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Ink Sina some dissatisfaction has not yet opened his mouth, and Wen Ya has a face of seriousness. "She is not comfortable. Although we meet by chance, we always have kindness to strangers. I know that you are always reluctant to deal with this kind of thing, but even if it is me, she is like this … I don’t trust."

Ink dead south, this is really a thorough language. What’s on his wife’s mind on weekdays?
Be kind to strangers, right? There are countless similar Xue Yan women around Mo Sina, and it is not the first time for him to deal with this kind of woman. Unfortunately, Wen Ya doesn’t know enough about this kind of person. Otherwise, he could not say anything about Mo Sina’s heart Xue Yan at this time.
But I think there will be a few women who are eager for his status.
This time it can be a lesson.
Wen Ya has always been kind, and it is easy to trust others. This time, it will be regarded as a lesson. After Wen Ya understands who this Xue Yan is, he will not push Mo Sina out again.
Ink Sina heart determined gently well a "good I send her"
Mo Sina turned to Xue Yan. "Are you going to the hospital or going home?" It looks like asking Xue Yan for advice.
Xue Yan looked flattered and immediately said, "It’s good to go home. Going to the hospital as I am will cause a commotion. It’s good to have medicine at home." She didn’t say this until she was strong.
Xue Yan whether whole or not, the appearance is really beautiful, plus Xue Yan is a model with a hot body. At this time, a pair of hook eyes put ink Sina body to see Wen Ya’s eyes suddenly a little more. He tastes a little sour in her heart but constantly comforts herself.
She must be thinking too much. It’s definitely not what she thinks.
Ink SiNa corners of the mouth up with a faint smile like pity Xue Yan general "that’s good, I’ll send you back" ink SiNa finished looking at wenya and Ozawa’s eyes still have some concerns "about you? How are you going to go back? "
Wen Ya shook his head and smiled gently. "Don’t worry about us. I’ll call Xiao Zhang and ask him to pick me up."
That’s not bad. Xiao Zhang is still reliable.
Ink Sina nodded "that’s good" and left this sentence. Ink Sina helped Xue Yan disappear from Wen Ya.
Don’t know whether Wen Ya psychological special see ink SiNa and Xue Yan leave Wen Ya this moment is born a bit love in the city feeling.
The four men appeared in Wen Ya’s mind and made Wen Ya shake her head again and again. How can she be so stingy now? I have repeatedly warned myself that I must be a generous woman.
No, she can’t think about it
Wen Ya took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.
Here Ozawa suddenly looked up at Wen Ya and his eyes were very nai "mom"
"Huh?" Wen Ya busy smiling at Mr Ozawa "tired? Mom will call Uncle Zhang. It’s okay. Our horse can go back to the villa. "
Section 159
Ozawa glanced at Wen Ya again and frowned and swallowed what he wanted to say.
That woman just now is a bad woman. I don’t know what my mother thinks. Forget it … Since my father promised, it means that my father knows.
He’s just a kid. Just be a kid.
Wen Ya saw that Ozawa stopped talking and looked at Ozawa with a little heart. "What’s the matter?"
Ozawa quickly shook his head to reveal a little child’s finals. "It’s okay, mom. My father and I have different ideas. I think you are my sister."
"Really?" Wen Ya didn’t expect Ozawa to say that she was pregnant. She laughed with him. "Ozawa is great and feels the same as his mother."
Now I can’t verify whether men and women can have Ozawa Wen Ya or whether they have some experience. Now Wen Ya always feels that she should be a girl in her belly this time.
Because it doesn’t feel the same with Ozawa.
Ink Sina looked at all kinds of concave shapes Xue Yan sitting in his co-pilot’s heart and sneered at nothing to expose Xue Yan.
Didn’t Xue Yan say that she had a stomachache? Now she looks good. How can she be uncomfortable?
Xue Yan spoke with a delicate voice. "I didn’t expect Mo Zong to know where I live."
"Isn’t that what you just told me?" It’s really interesting to have no words to find words. When talking to Xue Yan, every topic is forced out, which really makes Mo Sina feel interesting.
When Xue Yan heard this, she immediately covered her mouth and showed a silly smile. "Oh, I’m so stupid that I forgot this."
Ink Sina sneer at a not every man likes a stupid woman.
He said that Wen Ya was stupid and Wen Ya looked cute, but it was only before he established his love for Wenya that he felt that Wen Ya’s every move was very cute.
Can now sit beside ink Sina Xue Yan is his milli feeling.
Playing dumb at this time? Xue Yan don’t know that she now move will make ink Sina feel a little sick?
品茶Ink Sina still don’t talk light with a smile.
The body of the text Three hundred and sixty-six Fanwai Six You must be unbearable, right?
To Xue Yan said that ink Sina is still no expression to Xue Yan "here". His expression is cold and he can wake up Xue Yan now.
Xue Yan blinked and looked delicate and touching. "That … I’m not comfortable now. Can you take me? My stomach hurts so much that I can’t walk. "
Xue Yan is wearing a low-necked sweater. At this time, the low-necked edge is shoulder to shoulder, revealing a beautiful scenery that attracts Mo Sina’s attention.
It’s a pity that Mo Sina is interested in the scenery developed in this remote mountainous area. He evokes a smile on his lips and turns evil spirits upside down.
Xue Yan is self-sustaining and beautiful, but to some extent, compared with Mo Sina, Xue Yan actually feels lost at this moment.
Ink Sina smiled and answered "Okay, I’ll take you."
Xue Yan’s heart is beating fast, but I don’t want to show my will. I hurriedly bowed my head and said, "Thank you Sina."
Did he allow you to be so intimate?

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