Huo Jiujian sighed and sat beside the bench. It seems that your mind has been made up, and I won’t say much. Don’t be polite to me if necessary.

When have I been polite to you? You pulled the corners of your mouth.
I chatted with the little girl for a while in the evening, and three men soaked in the pool, and Jun Kuang told him about his punishment in the spiritual world. It’s nothing to do with Jun Qian’s laughter.
It’s true that you sold your teammates.
Isn’t coming to the team-mates to test the water cannon fodder before the battle? You are arrogant and confident
Huo Jiujian lowered his eyes and looked at his hand. I’m not a teammate. I’m not a teammate.
Early the next morning, Huo Jiujian helped you to get bigger and better, and asked Jun Qian to wake Qin Xiao up.
Qin Xiao hasn’t been away from Beijing in recent years, but she really doesn’t have much field trip experience except overlooking the mortal world several times from the sky. This time, she said she was closed, but she couldn’t get rid of the outing mood.
Bags, steamed buns, and flower rolls, you three should give me a horse sound if there is something wrong with your master. Huo Jiujian seriously commanded the three spirit beasts.
After all, Qin Xiaoma’s acceptance of marrow washing means that they will be released after being suppressed by the holy deed. Everyone is planning to listen to Huo Jiujian’s words in a few small realms.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-one Emperor rewelding help each other
It is said that you are crazy and didn’t go far. Because Emperor rewelding came here very generously, he said that he could borrow her with him.
Before, let the fierce thunder and fog wolves and some elites of the war clan absorb the pure aura of heaven and earth from the abode of fairies and immortals of Emperor rewelding. Earlier, the Ling Emperor had already made rapid progress for the two ethnic groups, and they had already returned to the clan.
It’s the voice of the Emperor of Wounds that tells the Emperor of rewelding to ask him to help her, and then she will let bygones be bygones.
Emperor rewelding’s implication is to thank her crazily, but someone is not necessarily so obedient. It’s very kind of you to be my sister. If you hadn’t been married, I would have asked the master to marry you even if I kneeled my leg.
Get out of here and Emperor rewelding is crazy Who cares if you don’t look at the ruin of the Emperor and the teacher? Anyway, Qin Xiao is a disciple of the Lotus Emperor, and although he often compares with the Lotus Emperor to show his love, after all, the Lotus Emperor is also a family of her ancestors and predecessors in the North Palace.
I’m praising you, the teacher elder sister. You somehow cooperate with me. You’re crazy and left the pie mouth, squatting down.
I’m too lazy to talk to you. Do you want to go in? Emperor rewelding stared at Jun’s madness. She was too lazy to see Jun’s madness when she had something to do with Jun’s madness.
Thank you, Senior Sister. Qin Xiao was dressed in a plain dress. The head of the dress was a gift from the monarch. She gave a blessing to Emperor rewelding.
Emperor rewelding smiled with satisfaction. Obviously, it was because of her income that she would leave Huo Jiujian with her in the abode of fairies and immortals. When she left, she did not forget to say, Don’t worry that the velocity in the abode of fairies and immortals is much faster than that outside, and they will come out soon.
Thank you Huo Jiujian gave a gift.
Jun Qian chewed chicken wings in his mouth and looked at Emperor rewelding with a smile. Don’t take my brother seriously when he talks.
talkative emperor rewelding a look across blocked jun Qian red-handed.
Junkuang and Qin Xiao were brought with them by Emperor rewelding. They were stunned by the pure aura of the whole abode of fairies and immortals. There were several elites in the former war clan and the fierce thunder and fog wolf. This practice is supposed to consume quite a lot of aura of heaven and earth. How long did it take before the concentration returned?
This abode of fairies and immortals is really a good thing. Jun looked around the abode of fairies and immortals carefully, and determined that the velocity of the abode of fairies and immortals was five times that of the outside world, which means that they only spent ten days outside the abode of fairies and immortals for two days.
夜生活I had a hunch that it would take a long time to wash the pulp before Jun Kuang came out to close it, so it seems that he won’t hear too many complaints from Huo Jiujian when he gets back.
After all, every time he comes back from nowhere, Huo Jiujian will blame him for ignoring the state affairs and throwing the pile of letters to him for a civilian to handle.
Think like this. You’re crazy and unconsciously evoke the corners of your mouth.
What’s your bad idea? Qin Xiao raised his hand and twisted his arm.
Nothing. I suddenly feel that if you become worse than me, I will hug my thighs and ask you to protect me. You gave Qin Xiao a laugh.
Qin Xiao’s eyes turned and smiled. Yes, but there are so many emperors and Xuanzong’s disciples. I estimate that I can fight with few guards. That’s not what I can guarantee. How can I miss the opportunity to mend the knife when I see your crazy face and smile? Besides, if we are not as good as people, we can’t beat others. How can I protect it?
Everything should be on the bright side, but we can still run. Jun laughed wildly and threw himself into Qin Xiao’s arms. I’ve left enough success. Even if the state degradation is serious, I will make a comeback as soon as possible. Then it’s really my call at the end of the day.
Oh, Qin Xiao raised his eyebrows and took a look at Jun Kuang. Are you sure everything is your call?
Jun crazy suddenly realized that he smiled and let go of his little girl. No, he said slowly, God, I’m in charge, you’re in charge.
Tick Qin Xiao flexed his little finger.
In the early stage of pulp washing, more than Emperor rewelding had arranged for Jun Kuang. Jun Kuang saw a large piece of crystal carved from heaven and earth with a piece of paper on the desktop. According to the previous instructions, he touched the direction of the medicine garden and a couple of men and women were sprinkling water on the medicine field.
This pair of men and women are not people. You can see at a glance that they are the elixir of transformation, and they have been stagnant for some reason.
You are the man turned to look at you crazy.
Xuanzong Junkuang Junkuang raised the paper in his hand. Elder martial sister told me that we had prepared a suitable place for me to ask you.
It turned out to be a crazy emperor woman is obviously much stronger than a man. She swept to the crazy king and looked at it carefully before she spoke again. You can’t understand the truth of asking for directions, can you?
sister man ran over and pulled her sleeve, and the woman threw the man aside with a flick.
Jun swallowed saliva and looked up at the woman in front of him and took out two big bottles of elixir. Little Stone doesn’t know if I can knock on a road.
Well, it’s good. The woman pulled out the cork and sniffed, What is the emperor’s generosity? Please come with me.
Emperor rewelding made Qin Xiao wash his marrow smoothly, and specially prepared a stone chamber with a hot spring that was almost enough for two or three people to make it at the same time.
You are crazy to notice that the whole bottom of the pool is paved by the aura of crystalline heaven and earth. Although the wall is a general cave wall, there are many decorations hanging on the wall, all of which are carved by the aura of crystalline heaven and earth. There is still a picture on the top of the stone room. After all, pulp washing is not a very comfortable process. If you can enter the visual state before pulp washing, Qin Xiao should not feel a lot of pain.
It’s all our brothers and sisters who help to decorate the crazy emperor. You don’t lose money on this Dan medicine. The woman is crazy about the stone door for you. We will come and ask about the situation after 49 days. If you go out before, please directly knock on the cave wall, and we will come to the abode of fairies and immortals immediately.
Jun crazy to the two arch hand thank you
Qin Xiao is not shy about strangers, but it is rare to see such a strong woman with a lower attitude than Jun, but so arrogant and eye-lifting, which will make her realize that this person is not easy to mess around and may be scolded.
So wherever Junkuang went, she followed the stone door. After the door was closed, she leaned out from behind Junkuang and made a face at the stone door.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Closed pulp washing
Naughty Jun frantically picked and rubbed Qin Xiao’s head. These two have helped us a lot, but we have to thank them when we come back.
Qin Xiao is wrinkly to knit the wrinkled nose looks up at you crazy know repetitive.
You’d better take a look at this picture first. What do you think of it? Jun Kuang didn’t intend to delay the nonsense, but it’s more important to talk about it later. He put Xiaoyu Ding next to the pool and tried to integrate his consciousness into the visualisation.
Qin Xiao looked up at the visual map and felt as if he had been sucked in.
The Milky Way, the universe, the sea, the moon and the blood wash the world. She felt that the repeated rotation of many scenes in front of her eyes had left her with no spare capacity to think and understand passive acceptance.
How can you see so much? Jun frowned crazily and raised his hand to cover Qin Xiao’s eyes. Don’t look.
Ah, Qin Xiao was desperately trying to engrave the scene into her memory. She was suddenly interrupted by Jun’s madness and got a fright. I haven’t remembered it yet.
You seem to have met a special situation, and I need to ask my senior sister. Jun Kuang’s eyes beckoned to the next pool. You go to soak first, and try to imagine that there is a heaven and earth aura entering from your pores and gradually enriching your body.
Qin Xiao nodded somewhat disappointed and looked up to see Fang’s picture root, which is birds flock to the phoenix.
How do I see so many scenes from this picture? She is a little confused herself.
I tried to enter that mysterious state again, but I never succeeded again. I remember that both her master and her second master told her that epiphany was a rare state. Once the opportunity was missed, I didn’t know when it would happen again.
So my epiphany was interrupted. Thinking like this, Qin Xiao couldn’t help but burst into anger. She gave Jun Kuang a hard look and kicked Jun Kuang lightly.
Ouch! Peripheral nerves are the most sensitive. Qin Xiao’s nose is sore with pain, and his eyes are foggy. He gnashed his teeth and looked at a face of madness. You compensate me for the epiphany.
Wen Yan Jun’s madness is even more stupid. You haven’t practiced, how can you have an epiphany? He paused and said, Epiphany should also be able to see a scene go by slowly. You have such an epiphany that even your second master has never had it.
The second master is not as powerful as that. Qin Xiao was excited when he heard this. Does that mean that I am more powerful than the second master?
Didn’t I just say it wasn’t an epiphany? Jun Kuang sighed earnestly. Why don’t you go soak in the pool and wait for me to ask about the situation before washing your marrow?
Qin Xiao pouted and gouged out your crazy eyes. She was still upset about being interrupted by your crazy. You took out your crazy voice and Yu couldn’t help but wake him up and said, Turn around and don’t watch me undress.
Okay, I don’t watch it. Jun Kuang sighed in his heart and went to the corner of the room to start giving a sound to Emperor rewelding.
Emperor rewelding didn’t expect it to be like this. It can be said that she will ask his stuff. If no one knows, she can start with the ancient books. She suggested that you should wash Qin Xiao’s pulp first. After all, even if it is an epiphany, it is difficult to recover the loss. It is better to take care of the immediate goal.

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