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Ten minutes later, bathroom door opened her face again and came out from the inside.

Without underwear, I always feel like I’m wearing nothing.
She wondered how to let him go out so that she could change.
I didn’t expect Nan Chen’s night was not in the room.
I don’t know when he left. She didn’t even hear him go out.
But she secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he didn’t. Otherwise, what would she be ashamed of?
Kexin went to the wardrobe to get her clothes. She wanted to get dressed and then go to the bathroom to exchange herself for that suit to wash.
Got a suit. Kexin was just about to change it for herself.
As soon as the door opened and Kexin’s heart tightened, he put his clothes back in the cupboard.
She turned around and saw Nan Chen, wearing a bathrobe, coming in fresh from the outside.
He has just taken a shower and his hair is still wet.
Kexin stared at him. Didn’t he just take a shower …
"When do you take a bath?"
"Just now!"
"But I’m in the bathroom."
"next door guest"
If I had known he had gone to take a shower, she wouldn’t have struggled in the bathroom for so long.
But he took a shower, and she also took a shower. They were in the same room.
At this moment, the atmosphere is very ambiguous.
"Have you changed your clothes?"
"En" can make people feel happy to put their legs together.
Nan Chen’s eyes are just on her legs.
Kexin lowered his head, but he just could feel the light above his head.
Is this robe not tightly covered?
Or is this pajamas too material? She didn’t see the bad light in the bathroom just now?
"Come here!"
"Ah?" Past? What … what?
"Come here and I’ll blow your hair." Nanchen Night has sat in the bed and I don’t know when there is an extra hair dryer.
Kexin dizzy
She paid him back. he wanted to treat her …
Where does she want to go?
Just now, my heart was beating so fast that I seemed to be looking forward to it.
桑拿会所"hurry up and be careful of catching a cold."
Because she was wrong, she felt guilty and forgot that she was not wearing a close-fitting dress, so the tie went over.
"What are you thinking? Your face is so red?"
"No, no!"
"Sit down"
Kexin was about to sit next to him when someone’s leg suddenly opened wide and Kexin Dangdang was sitting in his leg.
When she realized that someone’s slender fingers had fallen off her hair, she rolled up a stamp and blew it up like no one else.
Chapter 396 Nan can be happy (16)
Not only is she wearing nothing inside, but even he …!

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