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The vicissitudes of life in the eyes of Hua Xie Xin are too obvious. Even if Qin Xiao suddenly meets her with her eyes, she consciously avoids it. After that, the little girl looks a little annoyed and makes you crazy.

"Long time no see" you crazy looked up and saw the flower flow xin one eye.
"I think it’s time for your brother and sister to take a trip to me." Hua Liu Xin smiled and looked very gentle and tender. There was more intellectual indifference, two points of ease and kindness. If there was no experience that could change people’s temperament, I believe that a few women who were not far from the summit would have more pride.
"I’m sorry about the pity thing."
Flower Flow Xin raised her hand to signal that you are crazy to stop this topic. "Flow element has caused you a lot of trouble, but I am a little sorry for you." She shook her head naively. "I would have said that obsession is too deep, but I didn’t expect her to follow in the footsteps of Manglietia."
"Following in the footsteps of Elder Sister Manglietia" Qin Xiao heard this statement for the first time, and Lei Yu’s strongest impression on Xishantou was Hua Xie Xin and Manglietia and two people.
Manglietia is the first two senior brothers. She knows that Manglietia is also at the top of the list among the students now. She is beautiful and modest, and she can teach her classmates to be persuasive. Even a lonely person can talk a few words. What does such a woman say about compassion? She followed in her footsteps.
Flower flow Xin smiled gently, like a warm wind. Qin Xiao was about to look rude because of her own performance. When she spoke at the right time, she said, "I left the Xishan head for the reincarnation of Manglietia."
I heard that Hua Liuxin said that Qin Xiaocai’s white lotus is not a log lotus, but the log lotus once said that the lotus emperor left his obsession and was reincarnated with consciousness, which made him a human being.
品茶  title=But that’s a very biased statement. After beautification, even Manglietia in previous lives believed the truth.
The most important thing for her students to compete for opportunities when she enters the lotus emperor’s abode of fairies and immortals is to think about it.
The result can be imagined.
She is very strong, which is the strongest among the students. Even Nanyuan made a special trip to many people’s sword array, but she killed her. No one thought that Lian Di chose but not her.
It’s a beautiful saying that many people have contact with lotus emperor and wait for the opportunity to be chosen, but Manglietia has been rejected and tried again and again, and she ended up with a wound and was forcibly rejected by the abode of fairies and immortals
This kind of situation not only damaged her reputation, but even she was rejected by her heart and never recovered.
Since then, there have been rumors in the college that all white people are jealous, just as Lei Yu said that even women from all walks of life can easily become jealous of widows next door. How can those who are unhappy because Manglietia is too conspicuous and beautiful not take the opportunity to throw stones at them?
I don’t know who quoted the classics as saying that Manglietia root was not the embodiment of obsession, but that the malice abandoned by Lotus Emperor before preaching was completely denied by Lotus Emperor, so it was rejected to that extent. The evidence is that many people have been exposed to Cheng and have been rejected, but no one was injured because of approaching Cheng.
This statement soon found a foothold among the students.
The fastest ears soon reached Manglietia flowers.
Through a visit to the students by Lian Di, she was willing to be severely punished by the students regardless of courtesy, and rushed to Lian Di to prove the truth, which made people desperate. Although the rumors were unfounded, they were not made out of nothing.
From then on, Manglietia completely gave up practicing, and looked for everyone all day long. Occasionally, Hua pitied Xin to send her right-hand man to look for her and brought her back drunk.
Even if you go against the fate, once you give up practicing before reaching the peak, the whole person will be miserable, but she obviously doesn’t appreciate it.
I can’t stand the gossip soon. Manglietia has been missing for a hundred years, and I haven’t heard from her any more. One day, Hua Xiexin suddenly found that Manglietia’s life was broken, and when I looked for it, I left a remnant soul.
Flower pity Xin will put away the unfinished soul, but it is still incomplete.
What Bai Manglian dislikes most is a part of her own evil, so she will separate this part and let the perfect part of the residual soul reincarnate, and whether it can be reincarnated smoothly depends on herself.
I have no intention of letting it grow up, but there happened to be a fierce beast coming from nearby. In the desperate struggle of these evils, Nai chose to board the fierce beast, and the pity element said that the monster beast was actually half of the fierce beast lineage.
"It turned out to be so" Qin Xiao was surprised from ear to ear when he heard such a story.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two To extraordinary enlightenment tea
What Bai Manglian dislikes most is a part of her own evil, so she separates this part to make a perfect part of the residual soul reincarnate, and whether it can be reincarnated smoothly depends on herself.
Reading in sections 167
watch from a height or distance
I have no intention of letting it grow up, but there happened to be a fierce beast coming from nearby. In the desperate struggle of these evils, Nai chose to board the fierce beast, and the pity element said that the monster beast was actually half of the fierce beast lineage.
"It’s all the past year, so don’t be too relieved." Flower Flow Xin smiled very nai.
"After hearing such a story, you made us forget that we still feel compelled." Jun Qian put away her past cynicism and gave a little respect to Hua Xie Xin’s fuels. "Jun Qian, the flower tutor, is quite admirable. I think you haven’t left Xishantou for so many years, just waiting for Sister Manglietia to reincarnate and want to accept her again to watch her reach the peak."
There seems to be a little satisfaction in Wen Yan Hua’s eyes. "I’m not so generous, but this is also my obsession. If I don’t let it go, I’ll prove it."
When it comes to the truth, it’s a little confusing for Qin Xiao to spend more time smiling and smiling, but you can’t see disappointment after you finish.
"Now that Elder Sister Manglietia has been reincarnated and devoted to your study, it’s quite outstanding. What can you not let go of?"
To tell you the truth, I’m not very clear’ flower flow xin with the wave’ these disturbing personnel aside, I suppress the few left in Shou Yuan today, and it’s already the limit. If it hits the emperor’s territory, it will inevitably encounter Armageddon, even before Manglietia repairs and pays photogenic attention; It’s been so many years now, but I don’t want to Du Jie. "
"That can’t be done." Qin Xiao hurriedly said, "If this is the case, there should be a goal. If you can’t succeed in Du Jie, you will be invisible in the future." She said it very stridently as if she was afraid that Hua Xie Xin would ruin herself with a single thought.
The actual root need not be so urgent.
"You have a heart." Flower Flow Xin smiled and nodded from her seat and gave Manglietia an expression of eyes. Soon, three teas were sent. "The past has come to an end. What I said is to let the emperor not blame himself too much, that is, it is difficult to turn over a new leaf. If she is careless, she will be led astray. If she is responsible, it will be less and I will be responsible for it."
"That’s a serious remark." You gave a crazy light cough. "Let’s stop here."
"Also," Flower Flow Xin nodded slightly. "You must also know that our most famous Xishantou is not such an eye-catching brother as Manglietia, nor a lot of men. Everything smells sour and sweaty everywhere, but all the essence is in this small cup." She paused and said, "There were three little guys who were supercilious here, but they were a little overbearing, but their personalities were different, but they were just as cute."
Maybe it’s really because of age or because you’re crazy and others have opened the box to show a lot of pity.
If someone else were crazy, he would be impatient to interrupt each other’s words, but this time he has been listening carefully with a smile on his lips.
Hua Liuxin is a respectable woman, which he never doubted.
Manglietia seem to know her life story. When Hua Liuxin spoke, she waited at the door and didn’t show any surprise about her life story. It seems that she knows exactly where this story will go.
Jun gave her a crazy look and thought she was colder than Lei Yu said.
"The flower teacher was not stingy and fooled us with a cup of tea." Jun frantically untied the lid of the tea bowl and looked at the two leaves at the bottom of the bowl with disgust.
Before Hua Liu Xin explained Manglietia, she said, "Two leaves are already a great favor to you."
"Excuse me, do you have any idea about this tea?" Qin Xiao looked at the light tea soup curiously.
"It’s called enlightenment after tea, and it will be easier to seize the opportunity in enlightenment," said Manglietia.
The most important thing in practice is to understand the true meaning of the Tao, no matter whether it is the avenue or the path, until the understanding of the details is slightly shaken, deviation may occur, so we should seize the opportunity and slip away from us
It’s a very special case that monks are not one or two, but at the age of twenty-five, they prove that you are crazy.
Every year, several monks beg for a cup of enlightenment tea and a generous gift, and say that even if they don’t give back, they will be familiar with their names, and there are always a few people who can’t bear the kindness. It is also a favor to give one or two leaves to these people who have given precious gifts year after year.
Even the younger brother of Xishantou College doesn’t necessarily have access to enlightenment tea for several years, ten years or even decades, let alone get a whole cup of tea or two leaves.
Very show flower flow xin expressed affection for the three of them.
It seems that Hua Xie Xin is a little old and doesn’t have so much energy to talk to Jun crazy. It may also be because she said too much and felt that the three of them would ask some questions that she couldn’t say.
As a result, after tea, she said that she wanted to rest and let Manglietia accompany them.
Three people and Manglietia didn’t have anything to say, and the three men left with their hands arched at Manglietia.
"I didn’t expect Sister Liu to have something to do with the flower tutor." Qin Xiao said it intentionally on the way back.
"I said, Chu Qian didn’t come with me and was the first one to say that he didn’t want to join us." Jun Qian snorted. "I don’t know if I should say that I am a little wife or a daughter when I met Manglietia."
"You said this to beg for a beating?" Jun shook his head crazily. "He didn’t come because he felt how old it was with Lian Di, but he felt that he was a guest in the North Gate. It was not appropriate to go to Xishantou at this time. Usually, almost every year, he would come to see Du Jie as soon as possible."
"I didn’t expect such a thing." Jun Qian nodded intentionally. "I want to interrogate him when I get back."
"What are you afraid of? He’s also a senior emperor. Pay attention to a junior dispute with me?" Jun Qian slightly raised the bar.

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