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But in the face of the boss, you can’t be too straightforward. Boss, you can say sorry if you are not a good artist. Boss, I have already set the protagonist image in my new film. This time, it is a tricky choice. Cher is too beautiful to meet the character image.

Mo Wenwan doesn’t know that it’s the directors’ excuses, but what can she do? Doesn’t she want to support powerful and colorful artists? But those artists don’t like it, and fans don’t buy it, which can’t translate into exact economic benefits. She is also very resistant
Mo Wenwan simply gritted his teeth and ordered, "I don’t care how I put people in the crew, but don’t come to see me if you can’t do it well."
Hang up the director’s words, Mo Wenwan soon received the words of land punishment.
In the words, Lu Xun’s voice can’t recognize the "what are you doing?"
Mo Wenwan is not stupid enough to tell Lu Xun about the company’s embarrassing things, but she wants to leave a strong and dry image for Lu Xun and says, "Put on a mask."
When Lu Xun heard that she was wearing a mask and he was summoned by Master Lu, he was angry, and he felt a little uncomfortable. "Come out and meet us."
It is conceivable that the atmosphere of this meeting is very unfriendly.
Mo Wenwan rubbed his temples and said to Lu Xun, "You are in a bad mood today. I won’t talk to you. We’ll talk about it later when you calm down."
Lu Xun sneered, "We are simple bed companions in the aftermath. Don’t you know what bed companions are? No one usually knows anyone."
"Oh, to be more accurate, the bed partner is."
Mo Wen-wan had guessed what he meant before Lu Xun finished his sentence.
Mo Wenwan, I didn’t expect that I should look down on a man like this. Whether it’s his motives, his actions or his language, it hurts too much.
Mo Wenwan couldn’t help slapping him in the mouth. The person who was beaten was his own hand, but he was a little shaken. He couldn’t even look at the expression and eyes after being beaten. He said, "I’ll go first."
Mo Wenwan wandered around the street and walked unconsciously to Qin Miaomiao’s set. She laughed at herself in her mind. It was crazy. She regarded Qin Miaomiao as an imaginary enemy. Maybe Qin Miaomiao didn’t take her seriously. She tried her best to deal with Qin Miaomiao and got deeper and deeper.
She must have hated her for her land punishment.
Career, love, she is a loser.
What should she do?
Mo Wenwan watched with envy as Qin Miaomiao’s crew was busy. Suddenly, she had an idea how many if I were Qin Miaomiao. Then she was frightened by her own idea:
Chapter 999 Japanese
Must be Qin Miaomiao, she is quite good herself.
Mo Wenwan was startled when he turned to leave.
Su Lanmo is gentle and gentle, and his eyes are deep and unpredictable.
Mo Wenwan saw Su Lan’s heart pounding wildly. She hasn’t lost yet. She hasn’t played Qin Miaomiao’s card yet.
Su Lan looked at Mo Wenwan, who was in a trance than ghosts. She wouldn’t wake up. Mo Wenwan looked on coldly. Su Lan knew that Mo Wenwan was no match for Qin Miaomiao, but she didn’t expect Mo Wenwan to be so vulnerable.
Mo Wenwan has occupied a favorable position in the pre-new-film advertising campaign, and she has beaten the cards with one hand. Su Lan believes that Mo Wenwan is a talent and Qin Miaomiao also laughs at Mo Wenwan.
The two women silently looked at each other with different minds.
Both sides knew that the street was unreasonable, so they went to sit in a nearby instant coffee shop.
Su Lan said, "Yin Xueer’s film is really good, and it really deserves to occupy the first place in the box office list."
Mo Wen wan smiled modestly and said that it’s okay, but it still needs hard work.
When you meet each other, you will know that the other party is coming to defect. Without saying much, Mo Wenwan directly asks, "How do you want to deal with Qin Miaomiao?"
Su Lan stepped in to deal with Qin Miao Miao Mo Wen Wan and supported her behind her.
Su Lan smiled and looked out of the window. "Of course there are ideas."
Follow Su Lan’s line of sight, Mo Wen Wan also looked out of the window.
Qin Miaomiao came from a luxury car along the road and did not leave immediately, but reflexively kissed the driver’s seat man.
The man in the driver’s seat is naturally Lu Qing
Qin Miao Miao and Lu Qing are married and have three children. They have not been itchy for one year and three years, and their feelings have been very good.
Su Lan squinted Qin Miaomiao’s life was so happy that she still remembered being killed by her.
Mo Wenwan knew from Su Lan’s expression that hatred was deeply buried in this girl’s heart. Mo Wenwan certainly knew that this kind of hatred was planted by her alone, and she and Su Lan knew about it.
Su Lan has become one with Qin Miaomiao’s friends these days. The fool named Hua Tiantian and the demon named Xu Jiaojiao all like her very much.
Su Lan thinks her revenge plan can begin.
"I heard that you want to make another film for Yin Xueer."
桑拿按摩Mo Wen wan nodded
Su Lan praised "You really have courage"
Mo Wenwan naturally won’t say that the nested debt repayment thing is a smile. "You can teach yourself how to teach artists, but you can’t let outsiders bully you."
Mo Wenwan wants to invest in a new film for Yin Xueer. It is very new news, but it is not a secret. Because Yin Xueer’s agent replied to Mo Wenwan early, he went to Weibo to bask in his own resources.
Qin Miaomiao saw the latest development of this immortal woman and said to the driver’s seat, Lu Qing, "Before Mo Wenwan bullied me, my ability to promote and build momentum in the early stage was poor. Do you think I should retaliate?"
Lu Qing shrugged. "Anything will do."
Qin Miao Miao asked, "I heard that Grandpa was a little angry about the outcome of Qin Shiying and Mo Shiying, and he also made a special trip to hand over the land punishment to his home to lecture me. Is it inappropriate to find Mo Wenwan unhappy?"
Lu Qing chuckled, "Grandpa has long known that Mo Wen Wan is restless and called Lu Xun’s punishment, and that Lu Xun and you didn’t have the confidence to do something boldly."
"Good" Qin Miaomiao clap your hands and admire "I’ll show her what it means to buy a water army";
Chapter 1 A round of fighting
Soon, Qin Miaomiao stopped outside the studio to give Lu Qing a farewell kiss and entered the theater.
Lu Qing didn’t walk and leaned back to watch his mobile phone.
In the mobile phone mailbox, the assistant and the secret sent him the latest planning case, and you can see the shadow of land punishment.
Lu punishment, a man who has no small thoughts, has joined forces with outsiders to buy scattered shares of Lu. If Lu is bought for scattered shares, there will be problems, and he will be improper as president.
Lu Qing thinks it’s time for him to teach Lu a lesson, but this lesson can’t be too painful. He can’t bear to swallow his front teeth with tears and a smile.
Qin Miao Miao came to the crew to pick up two sisters for dinner. They haven’t got together for a long time. It’s just that Lu Qing’s treat today. Since Lu Qing is the host, it’s natural to give good sisters a chance to "kill fat sheep"
Qin Miaomiao walked all the way to the lounge to see the flowers sitting on the sofa holding the pillow and laughing like a seventeen-year-old girl, Xu Jiaojiao, who straddled the sofa armrest with one leg and short hair, ears and elbows and flowers, and the back of her head seemed to hold the flowers in her arms.

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