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Although I don’t know her well, they always met once. At that time, she remembered that Liu Yun threatened her not to be near the song in the bathroom. This is not a problem because idols and objects have always been two different things. According to her personality, it can be inferred that she is a domineering and arrogant character. Because Lu Zitong’s body is bruised, she can see that she is not a kind person. If Han Luoxiao is with her, it is conceivable what will happen to those girls who are close to Han Luoxiao.
In this world, there is a kind of woman who is gentle and lovely in front of men, and she is fierce and domineering in front of women. I don’t know if Liu Yun is like this. Lian Yin can’t assert that she will be unfaithful to love, but she always feels that she is not a girl who can be together forever.
夜网论坛And xiaojin.
What if Han Luoxiao and Liu Yun fall in love?
"Are you together?"
"Not yet. We are friends now, but if we have a good relationship together, just try to talk about it, and then we can date four people together, but I won’t tell her about you and Xiao when I talk to her."
For others, HeLianYin still trust her silence some awkward.
Should I tell Xiao Jin how much I love him?
But what if he still doesn’t like Xiao Jin after talking about it? Didn’t Hou Xiaojing have to make a detour in embarrassment when he saw him? Hey, I suddenly feel that a lot of things have happened. Let’s wait until we discuss it with Xiaojing before making a decision.
But how can they know that Han Luosi and Liu Yun are also thinking about two people with He Lianyin and Han Luoxiao and then four people go on a date?
Chapter 112 Birthday party
Mother Han’s birthday banquet was held on the top floor of five-star hotel on Hong Kong Island.
Big red carpet
Crystal chandeliers are bright and gorgeous.
On the first floor, guests come and go on the sightseeing ladder, and the clothes are beautiful and jeweled.
While talking with a mobile phone, mother Han walked to the Hanroth lounge. The bright red skirt fluttered and shook her neck, and the shiny diamond necklace. Mother Han’s back was straight and turned into Hanroth room like a queen, followed by several hoteliers.
You can’t be so ostentatious when you come to Hong Kong, but Han’s mother got her hands on the business community and Han’s father divorced. She is now the highest referee in this five-star hotel, and she belongs to a successful woman with both money and money.
Section 152
"Sisi Baby, it’s almost six o’clock. Are you ready?" Han’s mother bent down and kissed Han Luosi on both cheeks.
"Soon," said Han Luosi, looking up with a smile, "Mom, do you think I should wear that white dress tonight? Is that black skirt better? My brother and sister are so beautiful that I don’t want her to drown my thunder. I’m your daughter. "
"Is that girl really that beautiful?" Han Mama smiles, and Han Luosi’s similar face makeup is exquisite and her lips are bright.
If it weren’t for Hanlos calling her mother, everyone would really want them to be sisters.
"True mother, she is the beauty queen of our school now. Everyone says so."
"Well," Han’s mother thought for a moment and called a female assistant in a black suit. "You go and push Chanel’s high-end clothes to let Sisi choose a favorite."
Hallows’ eyes lit up. "Not yet?"
Chanel’s high-end clothes have always been customized by the royal family. You can wear those special customized clothes and your status is either rich or expensive.
"Well, tonight is my birthday. How can I let others surpass my daughter? Don’t worry, Sisi Mom will definitely make you the focus of everyone’s eyes tonight. "
"Thank you, Mom."
"What are the two mothers and daughters thankful for? By the way, I heard that Auntie will come over tonight, right? "
"It’s mom, brother Yin. It’s great now. He’s a big star."
"This I know politely gave birth to a good son, the longer the more handsome I am, the more afraid I am of being compared with him." Korea’s mother smiled and said that she was proud of being a very handsome and handsome child, and her personality was pleasing to adults, so she was elated when she saw it.
"Yes, brother Yin is so beautiful, mom. Will you let brother Yin be your son-in-law after you say it?" Hanlos naively said
Han’s mother smiled and faded away a little thoughtfully. "Sissi, do you really like Ayin that much?"
"I like it."
"But Ah Yin is so famous now, you will be very tired." Sisi is her daughter, Han Ma, and she still knows that Ah Yin’s momentum will surely become popular all over the world in the future, but Sisi is a little mediocre in all aspects except being exquisite and beautiful. It is really a bit difficult to pair up with Ah Yin.
Especially in the entertainment circle, there has always been a shortage of beautiful women, A Yin, who has known Sisi for so many years and has not shown any interest in her. Han’s mother is sure that Sisi can’t control A Yin, so it will become more and more painful to think about it, and A Yin will not stay until the last two people are forced to get together and may be separated again.
She is such a daughter that she is unwilling to be disappointed or mired in mud.
"I’m not afraid that my mother will ask my brother Yin to be willing to join me, so I’ll never leave for a generation."
"What if he has a mistress?"
Han Luo thought, "Then I don’t mind asking him to return my love to me. How many people are so-called asking him to stay with me at last."
"Sisi," Han’s mother touched her head and said earnestly, "The most important thing for a woman is to keep herself reserved and not humble to love someone. The more humble you are, the less the other person takes you seriously."
Hanlos didn’t speak.
After a long time, her eyelashes drooped. "Mom, there are some things that you can’t help but choose love, that is, love and not love."
"But you are still so young, and there are plenty of opportunities to meet one of your own."
"Mom, I don’t regret it," she said firmly. "On the ending, if I don’t regret it."
"Ah" Korea’s mother sighed and looked trance.
Not for a while
Chanel’s unfinished banquet ceremony was pushed in.
Han Luosi swept away the depressed mood just now and smiled and walked over to choose her own clothes to wear tonight. Rows of gorgeous evening gifts were presented to her eyes, and she scrutinized her eyebrows one by one.
Korea’s mother can’t persuade her, so she won’t say anything. She turned and left her room. Before she left, she took a look at Han Luosi. "I’ll go and greet the guests first. Come and help when you are ready."
Hanluosi house door
A tall and straight figure
Han Luoxiao was surprised to wear a simple casual pupil. "Does Mom Sisi like Ayin?"
Korea’s mother stare blankly for a nod.
Han Luoxiao is silent.
"What’s the matter?" Han’s mother asked him
"She has no future mother with Ah Yin. Please advise her." Then Han Luoxiao turned away regardless of Han’s mother’s face.
Six o’clock in the evening
The banquet hall is as bright as day
The guests gathered at the round table in twos and threes with noble hairstyles, talking and laughing, fragrant clothes and temples.

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