and the eyebrows are locked.
He held her hand and rubbed it constantly to warm it up as soon as possible.

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