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Yun Qianxue nodded his head. "Well, a good-looking man who washes dishes is the most handsome."

This man, he is so precious, his innate advantages and acquired efforts are doomed to leave many people behind at the top of the pyramid.
People who don’t know him well will think he is tall. At first, she thought he was tall, too, but later she found out that this man also has a grounded side.
He is always so grounded in front of her, just like now he is willing to roll up his sleeves and wash dishes by the sink. Only she can see this side of him.
Thought of here, her mouth smile became louder and louder, and Anchen walked up to her and looked at her condescendingly.
She leaned against the door and seemed to be particularly charming. He chuckled, "I didn’t know you won the lottery when you smiled so happily. However, your happy mood stems from your husband washing the dishes once. I really don’t know whether to say that you are easy to satisfy or that you are stupid?"
She stretched out her hand and hugged him and divided her weight around him. "I just like you. What’s so happy about winning the lottery? My husband is not short of money, right?"
An Chen raised his eyebrows. "Well, you’re right. We really don’t want to win the lottery."
She was soft and close to him, and he suddenly felt as if he were a little thirsty, and his mouth was very dry.
He was in a good mood for the little woman to stick to him so actively, and he didn’t leave the kitchen, so she leaned against him. Finally, he leaned against the door frame directly so that the little woman could give him more strength.
spa会所Yun Qian Xue hugged him for a while before remembering where they are now.
Oh, my God, they’re at the kitchen door now. She’s so addicted to him. They’re married. It’s incredible that she should do this. How much does she like this man?
She patted her forehead and said with annoyance, "God, why are you addicted to the kitchen?"
Anchen is funny. "No, I don’t mind if you want to hold him and hug me wherever you want."
Yun Qianxue hurriedly withdrew from his arms and took him to the living room. She let him sit on the sofa and took the remote control to turn it on.
She casually opened a video and continued to watch it in his arms.
Anchen looked at her as lazy as a kitten, and her pretty little face was full of satisfaction. He couldn’t help but bow his head, kissed her face and began to behave badly.
Yun Qianxue patted his hand and said, "Stop it."
"I’m not making trouble. I want to sleep."
"You just want to sleep after a full meal? That’s not good for your health. Wait a while and take a shower before you sleep. "
"Well, I don’t want to sleep, I want to sleep with you." He bowed his head and sucked one of her sensitive earlobes, causing her to tremble.
"Anchen, can you stop thinking about it? It’s still early." Yunqian Xueyu hurriedly reached out to push her.
"Well, go to bed early so that you can have a good rest."
Yun Qianxue suddenly lost his tongue. This man’s importunities are sometimes really maddening. He has something to say to you.
Anchen saw that his wife finally had nothing to say, smiled with satisfaction, picked her up and wanted to walk to the room, when Yunqianxue put the tea table words rang.
Yun Qian Xue hurriedly broke away from his arms and ran to pick up the words. It showed that it was Cao Chunlan.
Yun Qian Xue thought that it was estimated that Yan Yan cried and hurriedly picked it up.
Sure enough, just picking up the words, I heard Cao Chunlan eagerly tunnel, "Cher, come back quickly. Yan Yan is making a lot of noise and has been calling mom."
"Okay, I’ll go back now." I heard that my baby daughter was crying for her mother, Yunqianxue was anxious, and then she grabbed her bag and pulled Anchen, so she walked out and walked along the sidewalk. "Come on, Yan Yan cried for me."
Anchen looked at her eagerly, and the good times between Nai and his wife were suddenly interrupted. He was annoyed and walked slowly.
Yun Qianxue urged, "You’d better walk faster."
An Chen looked at her with a sad face. "Wife, the stairs are here. Do you want to take the stairs?"
As soon as she went out, she saw the ladder, and she wanted to continue walking. This little woman was really confused.
Yun Qianxue didn’t react until now. They are in an apartment instead of Wancheng. They live on the twentieth floor and can’t take the stairs.
She was embarrassed ha ha laugh "I this is not in a hurry? Yan Yan has been crying and calling mom, I have to hurry back. "
"Wife, this is the standard for you to forget your husband when you have a daughter." Anchen complained that she didn’t know what was wrong with that little guy. At ordinary times, grandma took her at home and didn’t cry or make trouble. Why did grandma’s family look for her mother affectedly?
"This is no time for you to be jealous with your daughter." Yun Qianxue is really in distress situation.
When they came to the garage and drove the car, they rushed all the way to Yunjia, blaming themselves. "Yan Yan must have spent less time with her grandmother, and she was not used to it. It was my fault that I didn’t expect so much when I came out."
Anchen comforted, "Well, it’s not your fault that children cry when they cry. Anyway, it’s okay to have a big family with them. Don’t be too nervous. The more you let her go, the more you know how to fight."
Yun Qianxue thinks that Anchen is also right. What are you afraid of with her own mother watching the children? She is really nervous herself.
So she was in no hurry. When she meditated, she felt that time was passing quickly and she came home unconsciously.
When she opened the door, she couldn’t hear Yan Yan crying. She looked doubtfully into the living room and found Yan Yan sitting on the sofa playing her grandfather’s rosewood chess.
Yun Qianxue knows that the chess is precious to his father, but he has to wipe it carefully every now and then for fear of getting dirty and making flowers.
But now he is willing to take it out for Yan Yan to play with, and Yan Yan still doesn’t know how to cherish it and throw it all over the floor.
Cao Chunlan was relieved to see Yun Qianxue come back. "Cher, you finally came back. This little guy can hardly cry. We have done everything, but she is still your father’s chess tube."

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