This contribution has made an original powerful kingdom in jeopardy and almost destroyed the broken wall!

Battle of Danmaud was a turning point in the kingdom of Stormgard from prosperity to decline. In this battle, King Sola Stolbain, who led the king’s team, suffered heavy losses and was seriously injured in attacking dwarf cities occupied by the orc army.
品茶论坛It was because of King Sola Stolbain’s heroic battle behind the orc army that Lothar Anduin, the Grand Marshal who commanded the human kingdom alliance army, defeated the human orcs who intended to destroy the whole Azeroth on the frontal battlefield.
King Sola Stolbain is powerful, and King Dana Stolbain has also given Azeroth the permanent stability of mankind. Several other powerful heroes led the human Coalition forces into the Dark Gate and disappeared from the news.
Made a total contribution. After the Torbern royal family was hit hard by the orcs, the kingdom’s strength was different. After the Stormgard kingdom did not win, it should enjoy the compensation of the Human Kingdom Alliance.
Grieving and wounded, the old king was devastated by the disappearance of his son and the number of casualties in Wang Guomin, and was betrayed naked by the alliance. Finally, he could not afford to die soon.
At this time, Torbern’s only royal heir, Garin Torbern, was still young and unable to control the stormy kingdom, and was betrayed by a minister in hand.
It never rains but it pours. The defeated orc army was expelled from the wetland by a sudden powerful force called Black Iron Dwarf and entered the Arashi Highland and established a gathering point.
At the same time, the monsters who lived in this land have been fighting in the Torbern family since ancient times, and powerful creatures called trolls suddenly attacked the kingdom of Stromgard at this time.
Worrying about foreign invasion Jialin Torbern is extremely difficult. It took decades to fight, but most of the kingdom’s land was lost. Even the kingdom’s capital, Riptide Castle, fell in two thirds.
But even so, it’s because the whole of storm, Garde and Wang Guomin are soldiers, men, women and children, and they can barely maintain the situation.
This is also the reason why MacLille must get married before she is 25 years old. Whether she likes it or not, she needs the kingdom to contribute to the responsibilities of women in the future.
Because of the topography, not all places in Arashi Highland can grow food, but there are only seven suitable areas, half of which have become areas of other ethnic forces.
Half a month ago, Ma Creaer received an order from the royal family to let her another captain lead two teams with a total of more than two people to visit a farming city called Northford.
Who knows that the road has just gone more than half, and I haven’t seen the wall of Northford yet. It was only when a group of thousands of people fled that I learned that Northford had been occupied by a mysterious force.
At the same time, that mysterious force is also chasing behind the fleeing crowd to protect the residents of these kingdoms from disasters and arrive safely in the torrent castle. The exploration team paid 90% of the cost of downsizing and finally stopped the mysterious forces from killing them.
The other captain has sacrificed heroically for most of the team members.
These dozens of chasing ogres are just a fleeing team that happened to be attacked by accident, but without Yang Long’s hand, such a group of ogres would kill all the people.
The kingdom of Stromgard has come to such a state that other kingdoms have ignored the king’s palace for help! Mark Lille’s eyes were tearful and resentful. Aren’t they all Azeroth humans? !”
Maclear is a 21yearold girl born in turmoil this year. Her father and mother have long died from various hostile forces. She is simple in mind and understands the indifference of other kingdoms.
Maybe other kingdoms want the kingdom of Stromgard to be destroyed and then they can occupy this land fair and square?
No matter which world human beings are a group of interest creatures? Some disdain secretly thought that Yang Long did not answer MacLille’s question but stopped to look forward.
Fort rapids, the capital of stormgard kingdom, has arrived!
No.261 haoren
Riptide Castle is the capital of the first kingdom in human history.
Located in the southwest of Alashi Highland, a huge mountain range was leveled directly after several largescale constructions. The huge city is famous in history as the Thoradin Wall.
Before the establishment of the capital of Lordaeron, Riptide Castle was the largest and prosperous city in the human kingdom of Azeroth, but now it is almost collapsed like a dying old woman.
Destroyed by the scourge of the undead, the different torrent castles in Lordaeron, although still standing, give people a sense of consternation that life has come to an end and the horse is about to die out.
This is the truest thought and feeling in Yang Long’s heart at this moment, standing in situ and squinting at the cracked wall dozens of meters away.
In particular, the two men have now arrived at the gate and looked for thousands of meters before and after, but they have not found other humans, and the whole city is dead as a deserted ancient city of one thousand years.
It’s a pity that this is the birthplace of human history? Yang Long couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing, and Mark Lille couldn’t help crying.
After a short stay for a while, the three of them moved on into the city and went deep into the capital of this dangerous great kingdom.
According to MacLille, this place has been occupied by rebels, and some ogres are also mixed. Three of them are still in the corner of the city a few kilometers away, and the city is guarded by King Garin Torbern.
Perhaps it is because of Mark Lille’s detailed discussion that after entering this city, this nativeborn female warrior took the initiative to lead the way ahead while Yang Long introduced the bricks and tiles here, which was very enthusiastic and sincere.
For Yang Long, who needed to get the information, he naturally wouldn’t speak to stop Mark Lille from rambling and listening silently, and at the same time, he occasionally raised some questions, and soon inquired about the general situation of the occupied areas.
In the scorching heat, Ri hung obliquely in the middle school, and three people walked carefully along the edge of a wide street, but they ran quickly and unconsciously again for two hours.
When the sun was about to fall to the horizon, the three men finally entered storm. The Gade royal family insisted on occupying the periphery of the An area. According to MacLille, there was already a mobile outpost here.
live! What person? Sure enough, the three of them walked on for less than five minutes, and a rude man suddenly sounded somewhere behind the road.
I’m Mark Lill, the captain of the 23rd squad of the 3rd Army Corps. The female soldier reported her identity and thought for a while and then added Bieber? Are you on duty?
There is no answer, as if the former speaker is not here.
Mark Lille didn’t rush, but waited quietly in the same place and asked Yang Long to wait patiently.

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