Anhui Wuhe: 湖 蟹 儿 肥 农 心 美

People’s Daily Wuli November 5th (Reporter Miaojian) Deep Autumn Session Crab Fertilizer.

On November 4th, the shore of Wuhu County, Wuhe County, Anhui Province was busy catching crabs. "This year is a big harvest year, our rice output reaches 4 million pounds, 200,000 kilograms of crabs, and 500,000 pounds of lobster.

Huang Yuezong, the head of Wuhe County, Wuhe Red Farm Family Farm, told reporters that the company passed the land transfer, existing rice, fish shrimp crabs comprehensive farming more than 5,000 mu, absorb 62 frequently used, including more than 20 households, and more than 20 households. Five He County is located in the northeastern part of Anhui Province.

All the past, the five rivers have the tradition of cultured crabs, and form an industrial basis and product advantages. In 2017, "Wuhe Crab" won the "Top Ten Geographical Logo Trademark" in Anhui Province, in 2019, the Chinese agricultural product regional public brand directory, 2020, "Agricultural Products Geographical Sign Registration Certificate", 2021 National Named New agricultural product certificate. (Editor: Guanfei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.