Anti-patient anti-"ignition" fire safety promotion into the campus

Firefighters advise teachers and students to conduct fire extinguishing exercises. Yuelai Street for the map of the People’s Network Chongqing, September 4 City Kindergarten launched fire safety "four" publicity and education activities, popularizing fire safety knowledge, broadcasting safety fire, self-service seeds. "Four One" is the first lesson of fire safety, and conscientiously carry out an escape evacuation drill, visit a full-time fire rescue station to complete a summer family fire operation. "Who can tell me what is the fire should call?" The teacher said that the child is rushing to answer "119" … September 1, the teacher combines the kindergarten to actually explain various fire safety logo and fire extinguisher. Use, and how to correctly call 119, self-help precautions.

  On September 2, with the sound of the alarm, a safe, nervous, and serious fire safety escape evacuation drills officially began, the students ran out the classroom in order, and they took the lower waist and went with a wet towel. Under the leadership of the teacher, quickly evacuate to the safe zone.

  On September 3, Yuelai fire rescue station set fire safety experience points, explaining the use of fire equipment to teachers and students, and conduct actual fire drills, promoting all teachers and students to master basic fire skills. "I think that there is a need to regularly carry out such fire safety education activities, let children form a safe fire awareness from small, enhance the ability of children’s self-care, self-help, and prevent problems.

"Teacher Kindergarten Zhu shared his feelings after the event. (Liu Zhengning, Bai Yan) (Editor: Liu Zhengning, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.