Yes, I am. If you hadn’t ruined so many good things for me, I wouldn’t have gone to so much trouble. What I regret most is keeping him.

Qi Yi stared at Lin Yuran naively next to me, and said, I should have removed this evil from you after your father left.
Lin Yuran’s smiling face suddenly turned cold. Really, that’s really embarrassing. To tell you the truth, I just came to you this time. I just want to ask you who killed my father, you or Liu Yuan.
She has a grudge against your father.
Lin Yuran’s eyes tightened. It’s you. It really is you bastard.
Blame your father for being too greedy and taking the opportunity to blackmail me. I can’t help but kill him. Qi Yi then winked at several people next to him. Be clean.
Chapter ninety close encounter of mahjong
Brother, we don’t want to make it difficult for you. You all be honest and we will give you a good time so that we can all relax.
I smiled at this group of people. Come and fight if you want. I have never been afraid of anyone.
I don’t know good or bad
Yan Xun and I looked at each other, and then we clenched our hands and stopped pointing at this group of people if you dare.
I don’t care anymore, but I can get out of here alive. Now that I’ve reached this point, I can do more for them. Even if I can’t afford it, I will do harm to them, even if I take one person to the death.
Don’t move. If you do it again, he will die.
I turned my head and saw a man holding Lin Yuran’s neck and looking at me and Yan Xun who had been seriously injured.
As far as I am concerned, I feel a kind of intense pain behind me and spread out.
Brother Lei Haoge Yan Xun shouted at me for a while, and then angrily denounced these people for I’ll fight with you
Yan Xun stop I fought back the pain and shouted at Yan Xun.
Yan Xun looked at me with some tears, and I slowly got up from the ground. Lin Yuran said to the man who was holding his neck very hard, Either give me a good time or let Lao Qi Yi die, you old king egg.
Qi Yi turned around and looked at Bo Lin Yuran, who was pinched, and said, Yes, I am a king who scolded me and cursed me too much, but they all died before me, which is worse than me. No matter what others say about me, I will tell them with a smile that you are going to die.
Qi Yi took a pack of powder out of his pocket, and at the moment when he took out the powder, I was instantly surrounded by several men, and I and Yan Xun were directly forced to live and could no longer move.
Qi Yi gave me a contemptuous look and said, When I first met you, I was still a teenager. I didn’t know that you had such a rapid development after only a few years. This really surprised me a little. I don’t hate you very much, but I like you a little, but you won’t be with me. I won’t leave such a scourge. I can’t leave it any more.
I sneered at Qi Yi and said, Actually, I was curious about you as a man, but I heard too much about you, but the conclusion is always a mystery, so I have a little doubt about you. But now it seems to me that you are simpler than many of us. They naturally think you are too mysterious, and your ideas are very decisive and arrogant. If you don’t have too much suspicion to do something, you just do it without dragging your feet, but they are confused by your success and thinking too much suspicion to look at a man like you. Qi Yi, I can tell you frankly today.
Qi Yi clapped her hands at me and sighed, For so many years, for a long time, no one can confidently talk some big words in front of me, and no one has listened to many dying people’s words. They just panic and abuse as if they were looking at me like a demon. Do you think I should give you a chance, a chance to get rid of me?
Do you dare to give it? I asked Jiyi.
Qi Yi looked at me and then at the rest of them. Give it to me, of course. Since someone is willing to accept a gamble with me, how can they not give it to you?
Qi Yi winked at the two people around me. They let me go and looked at Qi Yi seriously in front of us.
He picked me up, but he punched me again in an instant. I stepped back by his punch. Beat me or I’ll die here.
I wiped Qi Yi in front of my mouth. I didn’t feel how powerful the blow was from him. Just say that the punch that hit me just now didn’t cause me much substantial damage. Maybe it was his temptation to me.
I began to be cautious, but Qi Yi was still static in front of me, and my eyes seemed to penetrate all the actions I took.
Suddenly, he took action and stepped forward. At this moment, I immediately reached out my fist and hit him, but in a flash, my fist stopped in front of him and a black hole in front of me was printed in my eyes. I felt the depths of my heart from this hole, but I was unwilling.
You lost Qi Yi said to me in a flat tone.
In this case, arguing more will make me more naive. I let go of my hand and pointed it at him and said, If you want to shoot, you can shoot.
I closed my eyes and prepared to accept Qi Yi’s end of shooting at me. I opened my eyes and heard a pain.
I thundered at Qi Yi What do you do?
夜生活Nothing is what you young people are used to, which is more cruel.
Lin Yuran was tied to the chair and his hands could not move. His left foot was shot by Qi Yi with affection. The most cruel thing is that there is no way to resist such pain.

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