This is your attitude towards Xiangyun Pavilion. The ink imperial anger has not been eliminated.

He doesn’t care whether the other party is disturbed by the manager here or not, he still has to take off a layer of skin.
I’m very sorry about Mo Shao, it’s all our negligence. The manager immediately smiled and apologized, pinching his fingers tightly together.
But looking at the ink imperial bosom people flashes suddenly had an idea.
But Mo Shao may not know Miss Shen very well, and she is also a frequent visitor here. Miss Shen’s stomach is not very hungry. The manager looked at Mo Yu and continued with his murderous eyes.
As soon as Miss Shen comes, we will be ready to eat as soon as possible, which will make Miss Shen have a stomachache.
The manager looked at the ink imperial gradually turned better and his face suddenly breathed a sigh of relief
But he hasn’t sent this tone yet. Someone’s face is darker than before.
Since she has stomach trouble, you are still grinding here. Mo Yu bit his teeth and stared at people.
It’s good to wait for the horse less gave birth to a wink and went out immediately after knowing it.
After a while, all the dishes set the table.
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☆ Chapter 46 Labor is sex.
The only thing that never dared to look up was that she thought her face must be red.
Ink royal looked at the table and nodded, and his face softened a little.
Yes, I waited for a long time, but the manager was still silly, which made Mo Yu’s good face suddenly disappear.
Xiangyun pavilion so big? The manager is so at leisure that those employees at hand can look at it this way. Ink royal sullenly and deep eyes look straight at the person next to him.
Gnome maleof course, busy is less ink, so I naturally want to entertain and strive to make less ink enjoy better. The manager looked at Mo Yu and smiled and said.
After that, I didn’t take Mo Yu to talk. The food has been neat and inkless. See if there are any dissatisfaction?
If it suits me, I’ll go and do his thing first, so I won’t bother you much.
Mo Yu listened to the manager’s words and looked at people’s eyes with appreciation, which was good and smooth.
Get out! These are all good, but after that, if you come to your place, the dishes should be light and nutritious, so go out first! I am very satisfied here for the time being.
Mo Yu began to drive people away, but he still wanted to get along with his little ancestors.
Little ink, slow ink, Mrs. Slow ink, the manager said and went out.
Wait until the door is closed.
PSST ink imperial breath at the only small hand pinched his waist.
This dead girl really got her hands on it. Don’t you know that loin is the most tender?
You’re just hiding your identity from me. You still have so many people watching jokes about labor and capital, old man. You’re so capable of being a labor and capital without temper, aren’t you?
The only thing that makes me feel better is to pinch someone’s waist and watch someone turn red.
Don’t. She doesn’t know that those thoughts in the old man’s heart just want people to see her jokes.
spa会所Otherwise, I wouldn’t have left people here for a long time to grind my teeth.
She opened the big miss Shen Shi, and she was cool and arrogant, so these people disappeared in front of them.
Don’t be angry, is it because I’m wrong or because I’m wrong? Ink imperial can willynilly beg for mercy first.
He really doesn’t have the mind to play tricks on this little ancestor. I don’t know how many strange ideas are in this little ancestor’s mind every day
This brain hole is really unique.
The only way to look at ink royal nose sniffed carefully.
The two men who just drove were not too close, and he had nothing but a slight smell of alcohol.
However, these two people are very close now, and the only smell is the faint smell of perfume mixed with alcohol.
The pupil contracted a little and grabbed the ink imperial neckline.
What she hates most in her life is those men who are drinking and drinking. If this man is her husband.
What if this man is her husband? If this person …
The only thing I feel is that I feel uncomfortable in my heart. What do you say about going out to drink? You will smell like perfume.
The only way to look at people’s eyes is that they are dark and can’t see the edge, and they are as clear as water at ordinary times.
Mo Yu heard the only words and frowned. He really went drinking and messing around.
Don’t say that there is a little ancestor, but when there is no little ancestor, he is very rhythmic.
Tilt your head and smell yourself. There is indeed a trace of perfume in the wine.
Smell the ink royal face suddenly dark here, I wish I could unload the Nangong brocade that likes to make trouble.
Little ancestor, let me explain. Mo Yu said that he was going to pull a finger.
The only one opened his hand and his eyes looked unusually cold and strange.
I don’t need you to explain that this is what employers and employees see. I don’t believe anyone. I just believe what I see.
The only person who may be said to have become sharper because it reminds her of many very unpleasant things.
I have forgotten what I know very well, but now I see that I have always buried myself in my heart.
Section 4
That is, after a long time, a thorn can always be successfully forgotten by itself, but it is still painful to touch it gently.
Mo Yu looked at the loneliness and desolation in the only eye, and his heart was as painful as being pulled by something.
That’s something he hasn’t experienced in the past 30 years.
Holding people in my arms and touching the only smooth hair, watching people move as if they were lost in their own world.
Little ancestor, let me explain, okay? The ink royal gently touched people and said in a very gentle tone.
He knew that the only thing that might have misunderstood him could be seen from Shen Yan.
Because Su Ying’s only feelings about these things may be more sensitive than ordinary people, and she has no sense of security.
The only thing that didn’t look up and stay quiet was listening to his explanation.
Today, my eldest brother asked me to go for a drink and two of his buddies, and you know those two, that is, Nangong and Xingyun are difficult for everyone to get together. Everyone is a man. It is impossible to just chat, right?
You called some ladies for fun, didn’t you? The only thing that finally came out again was that the eyes were still cold.
Men are really not good things. Everyone likes the red flag at home, but the colorful flags are fluttering outside.
Former Shen Yan was such a person that his mother was persecuted by mistress

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