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He also wants to teach Inter Milan fans an unforgettable lesson.

In the 4th minute, the front edge of Ibrahimovic’s forbidden zone received Seedorf’s ball, which continuously passed Sati through skillful dribbling, and Materazzi toppled the corner of Qiwu’s small forbidden zone and shot at the close corner.
Fortunately, Cesar played very well this time.
At a very close distance, Cesar quickly sat on his toes and blocked Ibrahimovic’s shot from the bottom line.
Cesar completed a close-range block and destroyed Ibrahimovic’s wonderful shot of three consecutive people.
If Ibrahimovic scores, it will be a classic goal in the Milan derby.
Good Cesar ruined his shot.
Then corner kick A Milan didn’t get the first point and Lucio pushed it out of the forbidden area.
Although there was no goal in this attack, Ibrahimovic’s excellent performance made A Milan see the opportunity
Anyway, it’s a losing attack, and you can fight for a defense. There’s nothing left.
In the last few minutes, A Milan almost tried to equalize the score through a wave of onslaught.
Even Gattuso abandoned Lu Wenbin and took part in the attack.
But at this time, a Milan will be less one-man and attack the backcourt, which is even more virtual
So it’s not surprising that Inter Milan scored another goal in the 91st minute.
The goal is Lu Wenbin again.
He took the ball to the front of the forbidden area with an offside catch from Germany, and shot directly at the attacking goalkeeper Abiano.
The ball flew over Abiano’s head, and he looked back in despair and fell into the A Milan gate.
Lu Wenbin scored twice in the 91st minute to help Inter Milan seal the victory with a 31 lead over A Milan.
桑拿论坛When Lu Wenbin flew into the door, all Inter fans gave a deafening cheer and went straight into the sky.
At this time, it is absolutely impossible for Milan to score a goal again.
Sure enough, after 3 minutes of stoppage time, referee tagliavento blew the whistle for the end of the game.
Inter Milan won the first leg of the Milan derby with Lu Wenbin’s two goals and 31 assists, and sought a monthly ticket.
Chapter 413 Goal Wars
A world-famous derby in the same city is more exciting for Nerazzurri fans than the Champions League.
Therefore, after the game, A Milan players and fans left dejectedly, while Inter Milan fans were reluctant to leave for a long time and interacted with Inter Milan players to celebrate for a long time.
With this victory and previous accumulated experience, Lu Wenbin has exceeded 40,000, reaching the first level of 4.191 million.
It’s getting harder and harder to upgrade, but it’s always getting closer. It’s almost halfway through.
After the game, Lu Wenbin scored twice and made an assist, which became the object of media praise.
Milan Derby Inter Milan won 31 in the 12th round of Serie A.
Lu Wenbin’s performance in Milan Derby for the first time was superb.
Lu Wenbin rules Milan Derby with two shots and one shot.
Lu Wenbin has scored the seventh consecutive Serie A goal. Will he break the record of 11 consecutive Serie A goals set by Florence, batistuta?
Lu Wenbin of the Bundesliga broke the record of continuous goals scored by Gadmull in the Bundesliga.
Now in Serie A, Lu Wenbin has started his record-breaking journey again.
A few days later, on November 21st, the 13th round of Serie A, Inter Milan played Chievo away.
Just after the Milan derby, many Inter Milan players are physically and psychologically tired, and many people are not playing well away from home.
Chievo, who is in the middle of the ranking, is also very hard at home. Finally, Inter Milan advanced the goal and scored at the last minute to equalize the score and draw the powerful Inter Milan.
The only goal of Inter Milan came from Lu Wenbin, who scored the only goal of Inter Milan in the 74th minute on his own in a counterattack.
Although the team didn’t win, Lu Wenbin scored, continuing his momentum of scoring goals in a row.
Lu Wenbin has scored 11 consecutive goals in Serie A in 1994, three games short of equalling Florence, batistuta.
However, after this round of Serie A, the league was suspended first, and Inter Milan ushered in the fifth round of Twente Champions League group match.
On November 24th, Inter Milan hosted the fifth round of Twente Champions League group match at home.
Inter Milan were drawn away by Twente in the first round group match, which naturally meant to win.

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