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"Come back"

after an hour
"Wife, do it again."
"not coming"
"Come on, come on."
桑拿会所Another hour later.
"Wife, do it again."
"Get out of here."
Satisfied, Lu Qing finally got rid of the haze for many days, but he still couldn’t get along with it, which also led to the foundation of his strict father.
Master Ji, after three hours, still dare to be presumptuous. Lu Qing, this hehehe:
Chapter 763 Confrontation
Uncle Su recently likes to tease children, especially the boss.
The boss is very quiet. He hardly cries, but when he is bored, he cries.
It’s almost enough to cry for two times, but if you tease him again, he will stare big.
How old a child should stare, which makes Su Jiuye feel very interesting.
As the saying goes, education should start with the baby.
Xiao Jiner, the heir to Sue’s family, doesn’t count on it. That girl doesn’t like to control people. It’s enough to leave her money.
Besides, it’s good to have Xiaochen with that girl to enjoy the splendor.
That kind of life that is too dark may not suit her.
The eldest of the three primary schools is the most interesting.
For example, when Xiaobai is holding the collar, Erbao Xiaobao will whisper a few bosses, but he will also stretch out his fist to catch Xiaobai Mao Mao.
His eyes are especially interesting.
"Lu Xiao, you will be very promising in the future."
Lu Qing sneered, "I don’t know who planted it, but I prefer Erwench."
"The second girl is the liveliest and most active. You just wait and see."
"Let’s make a bet on which one learns to climb first."
"Well, if I win, give me your whole box of cigars."
Nine masters sneered at "I knew you took a fancy to my cigar"
Qin Miao Miao some for three hours resisted "don’t take your momentum old"
"Although he is a little slower than the boss Er Ya, he will eat."
When Sanbao remembered his birth name, he wanted to eat. This birth name was given to him, which laid the foundation for his food brand and will be carried forward in the future.
He is fatter than the eldest brother and the second sister, not as handsome as the eldest brother and not as smart as the second sister.
But fortunately, Ma Ma dotes on him a little, and he is a little weaker among the three. Is it easy for him to have a little fat paper?
It’s all tears.
Although it is a bully to the outside world.
But for those two tyrants, it’s true that they bully him.
Let’s go back to Su Jiuye’s bet with Lu Qing.
One day, that is, when I was three years old and about five months old, I really knew how to climb.
First, Er Ya’s boss learned to turn over. Lu Qing worked hard in anger. Er Ya turned over. Er Ya was also very helpful. He learned it in just ten minutes.
Then you can crawl. It’s Er Ya who learns first.
And the boss learned it five minutes later.
Do you want to talk about it or did Master Su lose?
But who is his ninth master and how can he let himself lose? So he started a competition with Lu Qing for more than ten years.
One cultivates the boss, the other cultivates two ya.
It’s simply cultivated according to the top heir model.
Since then, Boss Su and Er Ya Lu have been engaged in hellish training for more than ten years, and the two of them are tied up.
Qin Miaomiao couldn’t stop Kegen, so she could cultivate food according to her way.
I was happy when I was a child. I ate, slept, played and ate.
Speaking of IQ, he can’t compare with big brother and second sister, but he is the happiest.
Ma Ma is the cutest Ma Ma in the world.
Of course, she will still educate and learn, and he has learned it, just a little stupid:
Chapter 764 Unwilling
Huang Shan took the initiative to find him and left the company. She was really unwilling. Although the front desk blocked her out, she was still waiting in the lounge next to her.
Unconsciously, an hour passed, and when she couldn’t see him, someone appeared. She rushed over in a hurry and excitement, blocking his way.
"I have something to tell you."
Shirley glanced at her condescendingly and snorted "I don’t have time for you to see me"
"Please, I really have something important to tell you."
Shirley wanted to think and promised two people to a very popular bar.
"Say what you have to say."
Li Li didn’t want to spend too much when he didn’t want to surf, so he stared at the flowers and took a glass sample and said his requirements
"If you want to explain what you did, you’d better not say it."
I came to Huang Shan to explain the sweet things of flowers alone. Now I know that Li Li doesn’t want to listen to the meaning, and my heart is cold. I knew that he didn’t want to listen, but I couldn’t find a reason to say it. She still spoke anxiously.
"It’s too late for me to explain myself now, but I won’t take the initiative to provoke her if she doesn’t provoke me. You can’t listen to my explanation."
"When I give it to you, if you say it’s urgent again, you can get out."

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