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Master Gao was also good when he was young, but his character was too Geng, and he bluntly said that he became a generation of accountants and his grandmother returned to her family early, and she never walked out of the mountains again.

Man, for a long time, it’s hard to be confined to one acre and three points.
That’s why Grandma Gao told Master Yin that the most regrettable thing in her life is probably that she forced her daughter-in-law to give birth to grandchildren, which not only hurt her most, but also hurt her most. Her granddaughter was wronged to be a boy for more than 20 years.
Yin Chengjun waited on Yin Laoye’s car, which has gone far away. The old man still lamented his fate. His wife left early, and his only son and daughter-in-law died in an accident. He has always envied many grandchildren and lived a long life. But it is really filial to see few of his children and grandchildren today. It is absolutely impossible for outsiders to see all the jokes because of a little property.
Whoever is lucky or unlucky is a personal choice, and there is nothing to say.
"Grandpa, if this happens again, you take lawyer Zhen."
Yin Cheng Junnai worked as a fake lawyer with grandpa in acting, but this is not his specialty. He doesn’t like to pretend.
"Why don’t you want me to let you meet my grandson’s wife?" Master Yin is not a stock person and won’t force his children to marry a woman who doesn’t want to get married. Although he has a good impression of Gao Shenran, the children have to let them make their own decisions about their marriage. He is just joking.
"Grandpa" can be as serious as Yin Chengjun. He takes it seriously, and his eyebrows are wrinkled, which is very exclusive to grandpa’s arrangement.
"Good, good, smelly little grandpa is talkative, but he may not be able to see you. That Meng Qinglong is a person who doesn’t agree with you. Even if you have a heart, you won’t get too easy." Master Yin’s bad taste teased serious grandson and became a pleasure in his own life over the years.
"Grandpa" Yin Chengjun’s crazy frown can pinch two flies.
Master Yin was really happy in his heart, but he was blowing his eyes and hating iron and not producing. He said, "Stop screaming. It’s not nice at all."
Don’t talk nonsense if Yin Chengjun doesn’t like to hear you.
Yin Chengjun and Master Yin have lived together for years. It is true that their grandparents and grandchildren have a rare friendship.
Gao Shenran sent away the Yin family, grandfather and grandson, and they turned to face the profound friendship between their grandparents and grandchildren. She was once a family member.
"I think everyone heard what the lawyer said. I hope there will be no more mistakes."
Gao Shenran assumed the posture of being the mistress of the house. The more this time, the last journey of Grandma’s life, the more she forbade these people to go wrong.
Perhaps Yin Chengjun finally spoke up. Those people worried that Gao Shenran would not give up the inheritance, but would retaliate against them. Gao Shenran didn’t attract any opposition when he spoke again this time, but everyone looked strange and ugly.
Gao Shenran pretended not to understand anything when they were too sad to lose their loved ones.
During the three-day period, everything was carried out step by step according to Gao Shenran’s arrangement. To say that the change is probably Gao Shenle.
I don’t know if he is really obedient, has other plans or simply wants to send grandma the last journey cleanly. He dyed his hair pure black and wore white sportswear. When his grandson Gao Shenran put red satin on him, he didn’t refuse. His head was a white hat with a few small flowers on it, and Gao Shenran gave it to him. He cooperated very well and dressed well.
The funeral of the old man was successfully completed. There was nothing else. Gao Shenran arranged everything for Gao Shenle Company, kicked out the company without mercy, and finally gave Gao Baiqian a big gift. She was ready to go back to D and enter a normal life.
It’s a tree that wants peace, but the wind doesn’t stop. She has her own arrangements, and it’s not too hard on those people, but it’s not obvious that everyone will cooperate and take advantage of it. Of course, those people won’t want to give up such a large sum of money like this
Gao Baiqian, his old father, pretends to be the most unwilling to such a result, and because everyone in his children’s institute elected him to talk about terms with Gao Shenran 2.
So Gao Baiqian stopped Gao Shenran in the old room. "Ran Ran, let’s talk."
桑拿会所  title=Chen Yuxin is a sensible person. These days, she is more sad and heartbroken than anyone else because of her old mother’s will, but she just tried not to add chaos to him or put a little pressure on him. He complained to her mother in his eyes and didn’t like Gao Shenran to rise rapidly in an increasing series.
"I don’t think we have anything to talk about." Gao Shenran shrugged and asked the housekeeping company to sort out all kinds of gadgets in grandma’s old house according to the old and new types.
"Why do you get your grandmother’s inheritance? What qualifications do you have to accept all this?"
Gao Baiqian thinks that his old mother is senile, but he won’t talk about that part for the time being, but why should his company give this enemy the same daughter to inherit him?
"In those days, if you hadn’t sold your house and all your possessions, Ruida Trading Company had already lost G city, where could it be your turn to tell you what to do? Why should we give you everything?"
Gao Shenran has long given up hope for Gao Baiqian, but it’s also good that she didn’t expect to hear him say such things. She won’t be disappointed, but her heart will hurt, but she is not as heartbroken as she was when she saw and heard many of his decisions with her own eyes.
"Lao Liu takes you out first and then comes in to clean up later."
Gao Shenran waited for a group of people from the housekeeping company to withdraw from his arms and smiled coldly. "You seem to have forgotten about the business contract of Rong Sheng Commercial Building."
Gao Baiqian’s properly maintained face twisted and twitched and became particularly ugly.
"It seems that you are not stupid and you can tell which one is lighter and which one is heavier."
Gao Shenran’s sarcastic words completely angered Gao Baiqian. "You ungrateful loser, I am today."
Gao Shenran doesn’t hide, doesn’t flash, doesn’t care, doesn’t care, and doesn’t emphasize the fact that "I’m no longer the fool I was years ago, and I don’t have the extra patience to accept your violence for no reason. If you believe in my ability, I will definitely make you lose everything, including your slut named Chen, and I will ruin her. You’d better believe me."

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