Really going to be developed,Jin Sichang conveyed the decision of the leaders to Wang Dazhi on behalf of the Science and Technology Committee:Special approval to COMAC300Ten thousand dollars in funding and a straight-9Helicopter,Require COMAC to use this straight-9Helicopter-based,A tandem two-seater was rebuilt within three months、With short wings、A prototype of the weapon system can be added!

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Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa took the opportunity of disintegration to dig Kayapa from the Mili Design Bureau with a lot of effort.,It is one of the top experts that Chairman Chen Geng brought back from the Soviet Union by taking advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of the disintegration of the Soviet Union.,Before being dug,Capaya is the deputy chief designer of the Miri Design Bureau,Has been the second chief designer of Miri Design Bureau Marat·Nikolayevich·Jishenke’s deputy(Malate·Nikolayevich·Jishenke is the founder of Mili Design Bureau Mikhail·Leondijevic·Mili students)。

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