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At the moment, Wei Qingyi and Wei Suyu are too lazy to even say let them go, because I know that I can’t protect myself with a pregnant woman.

What’s wrong with Mo Shuhua? She went to my house.
Anxious to turn the car into a rocket.
Less than half an hour later, the car door turned into the entrance of the apartment in Hutong Lane and stopped.
I quickly opened the door and saw Mo Shuhua sitting next to a chair with two bodyguards as emperor.
桑拿会所Mother was held aside by Uncle Zheng, sitting in a wooden chair, looking slightly pale and in a bad mood.
Mom’s mental illness is just right, so I’m worried. I quickly squatted in front of my mother to see her and asked her, "Mom, are you okay?"
Mother’s eyes slowly came back to me, and my face was sad and painful. "Is everything Lily Shuhua said true?"
I turned my head and looked at Mo Shuhua. She sat there laughing proudly and mockingly.
What did she say? What kind of mother has such an expression?
I gritted my teeth at Mo Shuhua. "Mo Shuhua, what exactly did you say to my mother?"
No2 I’m proud that I can’t give you 2. Chapter 5 Don’t worry.
Mo Shuhua smiled more and more proudly and raised her hand over her hair and said, "What else can it be? Mo Yanli, you went to be someone else’s mistress and got pregnant with a child who doesn’t know who it is. Oh, oh, oh, and what’s more, you cheated on your husband and even got pregnant with a bastard. Your child root is neither Qingyang nor Mr. Wei. I just told you the truth of these things. "
I turned my head in panic, and my mother looked at me with a sad face. Her eyes were faint and sad and she said, "Is everything Ruan Shuhua said true?"
I am speechless. Most of what Mo Shuhua said is true. How can I explain it?
I was so angry that I suddenly got up and slapped Mo Shuhua in the face.
Because I moved too fast, this slap was really played. It was a little noisy, and the hutong courtyard was also loud.
She was slapped in the face for an instant and immediately screamed at me to try my best.
As the driver’s load stopped Mo Shuhua and led two bodyguards, he also stopped before and somehow got into a fight.
I was surrounded by Wei Qingxiang and retreated to the side to avoid the fisticuffs.
But I was so angry that I looked back and just wanted to explain to my mother when I just turned my head and slapped my mother and waved a shadow.
I cocked my head, my ears buzzed and my cheeks stung.
I can’t tell you the sour taste in my heart. Tears have flowed from my eyes.
I buried my face in my eyes and looked at my mother shaking her lips, but I didn’t know what to say.
My mother gritted her teeth and looked at me with anger and sadness. She said angrily, "Soft, why do you want to do such a shameful thing? I always teach you to be worthy of heaven and earth. Even a girl should be indomitable, but you are actually."
"Mom, do you believe her and don’t believe me? Mo Shuhua came to tell you this today. You asked me, but I didn’t explain anything, so you believed her?" I cried and asked
She shook her head and looked down at Wei’s light body. She had lost her temper and became very alienated. "Who did you say was your baby?" It’s not him. Why did you lie to me about him? "
I was speechless. At the beginning, Qingyang forced me to do something. I didn’t shy away from my mother, but I didn’t do something. I was afraid of hurting her heart and making her feel that I was threatened and tortured because of her illness in the past two or three years.
I gritted my teeth and didn’t speak.
Wei Qingkui hugged me and suddenly said, "This matter has nothing to do with Ruan Ruan, and Miss Mo said that the child in Ruan Ruan’s belly is not mine. Does Miss Mo have any evidence?"
Section 92
Mo Shuhua raised her eyebrows and took out a pile of single tickets. She sneered and said, "Why not? These are all evidence that Mo Yanli went to Canada more than three months ago, but her brother-in-law is not in Canada. She went to Canada a week later and returned home pregnant. There are also records of her opening a room in a certain guild hall in Canada, and she knows who the man is, and even her pregnancy bills. Do you think I have sufficient evidence?"
I looked down at the bills around my feet, and the neighborhood discussion began to ring loudly and buzz around my ears like a spell.
I raised my hand and covered my forehead, feeling my hands and feet cold.
Before I went to the prostitute evidence booth, I was naked and stabbed me in the heart like a sharp sword.
I almost fell down and held my eyes tightly. Sen looked at Mo Shuhua coldly and said, "Evidence? Much like evidence, isn’t it? Ada "
As soon as Wei Qing’s words fell, Ada, the driver beside him, immediately stepped forward while someone took out an envelope from the car.
Ada took it and opened it, took out a bunch of photos and more bills, and even videos.
"Here is the record and evidence that Miss Mo Shuhua and your brother-in-law started to associate with each other in Qingyang four months ago. You and Mr. Yu Qingyang forced Miss Mo to go to Canada for pregnancy recording evidence. Ms. Yue was ill and coerced Miss Mo Huali to go to Canada. All this was directed by Miss Mo Shuhua and Mr. Yu Qingyang. Now we have evidence that Miss Mo Shuhua and Mr. Yu Qingyang threatened to intimidate others."
As Ada’s words came out, two men dressed in police handcuffed Mo Shuhua’s hand directly.
"We are the police. We have been reported that you threatened others and violated Article 42 of the Public Security Administration. Please come back with us for review."
Mo Shuhua stared at me suddenly, and no one thought that she wanted to struggle, but suddenly she didn’t struggle. She stared at me and scolded me, "Mo Gorgeous, you won’t be better than one day you will die a natural death. You and your mother, both of you bitches are bitches and foxes …"
She swore that people had been stuffed into police cars and taken away.
I loosened Wei’s cuddle and turned to go to my mother. Suddenly I knelt down and said, "Mom, I really didn’t forget you taught me …"
I was sad to explain that my mother suddenly hugged me and murmured with love, "It’s all my mother’s fault that makes you suffer for so many years. I’m sorry."
I couldn’t say how sad and happy I was, and I cried with my mother in my arms.
But I don’t want this emotion to be too big to pass out.
When I wake up again, I will sleep in my own room before I lie down.
In the chair next to him sat Wei Qingkui, holding a blue photo album in his hand, which was worn out.
Holding it in his white fingers, he gave birth to the dim light and the last ray of light from the window.
I sat up with my hands propped on the bed.
When he heard the sound, he quickly put the photo album over and carefully helped me open it. He was asked, "What’s wrong?"
I shook my head and looked outside. Mother and Uncle Zheng came in in a hurry.
"Soft, how are you?" Mother asked.
Uncle Zheng also asked, "Is there anything wrong? Are you hungry? Uncle made you soup. "
I still shook my head, but I didn’t feel anything uncomfortable. It was probably that I just fainted and scared them all. Three people came in together and Wei Suyu looked at me nervously.
I have been in good health since I was a child, and my bones are very tough. There are few headaches and brain fever. The only serious one is appendicitis surgery when I was ten years old.
I put shoes on my bed and suddenly thought of a surprise to see Wei Qingxiang and Wei Suyu. "Aren’t you going back to the imperial city?" What time is it now? Why don’t you go? "
"Don’t worry" Wei is light and awkward.
I motioned for myself that I had nothing to do. I thought that this happened today and I was dizzy, which was the best chance to dodge to the imperial city.
At this thought, I immediately said kindly to him, "I’m fine, but I’m a little emotional. Your grandmother can’t help but go to the birthday party. It’s too early to sign it, and she can arrive before midnight."

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