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"I heard that Lan Wangfu Chu Shi played tricks on many people, and those old princes were angry." It was another roar.

"Who says it’s not? It seems that the good things of Chu Wangfu and General Mansion are near."
The excitement is coming. It’s just a pot of porridge. Haha:
Chapter 77 love rat died.
These words were heard verbatim in Princess Lingyun’s ear. Think about how many times when Chu Chengxuan beat Gu Chenxi when she was a child. Now she thinks that her heart still hurts. Now she is unlucky. Gu Chenxi got a bargain, but she won’t allow it.
In fact, she was so angry that what annoyed her even more was that she might marry someone who would die at any moment. If she can’t be with a fallen man like Ling Xiaoyao in this life, she will never marry in Beijin. She has made up her mind to know what to do.
At this time, due to the large number of people in today’s palace banquet, the royal garden can be set up
Today, red silk lanterns are hung in the imperial garden, and there are dazzling exquisite lotus lanterns floating in a scenic blue lake. These decorations are designed for today’s wonderful feast. The whole palace is magnificent and magnificent, and many lanterns and red silk have been added to the imperial garden, adding more flavor to the festival.
From a distance, the emperor came with a hearty laugh. I want to come to the imperial room. The proceedings are over. The emperor is accompanied by a group of royal brothers and envoys from all over the world. It is quite majestic and magnificent.
On the other side, ZhuangGuiFei followed by a number of your daughters just came over.
"Male and female servants greet the emperor and meet the emperor." ZhuangGuiFei saluted first, followed by others.
When grounded for a period of time, ZhuangGuiFei seems to have lost some weight. Her face is not as delicate as before, but her eyes are more convergent than before. Many people look at the emperor and her eyes are somewhat gentle and lovely.
For ZhuangGuiFei change the emperor is to see in the eye he nodded without trace with satisfaction.
"Why didn’t I see my sister just met her? She said that my mother princess was seriously ill, and she failed to wait on her side. Why is she still missing at the moment? She also said that she was going to visit her mother princess, but she had been waiting for her for a long time, and she didn’t see her sister." Shui Xin Ruyang’s voice seemed to be very surprised and looked around.
Shuixinru deliberately named Shuiyunjin in front of so many people. Obviously, she wanted to take the opportunity to slander Shuiyunjin and let the imperial concubine wait for her. That’s really the right person.
At that time, the imperial garden boiled up.
Shui Xinru listened to whispers from all sides, and she was ecstatic. Isn’t Shui Yunjin the most popular? Then she will severely destroy the status of Shui Yunjin in the hearts of all.
"Before the emperor and several distinguished guests, take a rest. Yunxi may have been delayed." ZhuangGuiFei sternly reprimanded.
"Mother princess’s lesson is that I was rude." Shui Xinru hung her head and secretly pleased. She naturally recognized whether ZhuangGuiFei was really angry or not.
"The princess of the county is a stable person. I think it’s urgent and unknown. This is" Jiang Yu qi suddenly smiled and spoke.
As soon as Shuixin Ru heard someone talking to Shuiyun Park, she immediately lost her smile at Jiang Yu’s prayer that "Princess is Princess Heng"
Jiang Yu qi blinked and looked at his eyes. "It’s no wonder that it turned out to be Princess Wang. It’s strange that Princess Wang wants to name the princess of the county in front of so many people. Even if you have doubts, wouldn’t it be better to ask her face to face?"
Jiang Yu’s smile is gentle, the sound is not light, and the words are not heavy. But it is every word that wakes everyone up. Shui Xinru’s mind is not right. She deliberately picks things up to say that everyone still can’t hear whether it is so vain to point out or let Shui Xinru’s face turn red. Now she is lifting a stone and hitting her own feet.
"Qi Wang is really rare. It’s not the first time to plant and frame a bunch of waste things like this, but it’s still the county princess’s sister." ChuChengXuan’s timely opening is to make the water happy.
Jiang Yu prayed softly, "It’s amazing that there is such a thing. The king is quite sympathetic to the princess of the county."
When this statement came out, it immediately caused a sigh. Most people remembered the palace banquet, when the mother and daughter joined hands to buy the princess of the county to the Jedi. Now it is really incomprehensible that the family should watch and help each other, especially the princess of the county. Now that the duke has this daughter, it is time to hold the palm of his hand. How can it be reversed?
The emperor was sullen and angry, but no one could guess what he was thinking.
Look at Zhuang Guifei and Shui Xinru’s face, and they are not much better. They want to take this opportunity to suppress Shui Yunjin’s current momentum but make themselves lose face.
Shuixinru touched Huangfuheng’s cold sight. She shrank. Did she do something wrong?
"When your brother was so worried about the wife of the king of the county," Jiang Qiuwu added a fire to the depressed atmosphere and directly burned into a raging fire. Imagine how many people fantasized about this sentence.
Huangfuda’s face suddenly sank, and his sharp eyes shot at Jiang Qiuwu, which was like an ice weapon.
Jiang Qiuwu felt a cool heart suddenly delayed, and she actually panicked and trembled.
"Wang Ke still remembers that Huang Mei Temple said that it is the most envious of the princess of the county that Huang Mei will go to the princess of the county. This just helps to say more words. It turns out that Huang Mei is talking about not really meeting." Jiang Yu Qi smiled very casually, but he did not explain it, but slowly dragged Jiang Qiuwu into the water.
"Brother, this is what I mean. I’m just saying it." Jiang Qiuwu was a tight face.
"In that case, can you talk nonsense freely? No one can see what you are trying to do, right?" Huangfu Yun glanced at Jiang Qiuwu and scoffed at it with disdain.
"Well," the emperor suddenly began to sound dull badly.
Jiang Qiuwu’s mind is not that he didn’t see it, but he didn’t want to pay attention to that girl. There is always a way to cope with it. It’s these people who have different ideas and despicable means that make him angry.
The emperor’s sharp eyes looked at Zhuang Guifei’s frown and finally decided to be happy. "Don’t be a little clever, you can be so superficial and jealous. If you don’t converge, you won’t enter the palace again. I will punish you today."
Shui Xinru’s face turned white and her feet fell unsteadily before she heard it. She never imagined that she would fall to this point.
In the crowd, Bu Ruozi’s face is like a flower, and it seems that she is in full bloom. Don’t feel trapped in her heart, especially when she sees Shui Xinru’s pale face. Shui Xinru never expected that she would get burned, and she was close to Shui Yunxi, which was indeed true.
"The emperor’s mollification is that the old minister taught the woman and also asked the emperor to punish the old minister." When Shuihuaiquan saw the emperor’s anger and heavy face, he knew that Shuixinru was bound to be punished today. He hurriedly got out of the queue and hoped that the emperor could see his face lightly. It was a little scary, and Su Qian also hurriedly knelt down before him.
Two people kneel and two people pull out.
The emperor sipped his mouth and looked at Shuihuaiquan, but he didn’t say anything more. He was very angry with Shuihuaiquan for cheating over the years.
"It’s all because of the poor restraint of my son that the princess’s nonsense offends Tian Yan and also asks my father to drop my son." Huangfuheng came out and confessed himself. Now he doesn’t want Hou Fu to make mistakes at this time.
The emperor is still angry.
"They are sisters who grew up together, and they are used to fooling around in Hou Fu. Don’t get angry." Zhuang Guifei smiled gently and said that the sisters who grew up together turned Shui Xinru’s malicious slander into sisters’ mischief
"Empress said that the two sisters grew up together, regardless of each other’s difficulties. They spoke frankly and looked at the emperor for pardon." Shuihuaiquan climbed up the steps along Zhuangguifei’s steps.
"Is this how the Duke perfunctory the king of the county? Does the woman of the king of the county have to be able to prevaricate in a few words?" I have never opened my mouth. Huangfu’s voice is light and deep, but it is shocking to see how heavy it is.
Zhuang Guifei heard Huangfuda’s voice for a moment, and then she didn’t notice Huangfuda. She also saw him covered in sharp ShaQi, so the soft smile in her eyes suddenly delayed. Anyway, she never thought what would happen to Huangfuda.
But now it seems that he has been wary of himself for a long time. He should know that he should already know that there is nothing to say, and she will not do her best to wave her enemies for a moment. All the feelings in her eyes are gathered and dyed gentle and soft.
品茶"The old minister is afraid and never dares to perfunctory, and please forgive the king of the county." Shui Huaiquan is still singing high.
"Don’t blame the county king for being unkind." Huangfuda’s voice is clear and light, but everyone won’t doubt his words, let alone his good temper.
In recent years, he has been so fond of his wife that he almost forgot his original sex. Not everyone can offend him.
"Old minister, thank you, King Ji County." Shui Huaiquan was extremely angry in his heart, but he could bite his teeth and say gratitude words where others could not see him. His cloudy and gloomy eyes shot cold and bloodthirsty cold mans.
Huangfuda glanced at Shuihuaiquan lightly, and her deep eyes were bottomless.
Everyone in the imperial garden is hanging his head and listening. Even though Shui Huaiquan is a high official in the DPRK and has the title of the Duke, he is not enough for the Lan Wangfu. What do you think of the emperor? After all, he still values his own people. Is it necessary for outsiders to talk about the royal clan affairs in front of him? If they can listen or hear it, they should pretend to be deaf and dumb.
"General Gu Gu is not good. Miss Chu Shigu fell into the water." Suddenly there was an urgent and flustered sound in the distance, followed by an imperial secretary stumbling.
Imperial secretary hasn’t come near to see a purple figure rapidly swept up the blink of an eye that imperial secretary has been ChuChengXuan up "what’s going on?"
ChuChengXuan tight face suddenly deep voice like a muffled thunder started scared the imperial secretary turned pale for a long time before squeaking yum-yum tunnel "wind accord slave knows nothing"
ChuChengXuan flung him out toe fly up.
General Gu’s face was dark and he walked silently towards the Wind Accord. After years of fighting on the battlefield, he was so rough that he was covered with a layer of rage. Some swords were drawn and strangers were not allowed to get close. It felt as if someone would be hurt by his firm but gentle shock.
A wave of unrest rises again and again
Huangfudi heard that something was wrong with Gu Chenxi, and suddenly she came back for nothing. She nodded slightly at the emperor and was about to lift her feet to leave. Then she saw the emperor raise her hand and then Gan Gonggong’s shrill sound played "Swing the Wind Accord".

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