You have drunk so much, and your headache is already light. Hao Haiyun, though with a bad tone, moved very gently and pushed her back to bed.

Element asked staring at him.
What’s going on? This man changed sex overnight?
In a daze, I retracted into the bed and searched for some looming fragments in my mind.
At the dinner party, Lu Zheng came to help her out … Then what?
How can I come back? She suddenly asked
… Hao Haiyun gave her a look and tore open her neck and tie and didn’t good the spirit said, How do I know that when I come back, I will see you lying in bed like a pig and throwing up everywhere?
… Element asked shan shan’s long face.
It seems that my wine is still that virtue.
But there is a strange illusion that there is a very important thing that she has forgotten.
In my memory after I lost my hangover
What exactly is it?
In the morning, Hao Haiyun went into the bathroom to take a bath and change clothes. A waiter was considerate and sent me oral liquid and tea for relieving headache. After taking medicine, my headache eased a lot, and I went to take a bath and was refreshed. I was sitting in front of the window.
Breakfast is westernstyle bread, crispy milk and white milk. Because of her hangover, Hao Haiyun ordered it to eat in the breakfast room.
Without saying a word, the two of them sat at the table to eat. Occasionally, westernstyle tableware touched bone China dishes and made a small noise. In this quiet and quiet place, Hao Haiyun suddenly smiled with a coffee cup.
Su Wen gave him a suspicious look, only to see that the smile quickly disappeared from his face as if he had never seen it before.
Strange … Su Wen mumbled and continued to drink milk.
The lush farmer’s shade outside the window blocked the hot subtropical sunshine at ten o’clock. Su Wen and Hao Haiyun sat at the two ends of the dining table and ate in the light and shadow. When he bent down, the projection overlapped and separated from time to time, and then overlapped … just like he and she were at arm’s length forever.
桑拿会所Of course, Su Wen will never know the small and simple reason that made him laugh.
When the light and shadow moved again, a sudden tap outside the door broke the silence of the room.
Hao Haiyun got up and went to open the door. When Su Wen finished eating and wiped his mouth, he saw the tall and long shadow outside the door. He was half blocked by Hao Haiyun’s back and couldn’t see it clearly.
Hao Haiyun suddenly looked back at her at the door, and her eyes made her surprised and inexplicable.
Trance thinks this scene is incredible. Lu Zheng and Hao Haiyun face to face.
She couldn’t even dream of such a scene before and suddenly felt mixed feelings.
They talked at the door. Hao Haiyun didn’t mean to invite him in, but from this angle, he could see his workmanship, suit and slightly messy hairstyle
They don’t know what to say, but it’s always that Hao Haiyun turned his back on her, but Liu Zheng, who couldn’t see his expression outside the door, kept smiling mildly.
Suddenly Su Wen saw Hao Haiyun reaching out to Lu Zheng and almost blurted out the word be careful, but he saw Lu Zheng’s eyebrows gradually stretching. Hao Haiyun patted him on the shoulder like a good brother and casually asked, I heard that you are a special forces veteran Sanda?
Lu Zheng naturally won’t show weakness and is eager to try the flame. His eyes are incited like obsidian.
Of course
That’s good. I just had breakfast, and I just want to find someone to exercise. Hao Haiyun turned around and looked at him in amazement.
Liu Zheng seems to be in high spirits. Then I’ll wait for you in Sanda field after changing my clothes.
You …
Don’t stop me, I want to beat this guy for a long time. Hao Haiyun said to Su Wen with answers before he finished.
Just left Liu Zheng and stopped. I turned my head and smiled warmly. As usual, I spoke without falling in the wind. Same to you.
☆ 161 is in danger
Lu Zheng versus Hao Haiyun? To be honest, this competition seems very strange, quite strange.
Su Wen looked at the back of the door and faded away for a long time before he came to his senses. He glanced at Hao Haiyun, who hasn’t kissed him automatically for at least several years, right?
Like knowing what Su Wen was thinking, Hao Haiyun left his arm and bones and laughed at himself, Too long inactivity is going to rust.
Su Wen looked at him puzzled. Are you still a child?
See who’s upset and solve it with your fists. If you’re so childish, you probably won’t even do it when you first enter the streets of Jianghu.
Besides, he has lived in seclusion for so many years that the underworld in Beijing has become an invisible emperor.
Hao Haiyun went into the room to change clothes and chuckled to himself. Sometimes I wish I could be young and go back to being a teenager and have sex like a child.
… It’s just a joke that makes people feel inexplicably sad.

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