4 people have been diagnosed with 5 people in Beijing Haidian, 5 people in Beijing Haidian

People’s Network Beijing November 11th, Beijing Haidian official micro-news, Haidian District Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued Notice: Beijing Haidian November 11 early morning, Haidian District West Sanqi R & F Taoyuan C Zone involved a close contact person of diagnosis caseIts spoilage in the same residence is positive, 4 of them have been diagnosed, and 1 person is asymptomatic infection.

Under the guidance of the Haidian DistrictAnd the relevant regions involved in the secret control and launched personnel and environmental nucleic acid detection.Next, Haidian District will further deepen the stream tracking source, grab the time to investigate secrets, secondary secrets and implement central isolation, and strictly implement the various measures to prevent the epidemic prevention and control of the relevant personnel, and do a good job in service security.(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.