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"Are you stupid?" Jun Qian completely doubts whether this person is too much of a teacher or his brain is broken. He is simply stupid. Do you do medicine and scientific research like this?

Smell speech Qin Xiao looked at Huo Jiujian and looked at Jun Qian. "It must be better to keep things quiet at this time."
"But I don’t think this group of people is so kind." Xiao Ji’s two places at once have been observed from a distance. It’s a relatively detailed observation. A bluebird suddenly appears in a closed place. These people may not know it, but they are not good people.
"See, even the spirit beast is smarter than you." Jun Qian showed two tiger teeth quite a bit, and blinked proudly at Xiao Ji as if he had found an alliance.
Xiaoji is also an honest boy. I don’t know how to respond to this cargo. wait for a while looked at it and looked down at the ground again.
There has been no speech. Jun Kuang seems to be thinking carefully about Huo Jiujian’s eagerness to seek an ally. Naturally, he has to ask the only one who doesn’t express his opinion.
"I said, what do you think?" Huo Jiujian poked his arm and passed several glances in your crazy arms.
"Even if you say so, I can’t rashly support your opinion." Junkuang shrugged his shoulders regretfully. "You were so careless this time." He paused and said, "Previously, Xiaoji was very clever in sounding out, not only observing their appearance and repairing, but more importantly, their attitude was a little subtle as you can see."
These people should have two attitudes: to greet each other together and immediately give up refining, even if they can’t get up immediately, it depends on Xiao Ji’s expression; Second, stay put, speed up refining, and be ready to attack outsiders.
Unfortunately, the latter is full of malice and is aimed at them.
"Trouble" Huo Jiujian sighed and left the pie mouth crossly, thinking that there was something to see.
"There are many of them, and they may be more than us. Sooner or later, the spoils will be unevenly distributed." Jun Qian once again used the word "uneven distribution of spoils"
To tell the truth, although he said earlier that sharing stolen goods is not the same thing as the present situation, it is also a crow mouth.
"But if you want to judge whether it is malicious or not," Qin Xiao asked curiously.
"This is simple. I simply divide it into two kinds of realities. After these two kinds of realities, it is not necessarily friendly or hostile, and the possibility of turning evil into good is also very high; I think they are malicious because of refining the soul. "He turned to Xiaoji." Do you think they are refining the soul as fast as "
"Extremely slow," Xiao Ji said.
Wen Yanjun is crazy to know, "Why do you insist on refining at such a slow speed? If you are a senior or friend, will the soul try its best to refine the soul instead of offering a new body?"
"So they want something" Huo Jiujian suddenly realized.
Junkuang nodded. "The only valuable thing in this place is the Zongmen Treasure House. Presumably, they have guaranteed that they will have hope to go out when the Zongmen Treasure House is opened, so they will be so desperate." He paused and said, "But it doesn’t rule out that they just want treasures."
The building of Zongmen has not been repaired, but the soul of the deceased has not been properly placed, but refining has not revived Zongmen’s intention, but he has kept the building and never left the door of the building. One way to keep the treasure house is to prevent someone from sneaking in and waiting for an opportunity to seize the opportunity. Second, refining the soul can drive the soul to try to enter the treasure house.
Seeing that their sacrifice speed is so slow, it is obvious that they are not proficient in learning and the people being sacrificed are quite high. From all the signs, it can be judged that these people have impure motives.
It is still important to be careful in the face of such a group of people.
"Small halberd" Jun said, "Let’s go and see again." He gave a wink to others and the five of them hid together in the grass.
Because the elixir and the talisman have not yet failed, it is still difficult for people to notice that the five people’s breath has gathered without any sense of spillover, which has dropped to a very low level.
Xiao Ji shared what he saw with others.
You are crazy to see three people sitting in front of a law making sacrifices. Seeing that their foreheads are covered with fine cold sweat, their faces seem to be in some pain. One person blushes and knows that their sacrifices are very powerful.
At the same time, Junkuang can also think of this way of sacrifice, and all three of them are short-lived. I haven’t heard of any way of sacrifice that can be continued after stopping halfway, so there can be no three of them here.
喝茶约茶  title=According to the shift break, there are at least six people and many more.
"There are about six other people who are afraid to hide in other places to rest." Jun looked at the faces of others crazily, and obviously everyone agreed with him.
He waved and took four people to the river.
The grass by the river is more abundant, and some dense weeds can completely hide their figure and minimize their karma. At the same time, they notice that they are now swimming in the river, and the river circulation seems to be twisted and twisted into a ring state, and the downstream can just reach the back of the mountain.
"You don’t want us to dive in the past, do you?" Xiaoji touched his arm
Although it is human, after all, Qingluan doesn’t want her feathers to get wet, even if she is wet by water, she should dry them immediately, otherwise she will be depressed all day, even if she is human now, it may not be much better.
"hinder" jun said with laughter, "it’s nothing if you don’t take the water." He had previously observed a little that these people even have sacred places, and they should be the first to be feared by the younger generation.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-nine Speaking with thorns is stingy
"It’s good to approach normally, but what reason are we going to approach?" Huo Jiujian is a little upset. If these people really have malice, he should put away his jade town.
Jun swept his one eye, saw him put Jade Town in his arms, took it out and threw it into Na Jing.
"You’re afraid of a few sacred places when you’re at the peak of your life." It’s hopeless. Is it a habit to make amends?
"You don’t understand this." Huo Jiujian gently coughed one by one and solemnly said, "Although this door is ruined, even if it needs to be repaired, I don’t need a lot of manpower without your magical power." After a pause, he added, "Searching for the soul can solve the problem. It’s not difficult to know how much you are afraid of, but it’s not good for us to be kind to the old generation. These people’s blood has defiled the purity of Zongmen."
If you think about it carefully, it doesn’t make sense for you to be crazy. You have turned to Jun Qian. "Let you compare yourself with those people. What do you think?"
"Three people even can’t control me, but it’s hard to say what they will do." Jun Qian’s eyes wandered around the three people. "In less than half an hour, these three people will be exhausted. If I go to estimate now, it should be just right before I get to them."
"Why don’t Jun Qian and I go to explore the way first?" Qin Xiao volunteered.
Jun looked at her crazily, and then at Xiao Ji. "Send a member to join the past member without spying, but you must have about half your strength."
"What?" Xiao Ji didn’t understand him either, and Huo Jiujian and Jun Qian didn’t even understand Qin Xiao’s crazy move.
Xiao Ji’s cultivation of the sacred land is not enough, even a helper is not enough, that is, he is a drag. What are you going to do in two places?

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