Grandpa grandpa Ma Nan shouted softly.

The old man opened his eyes and saw that it was a child’s charity. What can I do for you? Children
Why don’t you go home and sleep when the ground is so cold? Ma Nan asked
home? Monks like us have always been cosmopolitan, and this is my home! The old man laughed
Well, grandpa, you continue to rest. I’m going to find my friend. Ma Nan said and ran away.
The old man smiled and drove away, and his face became very difficult at once. He looked at his bleeding arm and worried and said to himself, Why hasn’t Brother come yet? I can’t hold back my body!
Three days passed quickly, and it was hard to think of this old man who slept in the earth temple. The tie came here and he really saw the old man. Grandpa is so lazy and sleeps at home.
The old man turned yellow and opened his eyes to see Ma Nanqiang laughing. It’s you, little friend. What can I do for you?
I have nothing to do but come to see grandpa, Ma Nan said with a smile. Now that I have seen grandpa, I will go back.
Looking at the horse difficult to leave the back, the smiling face of the old man immediately turned into a desperate color. Am I really going to die here? Brother, come quickly! This abandoned temple root can’t suppress the spread of corpse gas!
It’s another three days, and when I come here again, I see that the old man is talking nonsense and hurriedly cried, Grandpa! Grandpa! What’s wrong with you?
夜生活The old man instantly recovered a little, and quickly lit a pair of horses on his forehead and said, Bring your parents here quickly. I have something to say to them!
Ma Nan is young, but he is very sensible. Seeing the old man’s face anxiously, he feels that the matter is very big. He quickly ran home and found his parents.
When the old man saw Ma Nan’s parents, he said urgently, Don’t say anything, don’t ask and listen to me!
Ma Nan’s parents thought that there was no crazy old man here, and they didn’t care to elaborate, Tell me, old man.
You may not believe what I hear, but you must believe it! There is no doubt that the old man said slowly, My name is Xuanguang, and I am a monk. Not long ago, I destroyed a thousandyearold corpse, but unfortunately, I was also scratched, and the corpse breathed into my body, and I was able to resist it.
Ma Nan’s parents don’t believe it even more. What’s all this about?
The old man continued, If my nails become longer, my body grows yellow hair and my mouth grows fangs after my death, you must quickly burn my body before you burn it! The old man handed Ma Nan’s parents a small bottle.
Ma Nan’s father took it and was about to speak when he saw the old man pick up the broken bricks and suddenly died in his head.
Ma Nan and Ma Nan’s mother screamed with fear. Ma Nan’s father stretched out his trembling hands and reached out to the nose of the old man. Ma Nan’s father was afraid to pull Ma Nan’s mother, and she didn’t even know that the bottle had dropped on the way.
(ps: Brothers, today is the national public holiday. Don’t forget the national humiliation! )
Chapter one hundred and fiftyseven Bring me a kitchen knife
It’s hard to think of the old man with white beard when he passed by in a short time in January, perhaps out of curiosity, and he walked slowly to the abandoned land temple alone, even daring to breathe too much.
I smelled a foul smell before I got close to the horse disaster. I immediately peed my pants when I walked in. This is still the kindhearted grandfather!
The corpse has rotted away, and maggots can be seen crawling everywhere. The most important thing is that Ma Nan found that the old man had yellow hair, and the young Ma Nan had seen such a scene, rolling and crawling back.
The first thing Ma Nan did when he got home was to tell his parents about it, and Ma Nan’s father remembered the old man a month ago.
It’s really yellow hair! Ma Nan’s father was also shocked, and he didn’t say a word, and he went to the abandoned land temple.
If you see that the old man’s body has grown yellow hair, his nails have become very slender, and the fangs in his mouth have slowly grown up.
In ancient times, people believed this kind of ghost most, saying that Ma Nan’s father immediately remembered that the old man had said that he would burn his body and gave him a small bottle. He hurried home to rummage for it, only to find that he could not find it.
Ma Nan’s father thought how to burn it, not to burn it, but to burn it to ashes. After making up his mind, he took a bundle of firewood and left for the earth temple.
Ma Nan’s father kowtowed to the old man in the woodpile land temple and whispered, I hope you can always log in to the celestial world and enjoy your happiness forever! Then he lit the firewood and left without looking back.
In this way, after another half month, Ma Nan’s father was relieved to see that there was nothing unusual.
That is to say, Ma Nan was suddenly awakened by a panic when he was sleeping at night. Ma Nan’s parents also woke up and pushed the door. When they saw the villagers fleeing in all directions, they shouted in fear, There are monsters! There are monsters!
Ma Nan’s father hurriedly hid the door with his wife and children.
At the door, Ma Nan saw a monster possessed by yellow hair in the night. Ma Nan knew that he was the old man because he remembered the threefoot black and white beard on his jaw. Although it had turned yellow hair at this time, Ma Nan knew that he was the old man. He was madly biting the villagers who fled.
That night, the villagers screamed one after another, and their parents were shivering in the house for fear that the monster outside would push the door and enter.
In this fear environment, Ma Nan fell asleep in a daze, and when he woke up the next day, it was already dawn, and his parents were still wideeyed and alert.
There is no sound outside. Is grandpa gone? Ma Nan asked with joy.
Ma Nan’s parents looked at each other and Ma Nan’s father said, I’ll go and have a look!
Ma Nan’s father carefully moved to the window and poked a small hole in the paper window with his finger and looked out.
At first glance, it doesn’t matter. Ma Nan’s father was so scared that he collapsed. It turned out that there were some yellowhaired people wandering in the village. From their decoration, Ma Nan’s father could still recognize that they were villagers, but now they have all changed into monsters.
These villagers didn’t walk as high as Xuanguang and turned into monsters overnight.
What the hell is going on! Is this suffocating! Ma Nan’s father returned to his wife and children.
What happened to the child’s father? Ma Nan’s mother asked.

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