31-year-old entrepreneur driving a car accident, driving data disclosure

  On July 10, in the automatic driving calibration and maintenance center of Yuntu Technology, Hebei Province, the staff was commissioned for the L4-level automatic driving vehicle.

China News Service Required, Yu Yu, is worth noting, on August 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information issued the "Opinions on Strengthening Intelligent Network Auto Production Enterprises and Product Admission Management".

  "Guidance Opinions" To achieve a minimum risk state; should have human interaction, display the automatic driving system operation status; there should be an event data record system and an automatic driving data recording system to meet relevant functions, performance and security requirements, used for accident reconstruction, responsibility determination And cause analysis, etc. A predictable and preventable security accidents.

  Cui Dongshu emphasized that the current automatic driving of the current promotion, consumer cognition misunderstandings, etc. For unsafe driving behavior, there must be stronger reminders and other measures to avoid.

  Zhang Xiang also said: "In theory, the L3-level automatic driving can be safe in the highway environment, but the technology is not mature enough, the driver must maintain attention in the driving process to avoid unsafe driving behavior.

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