11.33 million people! The annual target of urban new employment completed in advance

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 16 (Reporter Ye Yuming, Jiang Lin) Employment is the largest people’s livelihood project, is an important guarantee for social stability.

The latest data on the National Bureau of Statistics shows that from January to October, there are 11.33 million new employment in urban towns, and complete the annual target task in advance.

  "In October, the urban survey of urban investigation is%, which is flat to last month, below the same period of the previous year and the same level of 2019. Among them, the acquisition rate of urban investigations at the age of 25 and 59 years old is%, at a low level. "National Bureau of Statistics, Press spokesperson, Fu Linghui, said.

  As the economic "barometer", employment data is really reflecting the situation of economic and social steady development. Since this year, as the production and operation of enterprises has been resumed, my country’s employment situation has gradually stabilized, and the online heat is recruiting underline. The key groups representing the key groups represented by college graduates and migrant workers, driving the urban unemployment rate and falls, and has become a strong "booster" of social stability.

  According to the national statistical bureau, in October, the unemployment rate of young people in October, decline in the past three consecutive months, the employment status of young people is gradually improved, the employment of college students has gradually increased; the rural labor force is basically stable, and the total amount of degradation labor is continuously increased. At the end of September, it reached 310,30 million, which exceeded last year. Bright eye grades, inseparable from employment priority policies, continuous effect.

Song Xin, deputy director of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that since this year, the Human Resources and Social Security Department has adhered to the relevant departments to advance the employment priority, and solidly promote the work and effectively alleviate the burden of enterprises. With the continued recovery of my country’s economy, the decline in the expansion of the redundancy, the continuation of the total employment service, the employment situation maintains overall stability, better, and the steady employment is more active.

  In addition, flexible employment has played more significant effects in absorbing employment "water storage pool".

The Internet economy is booming, new industries, new technologies, and new models continue to accelerate development, and the number of flexible employment is continuously improved.

More dynamic new profession has emerged, providing more employment opportunities for employment, and the ability to absorb employment is increasing.