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"I call you back at last." Pingbo knew it was Lin Mo Chen as soon as he saw the number.

His voice is still kind and smiling.
"Pingbo, you arrange to see Grandpa one day and I will bring Lu You back for dinner." Lin Mochen simply confessed.
Pingbo was surprised. "Is it true that I am less? You didn’t lie to me? " ‘
桑拿会所This is an accident. He thought that Lin Mochen would come back, but he didn’t arrive. He would take the initiative to bring back landing worries.
This is also the expectation of Master Lin, but it is not necessarily a good thing.
Because master Lin can’t accept the identity of Tang poetry, it’s a far cry from sorrow
"Pingbo, when have I ever lied to you?" Lin Mochen raised his eyebrows slightly.
"The next time I called you and asked you to come back for dinner with your master, you said you would call him back the next day, but you forgot. Didn’t you lie to me?" Pingbo pointed out that he had cheated him recently.
"Pingbo, didn’t you say you were old and had a bad memory? You remember this thing very clearly. "Lin Mo-chen was poked by Pingbo on the spot and seemed a little embarrassed.
"I always remember things less," Pingbo smiled. "It’s also an honor to be an old woman."
"Then trouble Pingbo, remember to arrange it for a day or two, and remember to make it difficult for Pingbo to eat at home in Tang poetry." Lin Mochen had great respect for Pingbo
He wanted to make Tang poetry face Lu You so that she wouldn’t pretend not to know Lu You and kept picking on her.
"Well, I’ll soon tell the master that he will be happy." Pingbo nodded repeatedly.
Lin Mochen and Ping Bo ended the call and drove the car away from the hospital.
Reading Tang poetry in an hour is like exhausting choices. If she is clever enough to do this well, he will not pursue her more. If she is stubborn, then he can be ruthless.
He doesn’t want things to develop like this, and he hopes that Tang poetry will turn back and Lin Moyang can persuade Tang poetry.
Lin Mo-chen pinned all her hopes on Lin Mo-yang.
This is the best way to reduce harm, which is good for both sides.
Lin Mo Yang Lin Mo Chen left before he entered the ward.
He slowly went to the Tang poetry ward.
She sat in the hospital bed with her eyes wide open, and her eyes were distracted somewhere. Her eyes had no focal length, and crystal tears flowed from her eyes and slid across her pale face as if her soul had lost its body.
The Tang poetry looks weak and pitiful.
Lin Moyang’s throat is uncomfortable. Rolling deep in the throat is more bitter than Huang Lian’s
He sighed slightly and then held the Tang poetry in his palm, holding the back of her head and holding her shoulder with one hand.
"Cry if you want." Lin Moyang was dumb with a distressed voice. "I feel uncomfortable in my heart."
Tang poetry is now the most fragile time, and Lin Moyang’s soft words at this time are a great shock and comfort to her heart, like a gurgling stream washing her injured soul.
The whole Tang poetry collapsed, and she buried her face in Lin Moyang’s arms. First, she wept softly, and then she stroked her back with her big palm. She kept stroking her back like this, and gradually the Tang poetry cried loudly until it was vented.
The more she cried, the more sad she was, and the more she cried, the more heartache she felt.
She didn’t know what she had to do to not give up Lin Mo-chen, and it didn’t hurt so much to get rid of her.
Lin Moyang listened to her cry without saying a word, so she stayed with her, and I don’t know how long she cried until her voice became smaller and smaller until she sobbed.
Tang poetry has been crying for too long, and this anger is not coming.
"Mo Yang, what do you think I should do?" Tears in Tang poetry all wiped his expensive clothes, leaving a dark tear stain.
"Tang poetry Lin Mochen, he is married. He already has a wife. Why are you so persistent?" Lin Moyang tried to persuade her.
Tang poetry suddenly looked up from his arms and was washed by tears. The brighter his eyes became, the more distressed he was because his eyes were red with tears.
Her eyes are full of surprises. "Mo Yang even advised me to let go, didn’t you?"
"Isn’t it better to let go of yourself in such pain?" Lin Mochen lowered her eyes and wanted to pick up "Tang poetry, you have too much more than that person, you are entitled to better people, better love and better happiness!" Lin Mochen doesn’t deserve you at all! "
Lin Moyang took a deep breath. From the heart, he didn’t want to push Tang poetry to Lin Mohen.
Who doesn’t want to be with the people he likes? He is no exception. He doesn’t want to be them so great. He also wants to be selfish and possess his lover.

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