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I saw Mo Chengkun’s face blooming with surprise.

"Brother Mo, you’re here, mom. They said you’d come. I’ve been waiting for you."
Apart from the fact that the two families are going to marry, whether they grew up together or not, he didn’t have the heart to give her a hard look when he saw her like this.
Just asked, "What’s going on?"
Ling Junran shook his head blankly. "I don’t know what happened. I went shopping with my mother and aunt today and suddenly fainted. When I woke up, I was here."
Say that finish hold your mouth a pair of big eyes filled with tears.
Pity took Mo Chengkun’s hand and asked, "Brother Mo, do you think I have any terminal illness? I’m so afraid that I won’t get sick and I’ll marry Brother Mo?"
Mo Chengkun felt a headache when he heard this.
Pulled out his hand and advised her a few words
"Don’t be paranoid."
The two men spoke a few more words. Mo Chengkun couldn’t stand her chatter and had to come out first.
Ling Junran wants to follow Lai Lai and get an injection to watch him go out.
Mo Chengkun just left the ward and saw Mrs. Ling and Mo’s parents coming together. It’s still a long time since I saw Ling’s father.
I said hello before. Mrs. Ling’s eyes are red and she looks like she has cried.
He felt a slight jump in his heart.
Face is motionless and ling dad and others say "hello" and asked about the LingJunRan condition.
When it comes to this, the old people are all slightly stunned. Then Mrs. Mo sighed and said to others, "Go and see Jun Ran in advance. I’ll talk to Kun."
A few people know nodded and went in.
There are only Mo Chengkun and his mother left outside.
He looked at Mrs. Mo and asked, "The situation is very bad."
Mrs Mo nodded for a while and then sighed.
"It’s a shame that you are such a good girl."
No pity in tone.
Mo Chengkun felt more wrong in his heart.
Can’t help but ask "what’s wrong"
Mrs. Mo saw his one eye and spit out a few words "Late hematologic cancer"
Rao is Mo Chengkun’s firm nature, and he can’t help but leng leng when he hears this.
Thinking of Ling Junran’s little appearance one day is not so annoying except pestering him to marry him.
In a flash, it is
It is said that it was late hematologic cancer.
Cancer cells have spread to the body, and there are not many months to live.
It is this time that Mrs. Ling went out with red eyes and said to the two people, "Kun, come in and talk to Jun Ran. She wants to see you."
MoChengKun smell speech nodded for a while.
Although he could not marry her, he was able to satisfy her as much as possible in the last period of her life.
Chuyan sat in a taxi and went straight back to the apartment.
桑拿论坛Go back to the room and lie on the sofa directly.
It’s hard to see Mo Chengkun’s hesitant face just now.
What he did today, though not very romantic, really touched her a little.
But later,
Ling Junran’s parents, she knew that all these were difficult for them to cross the gap.
I don’t know why, but she always feels that it seems to be difficult to meet him once this time.
She is upset, and she is not comfortable.
It happened that the doorbell rang at this time.
She stopped and didn’t answer the door.
But the other party seems to be determined to press it as hard as she does inside.
Chuyan was bored to death. He walked over and saw that he was covered in anger and suddenly let go of half.
Open the door and look at the door. Outsider ChuYan is not depressed. "Sheng Zong, what do you want?"
Chengrong a through ChuYan with pocket went straight into the room.
""ChuYan for this kind of trespassing without the consent of the owner has epidemic.
Nai rolled her eyes, and she turned and followed her.
Chengrong walked to the sofa and his eyes looked like he didn’t know what to look at.
Chuyan was curious and asked him, "Are you looking for anything?"
ChengRongWen face a pull "what can I find"
She touched her nose, too. There’s nothing here. What can he find?
He poured him a glass of water, Chu Yan, and he sat opposite and stared at him.
Two people didn’t speak at each other’s eyes.
After a while, Sheng Rongxian put aside his eyes and coughed awkwardly
Then twist the eyebrows and ask Chu Yan, "What have you done recently?"
ChuYan slightly slant head "recently" told him all the things to do, some things are naturally the hide.
Chengrong smell speech eyes slightly narrowed.
I don’t know whether I believe it or not when I look at her.

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