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Night is full of gloom.

She seems to have wronged him! I just scolded him and broke into his room to look through his things.
Ye Xihan feels a little embarrassed that he is not very good.
But I think something is wrong. It’s hard not to misunderstand him when he speaks with his expression just now!
She suddenly realized that it was this man who deliberately misunderstood himself!
Knowing that he was a night hee-han, he was busy letting go of things in his hand and glared at him.
That smirk tickled her teeth.
She felt bad when she found the door.
Suddenly I feel cheated into a wolf’s den.
Seeing him step into his night, Xi Han found that he was naked and there was no difference between light and light, but he just covered a piece of cloth.
Heart thumped-she seems to have been trapped by this man.
What he did was to lure himself into his room.
Seeing him approaching his night, Xi Han can move back.
He took a step closer and she took a step back until she was cornered.
"Small demon jing you wronged me …"
"You deliberately led me into your room!"
Mu Lingtian smiled a lot. "Then tell me what I said to lure you in?"
"You said … you …" She stammered that he was so close to herself that she could feel her heart thumping and jumping, and her brain had no reaction at all.
"Xiao Yao jing wronged me but I have to be punished!" His eyes slowly moved to her mouth.
"Who wronged you! Is you … "
"I what?" He looked at her and his sight grew hotter and hotter.
"Mu Lingtian, you are getting better and better!"
He leaned a little closer to her lips and evoked a deep smile. "Is there?"
"Baby, are you nervous?" His lips almost touched her when he spoke.
He leaned too close to himself at night, and Xihan held his hand to push his hot chest, which almost burned off his skin.
MuLingTian bowed their heads and leaned in to kiss her.
"Bang bang bang"
The door was knocked, and Mu Lingtian kept this posture close to her and said, "Who?"
The warm breath sprayed on her cheek made her heart beat violently.
"The President has some documents to explain to you!"
"Well, come in!"
Ye Xihan stared at him. Did she hear wrong? He let her in?
夜生活"You … how did you let her in?"
"What’s the problem?"
"Of course there is a problem!" She’ll see herself when she comes in … and they’re in a very discordant position.
"Is it convenient for the president?" The sound outside the door rang again
Ye Xihan stared at him. How dare he let her in and try?
He picked his eyebrows. "Xiao Yao jing, if you kiss me actively, I won’t let her come in and see us …"
Ye Xihan glared at him. "You will do this!"
"Who told you not to submit …"
"Kiss me!"
"Then let her in!" She won’t pretend that she won’t kiss him, and she won’t let him take a little advantage. Anyway, they don’t know, and everyone in the company already knows.
#16; ; ; Mu Lingtian looked depressed. "Little demon jing, be stupid!"
"Are you stupid enough to bully you?" Yexihan pie pie
"It’s not bullying. It’s a way for my husband to love you!"
"I don’t need it! You still love you. Go to Xia Han! "
Mu Lingtian’s face is slightly ugly. "Don’t let her!" At this time, she is very boring.
"You are not very heart her? Still afraid of me? " Ye Xihan’s tone is very sour!
"It’s a friend’s heart!" He explained
"There are many kinds of friends! Depends on what kind you are? " Too much heart, then it’s not a friend’s heart.
"Then tell me what kind of friends we are?"
"Hum, you know best!" Talk to her? He knows better than anyone.
"Xiao Yao jing, you have to change your bad habit of being glib," he lectured her, "and this bad habit of being suspicious at random!"
"You did something wrong!"
"Xiao Yao jing, you haven’t faded the taste of this vinegar for a few days?"
"Eat you jealous? You are so funny! If you really want to rekindle your old love, go ahead! "
Dishonest little demon jing!
"What to say? Nonsense! You are the only one in my heart now! You can’t push me to another woman! "
"Do you want me to push? Didn’t you post it yourself?"
"Xiao Yao jing, I’ll post it to you. Do you want it?"
"Give me millions, I’m not rare! Let’s find your old love! I see you’re very concerned about somebody else’s surgery, and you’re always taking care of it … "
He warned, "I’ll shut you up if she does!" "
"You are guilty!" She gave him a few white eyes cold hum.
Chapter two hundred and seventy: Live very tired.
Mu Ling Tian Mei Feng picked a good one. Xiao Yao jing learned to provoke herself.
You won’t know he’s good until you give her some color to see!

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