2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo is successfully concluded

  People’s Network Chongqing August 25 (Chen Qi, Liu Min) 25th, 2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo ("2021 Zibo") was successfully concluded in Chongqing Lijia Smart Park. It is reported that 361 foreign politics, international organization heads, internationally renowned experts, and internationally renowned experts, and the leader of the global industry attended the opening ceremony and professional forum.

  At the closing ceremony, this year’s Zhibo results are summarized.

During the current Zhishui, the famous industrial Internet enterprises such as Mitsubishi Electric, Instruments Group, SME Samei, Guangwang Mingdao concentrated on, hydrogen energy fuel cell, automatic driving cloud control platform, based on quantum key distribution technology solutions, International Trade Single Window Intelligent Declaration System, Changan Auto New Special Electric Vehicle Platform The first strategic model and "Awi Tower" brand first high-end new energy models and more new technologies have been publicly released.

  At the same time, Lijia Wisdom Park focused on "one day of wisdom life", 60 inferior experience scenarios, 130 physical examination projects, let people feel more really feeling the intelligent era, share wisdom life.

The guests in 29 countries and regions participated in the meeting, 31 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and the online exhibition area was 70,000 square meters, of which 10,000 square meters of China-Shanghai cooperation organized Digital Economics Cooperatives. During the 2021 Zhuba Conference, the national local co-construction of silicon-based mixed integrated innovation centers and Chongqing (two rivers New Zone) national car network pilot zone unveiled in Chongqing; 100 results issued and promoted during the meeting; 92 contracts in Chongqing, The total investment is 252.4 billion yuan, including 69 intelligent manufacturing, digital economy, and science and technology projects, with a total investment of 190.4 billion yuan.

  At the closing ceremony, the leaders of Chongqing, the leaders of the 2021 "Zhibo Cup" Youth Data Intelligent Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition, 2021 Pipe Application Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition, I-Vista Automatic Driving Car Challenge Winning representative awarded.