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The goal is Lu Wenbin.

In the 25th minute, he received the ball from his teammate and started to counter-attack. His speed just passed the Unillian defender, and then he took a shot against the attacking goalkeeper in the forbidden area, and Hoffenheim took a lead.
When Lu Wenbin picked the ball into the door, all the fans at home cheered and all the commentators in the commentary box roared at the top of their voices.
"The goal is scored, the goal is scored, and Lu scored."
"Lu, an ancient man, achieved the miracle of scoring six goals in the group stage of the Champions League in 1921."
"Lu Wenbin scored 12 goals in six Champions League group matches, equating the record of 12 goals in the Champions League after the Champions League reform and becoming the first super scorer in the history of the Champions League group."
"Shocking, miraculous and incredible. Six goals in the Champions League, a total of 12 goals in all. Lu Wenbin was born in the Champions League."
Chapter 335 Record Crusher
Hoffenheim didn’t stop attacking after Lu Wenbin scored the goal.
For Lu Wenbin, it is an honor to set a historical record of scoring goals in the Champions League group, but there is no substantial reward.
Only scoring goals and winning can bring him experience rewards.
Every goal and victory in the Champions League is a lot of experience.
For Hoffenheim, another substitute, it is also a rare opportunity to start in the Champions League.
Although it seems that Ralph gave up the game, if they can perform well and help the team win, it may not make Ralph change his mind and give them more starting opportunities in the game.
So Hoffenheim continued their offensive football after leading 1.
However, the lack of strength and tacit cooperation of the substitute array made Hoffenheim unable to maintain an absolute advantage over Uniria.
In the 37th minute, Uniria equalised the score with a successful counter-attack from Tagoe and Copado in the frontcourt of Liehovenheim.
The two sides entered the halftime with 11 points.
桑拿会所At the same time, there was another game at halftime. It was reported that Seville led Glasgow Rangers 1 at home.
If both games end in this way, Seville will force Unirea to qualify for the Europa League.
So after half-time, Uniria stepped up her offensive.
The goal in the 37th minute at half-time gave them some confidence.
But Hoffenheim soon let them know that Hoffenheim can rank first in the Bundesliga and has won ten consecutive victories in various competitions.
Even the substitute array is stronger than Unieria.
In the 59th minute, Su Culini broke through two Unillian players in a row with the ball in the midfield by virtue of his personal ability, and then the ball was really given to Mai Cossoul in the front of the forbidden area.
Unieria defenders focus on defending Lu Wenbin. When he goes to Zuculini, he will definitely give the ball to Lu Wenbin, who is the most threatening.
Therefore, the Maikesulgen people keep an eye on it.
The Brazilian striker interfered with the situation and kicked the ball into the corner of Uniria.
Hoffenheim leads 21.
After Hoffenheim scored this goal and took the lead again, Uniria was even more anxious.
However, the more anxious you are, the more likely you are to make mistakes.
Knowing that Lu Wenbin’s intention was a great threat, but eager to grab the ball in the 77th minute, Uriah’s midfielder Aprea still didn’t calm down and broke through the ball. Copado gave Hoffenheim a well-intentioned ball about 23 meters away from the goal.
Lu Wenbin, who has lost his skill, punished this direct Italian ball into Uniria’s goal with his own skill.
After seeing Lu Wenbin’s free kick fly into the goal to help Hoffenheim 31 lead the opponent, the whole Rheinka Arena was boiling.
Because Lu Wenbin broke another record, Van Nistelrooy set a record of 12 goals in a single season after the Champions League reform in 2223.
Lu Wenbin scored 13 goals in six Champions League group matches last season, breaking Van Nistelrooy’s record of 12 goals.
And Lu Wenbin’s total number of goals in the year has reached 9 goals, exceeding 9 goals.
Lu Wenbin’s photo was released on the big screen at the scene. On the left is the single-season goal record after the Champions League reform, 13 goals, and on the right is the 29-year total goal record, 9 goals.
Lu Wenbin now creates a new history with every goal.
Lu Wenbin himself is very happy.
Although these records have no experience reward, they can still bring him a lot of honor.
It feels good.
After scoring this goal, Lu Wenbin and his teammates celebrated for more than half a minute before returning to their own half to restart the game.
Then Uniria launched a Jedi counterattack, but there was too little time left for them.
Ralph wants to throw water on Seville, but Uniria is weak, and Ralph can’t really let the players lose on purpose.
Counterfeiting is against professional ethics and will lead to legal risks. These substitutes will not listen to Ralph to cheat.
And there is a bonus difference between winning and losing in the Champions League.
Until the end of the game, Uniria didn’t score another goal, and lost 13 points to Hoffenheim.
Hoffenheim’s six wins and one point in the Champions League group match. Lu Wenbin won two goals from Group G, winning 20,000, winning 20,000, and rewarding 40,000 experience in total. Experience rose by 17 levels, 35.695 million.
At the same time, Seville ended another Group G match. Unexpectedly, Seville beat Glasgow Rangers at home, surpassing Unilia’s second place in Group G, and Unilia was able to play the Europa League with the third place in the group.
The tribal curtain of the 1921 Champions League group match Group A Bordeaux unexpectedly beat Bayern Munich and Juventus to the first place, and Juventus could even play the Europa League in the name of the third place in the group.
In Group B, Manchester United and CSKA Moscow Wolfsburg finished third in the Europa League.
The group qualifying is Real Madrid and A Milan Marseille, the third Europa League.
Group D is the third place for Chelsea and Porto Greek Athletics, and Atletico Madrid is unlucky to be ranked fourth in the Europa League, and nothing has been caught.
Fiorentina and Lyon finished in Group E, and Liverpool finished third. Nennai went to play in the Europa League.
Group F did not surprise everyone. Barcelona and Inter Milan qualified.
The qualifying teams in Group H are Arsenal and Olympiacos.
Porto, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, CSKA Moscow, Real Madder, Milan A, Chelsea, Porto, Florence, Lyon, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Hoffenheim, Seville, Arsenal and Olympiacos were the top 16 teams in the 1921 Champions League.
The teams that failed to qualify in the group stage include Juventus, Marseille, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and other giants or strong teams, which shows that the Champions League competition can not be underestimated
It is not easy for the team to reach the final and finally win the Champions League trophy.
If the list of the top 16 Champions League was released last season, it would definitely cause a lot of reports.
However, this year’s list of the top 16 Champions League has not caused much heated discussion. The focus of all reports and discussions has been placed on Lu Wenbin.
In the last group match, Lu Wenbin successively scored six goals in the Champions League, 13 goals broke the record of 12 goals in a single season after the reform of Van Nistelrooy’s Champions League, and the total goal record in 29 years was as high as 9 goals.

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