25 A-share listed drug companies last year’s sales expenses exceeded 50%

Original title: 25 A-share listed drug enterprises last year’s sales cost rate exceeded 50% medical anti-corruption continuous upgrading, pharmaceutical companies’ sales costs have received much attention.

Tonghua Shun data shows that as of June 27th reporter issued, 282 A-share medical listed companies disclosed that the 2020 annual report, including 85 companies sales costs accounted for the total revenue of operating income than the previous year. In addition to unprofit enterprises, 25 pharmaceutical companies have more than 50%, and more than 30% of the company’s sales costs exceeded 30%. Specifically, in addition to unprofit enterprises, Tonghua Jinma sales costs take up the highest proportion, reachabited, source medicine, spiritual medicine industry, Longjin Pharmaceutical, double-bonded pharmaceutical, Dali pharmaceutical sales costs exceed 60%, among which Lingkang medicine, Longjin Pharmaceutical, Dali Pharmaceutical has declined from the previous year, and Yanyuan Medicine rises from 2019 to%, and the Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical rises from 2019 to%. In addition, Case Technology, Nanxin Pharmaceutical, and Kang Chen Pharmaceutical sales fee is also close to 60%.

  From the amount of money, Shanghai Medicine, Hengrui Medicine, Fosun Medicine, East China Medicine, China Runan Sanjiu and other five companies have more than 5 billion yuan in 2020.

Shanghai medicine is the only drug enterprise that has exceeded 10 billion yuan. Last year, sales costs were hundreds of millions, which were more than 100 million yuan in 2019. Among them, the company’s industrial sales costs were billions, accounting for the proportion of industrial business income, more The same period dropped a percentage point.

In addition, Hengrui Medicine and China Run Sanjiu has more than 35% last year,% and%, respectively, with% and% in 2019. Differentially decline.

  The reporter combed a variety of drug companies in sales expenses, and the market costs still occupied "half-waters". Such as the Shanghai Medical "Market Promotion and Advertising Cost" is 100 million yuan, accounting for the total amount of industrial sales costs; Hengrui’s medical sales costs is the highest project in the proportion of "academic promotion, innovative medicine specialization platform construction and other market fees", total 100 million yuan, accounting for total sales costs; Fosun Medicine "Market Fee" is 100 million yuan, accounting for the total sales costs; China Run Sanjiu last year "market promotion fee" is 100 million yuan, accounting for the total sales cost.%.

Some enterprises have more than 80%, such as the source medical "market promotion fees" is 100 million yuan, accounting for billion yuan sales costs; Ling Kang medicine industry "marketing service fee" is worth 100 million yuan, accounting for The company has a total of billion yuan sales costs.

  Pharmaceutical companies’ sales costs also cause attention to the exchange. On April 20th, the CCA issued a question letter to the Harbin Pharmaceutical Share.

In response to the company’s annual report, the company’s current sales fee billion yuan, year-on-year growth, mainly due to the adjustment of sales costs and management expenses, and decreased in the same period, the above-year-old The reasons for the adjustment of the stock supplementary disclosure cost, indicating the reasons why sales expenses and business income changes, indicating that sales staff reducing but corresponding wages and additional amount growth, and combined with advertising fees, office difference travel and business entertainment The specific content of the fee, indicating the cause of the cost of the epidemic.

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