Asia Qualifier 12 Tournament China Men’s Football 11 Drawing Australian Team

  Xinhua News Agency, UAE, November 16 (Reporter Xiao Shizhen, Su Xiaopeng) In the 16th, the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asia Qualifier 12 Sixth Race, Wu Lei, in the second half, the Chinese man is in United Arab Emirates 1: 1 draws the Australian team. Before the game, the Chinese team’s five games were 4-point ranking group fifth. I want to keep the wiring hopes must fight for victory. The national football coach Li Tie’s first sent Axson, Alan, Luo Guofeng and Wu Lei four strikers, and made a full play. In the stage of opening, the two teams have attacked each other.

Alan hit a small angle of the ban on the third minute in the game, and the ball sliding door. In the 18th minute, the Australian gantry will strike a mistake, Wu Lei keeps up with an attempt to be biased.

  After 30 minutes of competition, the Australian team gradually mastered the active power of the game. In the 37th minute, the Australian team passed the right road, and the Duke door was scored before, and the Australian team was 1: 0. After six minutes, Laiji got a single-knife opportunity and was struggled by the Chinese team door. In the defensive, the Chinese team mainly guarded Jiang Guangtai’s thigh broken, and he was replaced by Wang Gang. At the time of the Chinese team, the Chinese team fans sings and magnificent "righteous military".

In the 69th minute, the Australian team defenders in the penalty area, the referee reminded the penalty ball, Wu Lei took a penny, and the Chinese team will share the score.

  The Chinese team morale after the goal is rising, and there is a threat of attacks. In the 73rd minute, Luo Guofu is far from the front of the penalty area, but unfortunately the ball is slightly off the goal. Barton was built into the restricted area on the 86th minute, but because the handball was invalid in the first ball, the score of 1: 1 was maintained until the final. In a game, the Saudi Araba was defeated in the Saudi Araba. At present, the Saudi Arabia has a 16-point leader B group, and the Australian team is 11 points, and the Chinese team accumulates 5 points.

  The next round of competitions will challenge the Japanese team on January 27, 2022.