The spirit beast will be seriously injured when it is so small, which will cause a great shadow to them. Even if it recovers soon, the fear of fighting ability will be greatly reduced in the future. What’s the point of sending high-order spirit beasts to middle-class spirit beasts?

"It’s plain for me to say this," Jun laughed wildly. "I have a way to make them lose their meat in pain and consciousness, and it depends on your decision."
You crazy, after all, is the emperor Xuanzong’s good medicine, but there is life and death, human flesh, bones and Dan medicine, and there is absolutely no shortage of such skills. At least you have the confidence to make a deal.
"Well," the five people winked at each other and finally made Miao Dao speak. "I believe in you. My spirit beast is very strong. It is enough to believe in it. Since you gave me half of this chance, I will return it to you. I never like to owe anyone."
Look at everyone’s face, except Miao Dao’s face is relieved, and everyone else is relieved. Your crazy expression is white. Among these five people, Miao Dao is really a different kind.
Didn’t you see this when you were cynical at the beginning? Did Miao Dao really make a difference?
He was a little curious about how these five people got together.
"Since there is no problem, let us go" makes Miao Dao call out the spirit beast. This spirit beast is really big. It is said that the whole channel is blocked and it is not the largest.
You’re crazy. The spirit beast took two pills of Dan medicine with one chop, and the torn leg meat grew and recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Qin Xiao gently sipped his lips and handed him a bottle of Dan medicine and a box of ointment. "Ointment rubbing near the wound can accelerate recovery; This bottle of Dan medicine for you can help you increase your repair. "Seeing each other, wait for a while stared at her face. She stuffed things in the past and returned to the original position."
"Tell me your name," Jun asked coldly.
"seedling end"
"This is for you. If it is difficult for someone in Houzongmen, please give this to Dean Shi." Jun crazy handed over a golden thing.
Miao took it and looked at it curiously. It was suddenly discovered that it was a Long Lin "You are you"
You gave him a crazy wind, shook his head lightly and made a gesture of silence.
He went out far away, and Miao Mo still kept his fuels ready and sent, and didn’t dare to get up.
"Elder brother, why did you expose your identity?" Qin Xiao took a puzzled look at Jun crazy.
"On a whim," Jun laughed wildly. "It’s not exposure. It’s a hint that I’m a dragon. Dragons don’t usually walk in the spirit world. He’ll think I have it with dragons."
The dragon is the owner of the fantasy world, and all six worlds are first-class and strong races. Even a trivial branch of the dragon has a high status in the spiritual world.
Three people once again open blazing tigon this guy rushed to smell fresh meat.
Seeing your crazy hands, he snorted contemptuously. "That’s not enough for me to plug my teeth."
"Come with me if you want to eat." This time, Jun Qian took a funny look at the blazing tigon. "The outside world is too big to eat, so I can’t beat you."
夜生活"Fine." The blazing tigon is also tired of this place. "Then help me roast the meat."
"Good!" Wen Yanjun jumped on the back of tigon with all his strength. "Don’t move when you are good."
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Kill the chicken as a lightsaber
Jun Qian can’t understand this kind of behavior. "Why do you jump on its back when you barbecue?" That’s my future spirit beast. You killed it before I rode it.
Think about yourself. There seems to be something wrong with this thought. Jun Qian hurriedly shook his head to try not to continue to think slanting.
"Don’t you want to barbecue?" You gave Jun Qian a crazy funny look. "Otherwise, you can barbecue."
"You unexpectedly" blazing tigon was so angry that he was about to roll his eyes. He also jumped wildly to what he wanted to do, but he wanted him to have a barbecue.
!!!! !w!w!w!!!!!! !!!

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