Barcelona is in danger!

Messi is surrounded by Barcelona players, some of whom once played in the team with Messi.
Now it’s their own
At this moment, they have no friendship with each other, and all they want to do is break Messi’s ball!
Messi is trapped in a tight encirclement. If he is ten years younger, he can easily break through this encirclement.
But now his speed, strength and agility have dropped too much.
Even so, he still has a way to break through
Because he still has rich experience!
Others can’t go to football, but they must send it out!
He threw the football out when the encirclement was closed!
Hengzhong road!
From the stands, the left side of Messi’s stadium is almost full of people, himself and other Barcelona players.
What about the middle road?
The middle road and the right road are white!
Football appeared, and cavani plugged in the ball from behind and then attacked the goalkeeper from Barcelona …
品茶论坛Oh no, the Catalan commentator couldn’t help crying when he saw this scene.
Cavani didn’t go into the restricted area. When he saw the Barcelona goalkeeper abandon the door and attack, he slowed down and went straight for it!
The football flew over the head of the desperate Barcelona goalkeeper and finally fell into the door …
Chapter one hundred Back to youth
The Italian commentator got up from the commentary seat and shouted.
And not far from him is a Catalan commentator with his head buried in his hands …
There is a fresh contrast between the two people, and it is appropriate to say that the two teams are in the present situation.
The whole Camp Nou stadium is almost silent at this moment!
This is the last thing Barcelona fans want to seethey have been attacking for a long time and asked Lazio to take a surprise! Last year, the total score was one goal ahead of Barcelona, and Lazio is now two goals ahead! And Barcelona’s away goal advantage is also swinging! Even if they score two more goals to equalize the total score, they can continue to play overtime instead of directly advancing …
But they missed two penalties in this game. Can they score two more goals, even three?
Before the Lazio coach’s seat and the bench, coaches and players rushed out, hugging each other and shouting.
Barcelona was silent.
Guardiola looked at this scene from the sidelines as if he were a scarecrow.
Cavani’s goal means that Barcelona is getting farther and farther away from the final …
He is very nai.
Come on, they can determine the victory early, even if Mal scores one of the two penalties!
The result, the result … didn’t score a goal, and the second goal let the other side seize the opportunity and directly hit a beautiful counterattack!
When Lazio cheered for the goal, it was time for Mal to return to Lazio’s penalty area. He turned around and saw the goal process.
He saw Messi turn around beautifully after receiving the ball. He saw Messi moving forward with the ball like the wind. He saw Messi trapped in the encirclement, but he still sent the football out. He saw cavani easily volley the ball into the goal.
He kept this posture the whole time, and then the cheers of Lazio goalkeeper Handanovic sounded in his ear, which was a bit harsh.
He withdrew his eyes and turned to the old goalkeeper.
Handanovic was shouting and didn’t notice Mal looking at him.
This goal is lost from myself …
Mal knows very well that if his penalty is not too soft, how could he be hugged by Handanovic?
If you don’t get hugged, Handanovic can’t directly throw the ball to launch this counterattack, and there will be no postgoal …
And he missed two important penalties in a row. If both penalties are scored, it should be himself and his teammates!
Mal turned around and walked back. He didn’t want to watch Handanovic cheer any more. He always thought Handanovic cheered and hit himself in the face. He shouted and laughed at himself.
Turning around, he saw Messi breaking away from the crowd of Lazio players and running to himself with a smile on his face.

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