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"Do you want to go to the hospital to treat a wound?"

Shirley looked at Mo Wenwan and shook her head. "No, it’s just a bruise. It will be fine in a couple of days."
Mo Wenwan nodded and didn’t repeat going to the hospital. Instead, he reported one thing to him: "I’ve seen Lu Xun and reached a consensus with him, and now he and I are in harmony":
spa会所Chapter 12 Dismissal meal
Folded away from hearing the word can’t help but praise MoWenWan "MoWenWan is MoWenWan can’t do it without you. You don’t want to do things.
"Shirley always polite since it’s a win-win thing, naturally, we can’t miss it, and I found that punishment and Qing Lu are incompatible, and they will fight sooner or later."
Li Li turned his eyes to a serious mo Wen wan. I never thought of seeing Lu Qingru’s lost office with my own eyes. Seeing that his career is getting worse and worse, he can succeed if he wants to do something. This is the most uncomfortable thing. He now has a happy family with Qin Miao. This is envy and envy.
"I want to ask you who is behind this revelation. Do you know?"
Mo Wenwan immediately sounded the alarm when he heard Li Li’s words. The whole person panicked and looked at him in the eyes in amazement and said, "I don’t know. I finally found out that it was a workshop."
"What’s a workshop? It’s revealed that there are many private workshops for artists, but it’s not just any workshop that dares to reveal information about people with status and power."
With Li Li’s words, Mo Wen-wan knocked on a small drum in her heart and looked at each other’s eyes in a daze seriously. She became trance-like and thought that if Li Li found out about this, she didn’t know how big the fire would be. It seems that it is necessary to nip in the bud or prepare for it before.
"Don’t worry about the drama at hand for the time being. Look for actors when you are in a good market this year. You don’t know what the market is. You should focus on developing profitable projects."
"Don’t worry, manager Li, I’m ready in advance."
Mo Wenwan’s mind has long had the idea of competing with Qin Miaomiao. Her personal information is not bad compared with Qin Miaomiao’s, but many convenient Qin Miaomiao’s resources and funds are relatively strong. Although she has always recognized that she can compete with Lu Qing, after a long time, it’s hard to say that it’s an abnormal tug of war.
Staring at Huang Shan’s bed in her head, Mo Wenwan had a bold idea in her heart to know that Huang Shan’s play was coming to an end, so she planned to let Huang Shan take over the play, so that Li Li would not be happy when the time came.
"Huang Shan, Huang Shan, don’t blame me. Who told Li Li to see you unhappy? I also see you unhappy. If you can be obedient and don’t suffer, it would be better to have a lot of resources in your hand. It’s a pity that if you mix around like this again, maybe Li Li Li will give up on you."
Corners of the mouth with an unhappy smile thinking about Huang Shan is planted in their own hands this time, shooting themselves in the foot is all some stupid things, even if she climbed out of bed without brains, people won’t leave a mark on her eyes, but Huang Shan is an idiot.
The set is drawing to a close, but Huang Shan dare not neglect it.
Recently, too many bad things have happened. Before her popularity plummeted, she sold it to herself. Now she has suffered a lot and her heart is getting colder and colder.
"I can see clearly now, even if I want to climb, I won’t have a chance. Fortunately, the scene is almost finished, and I don’t need to eat any farewell dinner when I leave directly.":
Chapter 13 I’ll deal with this matter
Huang Shan thought about the countermeasures in her heart, and her crying was seen by the assistant like a crybaby.
Not far away, Hua Tiantian is too lazy to argue with Huang Shan these days. It seems that they have cultivated a lot of tacit understanding, and they know whether to say it or not with one eye. In the end, they simply shut up and ignore each other.
"Sweetness, I think Huang Shan is beginning to get it again. You see, her eyes are all wrong, blurred and scheming. I think she may be planning something new in her heart."
"All right, all right, anyway, if we ignore her, she won’t come to find fault with me. I haven’t offended her and I’m far away from her. Even if she wants to find fault, she can’t find it."
Hua Tiantian has learned this time. It’s really strange that it is necessary for people like Huang Shan to ignore anything, even if the sky falls, she will calmly accept it.
"By the way, there are still a few days left for me to see."
"About three or four days, depending on the director’s arrangement."
Hua Tiantian nodded. "By the way, Qin Jie said that she would come to visit my class before she was killed. Please be careful not to miss the words these two days."
"Don’t worry, I’ve always remembered this."
Hua Tian’s eyes didn’t stop for a moment, and she held her arms all the time, almost sleeping with the drama. There were many ideas in her heart, one after another, and she had already thought about what to do after the filming.
"I don’t know how many days off I will have after the game."
"I’m thinking about holidays now. Didn’t you say you like to be busy and enrich your life?"
Hua Tiantian rolled a supercilious look at the assistant. When she heard her words, Meng Yan came to mind. She shook her head grumpily and said, "It’s strange that I have nothing to think about what he is doing."
In my heart, even if I look forward to it again, I don’t want to spend my holiday with Meng Yanlian. In my heart, I think more and more, and I don’t think that finally things become complicated. Finally, she finds that she has a little more affection for Meng Yan.

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