After Mu Lingtian finished, he pretended to punish the two children for scratching and giggling. Dad … we dare not!

This soft name is Mu Lingtian, and his bones are crisp. He obviously didn’t expect that the two children would call him that after one night. It feels good to be called dad by the children!
One big bed and two small beds have been playing around for a long time, and the two children are going to be proud. However, Mu Lingtian also let them make trouble. Not only do they feel that they are noisy, but they also feel that the room with these two children has become alive. At least now he won’t feel lonely.
What about Xi Han’s going around and thinking about it? Early night mother didn’t see two children figure ask her daughter.
Mom took Luo Wen and her two children to play yesterday and stayed at her place when it got dark! Ye Xihan dare not say that the children have to use Luo Wen as a shield in dear dad.
Well, I’ll say I didn’t see my two little grandchildren early in the morning!
I’m afraid the night mother will ask me again. Xihan drank two sips of milk in a hurry. Mom, I’ll go to work first!
good! Remember to pick up the children today! Night mother does not forget to tell.
I know! Mom night city culvert should be a sentence twisted into a ball in my heart. From yesterday to now, she is dying, so she can’t figure out the clue.
Does he know anything about the children?
She’s been working all day, and it’s all in her head.
Looking at the closed office, she knew he didn’t come today.
品茶论坛He should be with the children at the moment!
Suddenly, she really wanted to see the children. These two days, the children didn’t feel at ease, so she came to see and picked up her bag. She quickly left the company and took a taxi to the villa.
Outside the door, she summoned up the courage to knock on the door several times and finally gave up.
The children are with him, and she can’t go home tonight. Otherwise, the night mother asks her, and she doesn’t know what reason to look for. After thinking about it, she decided to stay with Luo Wen.
Lying in a big bed at night, Xi Han and Luo Wen chatted with their heads on their heads.
Xi Han said that you and he … Luo Wen stared and felt that the world was really too small.
I didn’t expect that I would work in his company!
This is the so-called fate! It seems that you are destined to be entangled in a generation!
Ye Xihan sighed, Is it very bloody?
Yes, it feels like a TV play! Luo Wen smiled and said that he remembered something again and continued to ask, By the way, does he know about the baby?
Night Xihan lowered his eyes. I don’t know! Now she doesn’t know the situation in the fog, and she doesn’t know whether he knows that the child is him or not.
What? Luo Wen is puzzled
It’s very depressing to say!
Do you want to talk about it?
For two days in a row, Muling was accompanied by two children in the villa. He was not a patient man, but he was surprisingly patient when he got along with the children these two days. It was incredible that he would be careless. He was also worried that he would not take good care of them. They didn’t expect him to take good care of them, and the children were very dependent on him. I can’t say how good it feels to be dependent!
He really has the feeling that he is a child dear dad! Even he thinks it’s so strange!
When Muling wanted to take the children out for dinner in the evening, the doorbell rang at first.
MuLingTian boring is two children first noticed.
Dad seems to be someone outside! Go for a ride and wake up these two days. If you get used to calling dad, you can’t change your mind if you call uncle again.
Dad, I heard it, too! Read a tender mouth and answer.
Who will Mu Lingtian be at this moment?
I didn’t come in a hurry to think about him. I opened the door and looked at the figure outside. I was stunned for a few days. I didn’t see this woman. He couldn’t deceive himself. Even if he hated her betrayal, he never stopped thinking about her.
I … I … I don’t know what I want to say at the door of Yexihan. Last night, Luo Wen and she said a lot of things. She thought about it all night and thought that Luo Wen said it was very reasonable. Today, she made a big decision to knock on his door. At this moment, she just wants to make it clear here, otherwise she will go crazy every day. She told herself that she should have some confidence in him. The child needs his father and she really needs him.
Who’s Dad? See MuLingTian has been at the door for a drive, curious to explore a little head to see.
Night Xihan looked at the child in shock. She was definitely not hearing voices just now.
What’s the situation?
They know each other?
Oh, my God. What did she hear?
The child called him dad!
Night Xihan was shocked and unable to slow down.
Look at the children for a while and look at Mu Lingtian for a while.
Muling looked at her in shock and squinted, but she misunderstood.
Looking at her expression, he didn’t want her to misunderstand himself.
Even though she has children with other men, he just doesn’t want her to misunderstand herself.
When I saw my mother in front of me, I almost immediately covered my mouth and bowed my head and dared not speak like a child who had done something wrong.
It’s over. Mom and Dad will be angry if they call uncle without mom’s consent! I was just about to apologize to my mother when Mu Ling Tianyin floated over. This child is a female employee of the company!
He consciously to explain let night Xihan is stiff body.
What does he mean? Now her brain is really dull, and she can’t figure it out for a while.
So he didn’t know it was him?
He hasn’t seen her message for so many days?
How come…
God, she needs a good haircut.
What the hell is going on here?
Mu Lingtian saw that she was still not recovered from the shock, and she misunderstood herself and thought about it. He should explain it more clearly.
I am afraid that the explanation will hurt the child’s heart. When his arm is stretched out, he will take a pocket and squat down a little. Be good and play with my sister. Dad has something to do now!
His voice was soft and light. Then he got up and closed the door with the half-closed door.
Night city culvert some dull looking at him.
Did she just hallucinate everything?
MuLingTian looked at her moment and lip again he is not my child! I am responsible for taking care of them for two days! After he opened his mouth to explain his heart, he laughed at himself. There is no need to explain so much. What’s the point of explaining more? It’s impossible for them. She already has other children. They can’t go back! Thought of here MuLingTian suddenly feel very sad.
Section 253
… Night Xihan stare big eyes to see that he didn’t know what to say at the moment.
They looked at each other for a long time, but they were silent.

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