But he said, Everybody out.

The bodyguards should leave.
Tehran, once again shocked, she looked at the expensive glass, and his hand was broken because of the alienation. Thank you for crushing a glass fragment and cutting his palm, but he didn’t feel bad at all. He grabbed the white silk scarf on his chest and wiped his hand at random.
Where are you from? He asked her with dark eyes.
j city people
Are your parents surnamed Xiao? He look at her as if to notice her expression.
Tehran’s heart is somehow a little nervous. It’s not that she has never seen a big shot, but it’s rare that she looks back at his eyes and doesn’t know what to think.
I have no parents and I am an orphan. Wang Chuan said that if you can’t remember your family, then my family is your family and my family is your home.
Maybe she will change her mind when her memory comes back, but now she really can’t remember and there is no need to tell her story to a stranger, because she doesn’t know whether he is holding her eyes or what he wants to see her, so she can take it one step at a time.
Section 2
Orphan … His eyes were dim. It’s really unlikely.
No, are you Xiao Hailan, who runs a children’s shoe store?
桑拿按摩  title=How do you know? Hailan was amazed
He hung his head slightly, and the beautiful radian of his eyelash face silhouette in the shadow seemed to mock himself. He gently hooked his lips, My son told me about you.
Your son?
Your son?
He Liantong went to your store to buy shoes today.
The genius boy?
not bad
He changed a glass and drank up the tequila.
The smell of tulips and wine is in the air.
Tehran, frowning spirits hurt you to drink less
He raised his eyebrows and sneered.
I haven’t been popular for a long time. It’s a pity … It’s not her.
Tehran, zheng by such expression.
She closed her eyes.
There was a flash of pain on his face.
She covered her head with a buzz.
Eyeball absence
Pale lips
Her brain suddenly ached unbearable.
What will be painful? !
What? !
What, she will feel pain because of a stranger’s ridicule? !
What’s the matter with you? He Lianyin’s accent is very cold
My head hurts ….. Her fingers unconsciously tightened and became white.
He Lianyin looked at her.
Looking at her, she gradually bowed her head and cried with pain and help, and some painful cracks began to appear in her pupils.
an instant
His heart seemed to have been hit hard by something. He suddenly got up without thinking about the situation and lifted her horizontally out of the dark fundus of the bead curtain as if there was no bottom hole.
What’s to save her? Maybe even he doesn’t know.
Maybe …
Is it because she looks like her?
Although it doesn’t look very similar.
Although it’s not her.
He still can’t hide her pain. He thinks maybe it’s because he misses Xiao Yin very much.
Call an ambulance He Lianyin said to Dai Mu around him.
Dai Mu’s eyes were full of surprise, but he didn’t say anything. His eyes quickly glanced at the woman in He Lianyin’s arms and then began to broadcast ambulance words.
this moment
Tehran, the head has exploded with pain.

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