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It’s okay not to see him … I’m not so sad myself!

But the point is, did he let himself make breakfast for him later? That is, she has to face that man again!
God, how can she appear in front of him as if it never happened?
Forget his shame. She’s embarrassed …
Shower is hard to wash yourself! In particular, her hands have been perfumed with soap for several times, and she is afraid that the smell left in her hands will not be washed away.
Thinking of that man’s bad behavior, I am also angry that I always cooperate with him.
This is crazy! She doesn’t feel like herself at all! Is it as the man said? I really like that in my bones. What?
No! She is definitely not such a woman! Unwilling to think about these shameful things again, she decided to sneak into the company later!
Hide for a while is for a while … Anyway, she doesn’t want to see him again!
He’s probably taking a shower and changing clothes now, and she has to leave at this time! Otherwise, he won’t be able to slip away when he gets dressed!
In this way, she sped up, made some bubbles and rushed at her at will, and it was over.
Ye Xihan changed her clothes and quietly went out of the room. Her voice was very light when she went upstairs! Lest he hear her, he tiptoed away!
Good. His room is so tight that he didn’t even see him in the living room. Now is the best time!
His front foot just stepped out of the door, and his back foot didn’t leave the ground floor. His faint voice floated up.
"Is breakfast ready?"
Hearing his voice, Xi Han froze at night. Why did this man choose this point if he didn’t show up early or late? She was this close …
Back half a step also don’t turn around bitterness answered him "not yet …"
"Then where are you going with your bag?" Mu Lingtian is lazy coming from the building and sitting on the sofa.
"Shopping ….." Night Xihan resentment answer really admire yourself can be so calm to answer him.
Mu Lingtian naturally won’t believe her or expose her. She just said, "You can tell the housekeeper to do this kind of thing!"
"Oh …"
"Hurry up to cook! I’m hungry … "Mulingtian saw her there and the uncle ordered her.
"Oh …" Night city culvert a feeling of tightness in the bag resigned to the kitchen.
Looking at the night, Han Qianli’s back and Mu Lingtian’s mood can’t be said!
It feels really good to direct this woman to do things!
The mobile phone suddenly rang. Mu Lingtian saw that it was a strange number. He didn’t want to answer it and hung up directly.
Chapter two hundred and forty-one Ling Tian help me
He doesn’t want to be disturbed by things in such a comfortable and warm morning.
However, it seems that the caller didn’t mean to stop. He called several times in succession. He frowned impatiently and was about to reprimand a few words. Immediately, a familiar and anxious voice came on the phone. "Hello Lingtian … is that you?"
"yeah!" I’m not sure if it’s her when I hear the voice Mu Lingtian. It’s a faint response.
After all, they haven’t contacted each other once in five years! She didn’t take the initiative to find him again! And he didn’t look for her.
In those five years, part of his memory was erased. If he had a memory with Xiao Yao jing, it was all gone! Almost two years of memory …
This part of Xiao Yao jing’s memory is missing, but before that, he was impressed, that is, his memory stayed before Xiao Yao jing met him.
He still clearly retains his former memory.
When he was awake, he still remembered Xia Xue’s kindness, beauty and innocence that day, and he was always thinking about the woman he loved deeply. When Xia Han woke up, he found that Xia Xue was gone. Didn’t he ask the people of Xia Xue? But then Yinyun told him that there was something wrong with his brain and he lost part of his memory! Including the memory of Xia Xue’s death!
He can’t remember that Yinyun made up a lot of reasons for being too evasive at that time, and Yinyun didn’t say that Xia Xue was too miserable and casually fabricated a fatal accident.
I remember when I heard the news that Xia Xue had died, he had no mood at all! As if death is an urgent woman!
Even he was surprised to hear that Xia Xue had died, but his mood didn’t change much and he didn’t show regret and sadness.
This simply doesn’t make sense.
At that time, Xia Xue was still a beautiful girl in my memory.
And at that time, the woman he deeply loved in his memory was still Xia Han.
Xia Han died, and he put all his thoughts into Xia Xueshen.
夜网论坛His heart cared for Xia Xue, pampered her, and pinned his thoughts on Xia Han on Xia Xueshen.
However, when Yinyun told him that Xia Xue was dead, shouldn’t he be sad and full of apologies for the death of Xia Han?
He doesn’t have any emotions! On the contrary, it is light and painless! It’s like listening to someone telling a story! The only difference is that he knows the hero of the story!
Without the memory of those two years, he didn’t continue to look for Xia Han, but the persistent feelings didn’t seem to be as strong as before … The persistent Jiayin cloud broke his mind, and he didn’t have the idea of continuing to look for it. Xia Han and Xia Xue, the sisters, also gradually became indifferent out of his sight in the past five years.
It’s really strange to say!
He sometimes thinks it’s incredible!
Doesn’t he love Xia Han very much? That kind of mood is completely different.
Is he fickle? Or is it him?

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